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The Official Bulletin: 2011 Q3 / No. 633

The Official Bulletin: 2011 Q3 / No. 633

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Published by iatse

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Published by: iatse on Apr 11, 2012
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Printed in the u.s.a.
 You make it. They take it. Let’s stop them.
Thieves are making millions of dollars trafficking in stolenfilm and television. America has already lost 140,000 film and television jobs to content theft. Wages, benefitsand residuals are all being hit hard. Now there’s a way to fight back.
Creative America
is a new grassrootsvoice for the entertainment community and anyone else who believes America must do more to protect our jobs and creativity.
Join us. Sign up at CreativeAmerica.org and make your voice heard.
IATSE Proudly Supports Creative America
THIRD QuaRTeR, 2011 NumbeR 633
Wi a Trip t Hawaii!
Join the IATSE-PAC “Stand Up,Fight Back” Campaign
Fiacia Statemets the IATSE
For the years ended April 30, 2011 and 2010
Reprt  the GeeraEective Bard meetig
Boston, Massachusetts, July 25 – 29, 2011
General Secretary-Treasurer’s Message
IATSE and LaborMovement News
Let’s Get Organized
On The Road
On Location
On The Show Floor
Saety Zone
Local News & Views
On Stage In Focus
In Memoriam
Directory o LocalSecretaries andBusiness Agents
James B. Wd MaryA Key David Geer
Editor Assistant to the Editor Special Asst. to the Editor 
The OFFICIAL BULLETIN (ISSN-0020-5885) is published quarterly by the General Secretary-Treasurer o the International Alliance o Theatrical Stage Employees,Moving Picture Technicians, Artists and Allied Crats o the United States, its Territories and Canada, (IATSE), 1430 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10018.Telephone: (212) 730-1770. FAX (212) 921-7699. Email: bulletin@iatse-intl.orgMaterial or publication must be received beore the rst day o January, April, July, and October, to meet deadlines, respectively, or the First, Second, Third,and Fourth Quarter issues.POSTMASTER: Send address change to the OFFICIAL BULLETIN, 1430 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10018. Entered as periodical postage paidmatter at the Post Oce at New York, NY and additional locations.Canadian Publications Mail Agreement No.: 40845543. Return Undeliverable Canadian Addresses To:2835 Kew Dr., Windsor, ON N8T 3B7Subscriptions: IATSE members receive the OFFICIAL BULLETIN as part o their IATSE membership services. Nonmembers may subscribe or $10.00 per year.
Please send your Bulletin submissions to bulletin@iatse-intl.orgAll digital photos should be taken with a camera that is at least 3 megapixels or higher, and set on the highest quality/resolution setting.JPEG or TIFF le ormats only please.Please do not crop or otherwise modiy photos - the original version usually has the highest quality.
eXeCutIVe OFFICerstrustees
Matthew D. leb
International President
James B. Wd
General Secretary–Treasurer 
Thmas J. Ceary C. Faye Harper
216 S. Jeerson St., #400 2695 Dayview LaneChicago, IL 60661 Atlanta, GA 30331
Gerge Paazz
1811 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank, CA 91506
CLC DeLeGate
Key M
1640 Boundary Road, Burnaby, BC V5K 4V4
GeneraL COunseL
Dae W. Shrt
GeneraL OFFICe
1430 Broadway, 20th Floor, New York, NY 10018Tele: (212) 730-1770FAX: Oce o the President (212) 730-7809FAX: General Secretary-Treasurer (212) 921-7699
 west COast OFFICe
10045 Riverside DriveToluca Lake, CA 91602Tele: (818) 980-3499 FAX: (818) 980-3496
22 St. Joseph St.Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y 1J9Tele: (416) 362-3569 FAX: (416) 362-3483
CanaDIanentertaInment InDustryretIrement pLan
22 St. Joseph St.Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4Y 1J9Tele: (416) 362-2665 Fax: (416) 362-2351www.ceirp.ca
I.a.t.s.e. natIOnaLBeneFIt FunDs OFFICe
417 Fith Avenue, Third Floor, New York, NY 10016Tele: (212) 580-9092 Toll ree: (800) 456-FUNDFAX: (212) 787-3607www.iatsenb.org
Timthy F. Magee
1st Vice President900 Pallister Ave.Detroit, MI 48202
Michae Bares
2nd Vice President2401 South Swanson StreetPhiladelphia, PA 19148
J. Water Cahi
3rd Vice President5010 Rugby AvenueBethesda, MD 20814
Thm Davis
4th Vice President2520 West Olive AvenueBurbank, CA 91505
Athy M. DePa
5th Vice President1430 Broadway, 20th Floor New York, NY 10018
Damia Petti
6th Vice President201-208 57th Ave., S.W.Calgary, AlbertaCanada T2H 2K8
Bria J. lawr
7th Vice President1430 Broadway, 20th Floor New York, NY 10018
Michae F. Mier, Jr.
8th Vice President10045 Riverside DriveToluca Lake, CA 91602
Jh T. Beckma, Jr.
9th Vice President1611 S. Broadway, #110St Louis, MO 63104
Daie DiTa
10th Vice President1430 Broadway, 20th Floor New York, NY 10018
Jh Frd
11th Vice President326 West 48th StreetNew York, NY 10036
Jh M. lewis
12th Vice President22 St. Joseph StreetToronto, OntarioCanada M4Y 1J9
Thmas C. Shrt
InternationalPresident Emeritus
Michae W. Prscia
General Secretary–Treasurer Emeritus
Edward C. Pwe
International Vice President Emeritus
Craig Cars
13th Vice President216 S. Jeerson St., #400Chicago, IL 60661
Follow us on Twitter: @iatse Visit us on the Web: www.iatse-intl.org
Stand Up, Fight Back
OFFICIaL nOtICe2012 suppLIesper CapIta taX InCreases
This is t advise that the regar Mid-Witer Meetig  the Geera EectiveBard is scheded t be hed at The WestiPeachtree Paza, 210 Peachtree St., Atata,GA 30303 at 10:00 a.m.  Mday, Jaary30, 2012, ad wi remai i sessi thrghad icdig Friday, Febrary 3, 2012. Absiess t cme bere the Bard mst besbmitted t the Geera oce  ater thatee (15) days prir t the meetig.lca ui represetatives paig tatted the meetig mst make hte reser-vatis with The Westi Peachtree Paza bycaig (404) 659-1400 r 1-800-937-8461.Gest rm rate r the IATSE is $179.00,ps appicabe taes, r bth sige addbe ccpacy. I rder t esre that y receive the preerred rm rate estab-ished r r meetig, y mst idetiy yr aiati with the IATSE.Ct- date: December 29, 2011The 2012 ca i sppies admembership cards wi be maied at theed  nvember t thse ca isthat have sbmitted their 3rd Qarter Re-prt r 2011 ad prchased the eces-sary mber  per capita stamps.The mber  per capita stamps thatmst be prchased is based  the m-ber  members reprted  the 1st ad2d Qartery Reprts ps tw times thember  members reprted  the 3rdQartery Reprt (t aw r a estimate the mbers that wi be reprted the 4th Qartery Reprt). Whe the 4thQartery Reprt is sbmitted i Jaary2012, a adjstmet t baace the ca’sacct is made i ecessary.Deegates t the 66th QadreiaCveti vted t icrease the percapita ta r ca is by e dar($1.00) eective 1/1/2012, a  which ist be acated t the Geera Fd. Percapita ta r Specia Departmet cais wi remai chaged.
 As I stated in my newsletter in the last issue o the Bulletin, orga-nized labor has been under siege or too long. At this juncture, wemust increase our involvement in the political process or lose theability to protect our members nationwide. In order to overcomesome o the challenges we ace, we must maintain and increase our involvement in the political process.
 We cannot aord to allow Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker, or Ohio’sGovernor John Kasich, or Florida’s Governor Rick Scott and too many othersto continue blaming workers or state nancial problems that are the producto scal irresponsibility on the part o others.Our voice must be heard on the local level as well as the national level.Make no mistake, we are in the ght o our lives. As we head into the 2012election cycle, we have the opportunity to act and not just stand by as ourrights are stripped away.That is why, with the approval o the General Executive Board, the Interna-tional has engaged the services o Solidarity Strategies, a Washington-based rmthat is providing assistance to the IATSE’s Political Action Committee and politi-cal undraising eorts that will help us attain a greater voice in politics. Like itor not, providing nancial support to legislators that stand with us undoubtedly enhances our voice. In short, we must become a bigger player in the game.To this end, Solidarity Strategies ormulated the Stand Up, Fight Backcampaign or the IATSE-PAC, and I am urging every member o this great Alliance who resides in the United States, to get involved in this campaignby making a contribution to the PAC. As an expression o appreciation or amonthly contribution o ten dollars or more, members are eligible to partici-pate in our contest to win a trip to Hawaii (read more about the contest onpage 82 in this Bulletin). While the trip to Hawaii is a way or the IATSE-PACto express its thanks or contributions, the goal here is not just to go to Ha- waii. The real prize is promoting political involvement and growing our PACto protect what we at IATSE have ought so hard or over one hundred years. We cannot sit back and let others ght our battles. We must join with ourbrothers and sisters in organized labor and beyond to ght or our jobs, ourcommunity, our uture, and the uture o our amilies. We cannot just play deense. We can’t just talk the talk. We must realizethat the extreme anti-worker agenda hurts us all. History will judge us on the way we act at this crucial juncture.I urge you in the strongest terms to join the PAC and contribute today. Acontribution orm is printed on page 84 o this Bulletin, and you can get moreinormation about the IATSE-PAC by visiting our web site at: http://www.iatse-intl.org/pac/pac.html. You may also send in any questions or comments you have to: iatsepac@iatse-intl.org Join today and make our team stronger and more vital to the outcome o our utures!
The Power of the T-Shirt
 Another Labor Day has come and gone. For many in the popula-tion it was marked by an extra day o rest and maybe a backyard bar- beque. The annual newspaper articles made an appearance and each contained the obligatory discussion about why the long weekend at the beginning o September is not merely a marker or the end o summer, but rather recognition o the labor movement.
For those o us that are a part o the labor movement, this Labor Day elt dierent than ones o years past. The events o the past ew monthshave reminded us that there are some that see labor as an obstacle to theiragenda. There are some that eel the infuence o labor in society should bediminished and there are some that are putting a tremendous amount o e-ort into accomplishing that goal.Many o you have ound yoursel participating in rallies and other eventsthat are intended to demonstrate the solidarity o labor and to let those who would oppose us know that we will not sit idly by. At these events you haveound yoursel joined by other IATSE members as well as members o otherunions and organizations that share your views. At each o these rallies the emblems o dierent unions are everywhere. You have no doubt worn a hat or shirt at such a rally that bore the IATSEemblem. You have become amiliar with many o the other unions insignias while at the same time others have become more amiliar with ours. Withouthaving to ask, those in attendance immediately recognize what union eachparticipant belongs to and recognize the sense o pride that they have ortheir union. Many o you have no doubt worn similar items during your lei-sure time and had someone recognize you as a proud union member. While many o our local unions have made various apparel items avail-able to their membership or many years, the International has never madethis type o merchandise readily available. That has now changed.During the mid-summer General Executive Board meeting in Boston,MA, we launched the IATSE Online Store and put a link to the store on theInternational’s Web site (www.iatse-intl.org). You can now order a variety o union-made products and apparel items, all o which bear the IATSEemblem. The wide variety o items will allow or use in both your personaland proessional lives. Over time, we expect that additional items will beadded and colors and styles will be changed. Also i you have a suggestion we welcome your input. An assortment o the items or purchase at the IATSE Online Store canbe ound on page 30 in this issue o the
Ofcial Bulletin 
and the completeselection can be accessed through the International’s Web site. We encour-age you to take a look.
4 Ofcil Bllithid Q2011 5

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