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20120407 En

20120407 En

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Published by npmanuel
April 7, 2012 issue of Ang Bayan published by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines
April 7, 2012 issue of Ang Bayan published by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines

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Published by: npmanuel on Apr 11, 2012
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Pahayagan ng Partido Komunista ng PilipinasPinapatnubayan ng Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo
English EditionVol. XLIII No. 7April 7, 2012www.philippinerevolution.net
ith only close to two years in power, the Aquino regime hassurpassed all previous chief puppets in ceding the country'ssovereignty to US imperialism. Benigno Aquino III haspaved the way for the intervention of American soldiers and allowedthe use of the Philippines as one big launching pad for US imperialistdomination of the Asia-Pacific.
Resist the Aquino regime'sout and out puppetry
This issue...
Malalaking tagum-pay sa Mindanao
Digmang bayan,sumusulong sa ST
Menor de edad, gi-nahasa ng militarsa Benguet
The Aquino regime does nothave even an iota of interest todefend Philippine national sov-ereignty. The puppet presidentrecently declared that he wouldallow the US military access toPhilippine air space to fly andoperate surveillance drones, asif this were one of his imperialistmaster's intrinsic rights.Aquino has also declared hisacquiescence to frequent “vis-its” by American troops and fre-quent dockings of US warshipsand flights of US fighter jets.Aquino's officials have even saidthat if possible, they would likethe American soldiers' Balikatanmilitary exercisesto be held daily inall areas of thecountry.The “defenseof Philippine sov-ereignty” is Aqui-no's hugely ironic justification forthe growing pres-ence, frequent in-gress and egressand domination of American troopsin the country. The irony,however, is completely lost tosomeone who is a US puppet tothe hilt. Aquino wants to ab-solutely deprive the Filipinopeople of their national dignityand cede the country's sover-eignty to his powerful imperial-ist overlord.Liketheprevious reactionary puppets,Aqui-no wants Filipinos toswallow hook, line and sinkerevery lie spewed out by US im-perialism and believe that theAmerican military and capital-ists have no other interest butto “defend freedom and democ-racy.” Just as US imperialismdescribed its occupation of thePhilippines and the massacre of more than 400,000 Filipinos inthe early 1900s as “benevolentassimilation,” Aquino claimsthat the thousands of Americantroops who have been comingto the country have nothing butthe country's interests atheart. Aquino fetes them likegods, sacrificing before themevery single freedom possessedby the Philippines.Aquino is thoroughly sub-servient to his imperialist mas-ters. In exchange for ceding all
2ANG BAYAN April 7, 2012
Philippine freedoms, he is onlytoo glad to be gifted with hismasters' surplus military hard-ware. In fact, US imperialismgives away its moth-balled warships andother military equip-ment to the Philip-pines so these couldbe used for purposesdefined by the US. TheUS-assisted AFP “mo-dernization” programhas no other objectivebut to strengthen theAFP's capability tosuppress the people'sdemocratic and patri-otic struggles.The Aquino regimehas been boosting USmilitary domination inthe Philippines bypaving the way forAmerican troops tomaintain permanentpresence, set up theirintelligence infrastructure,launch intelligence operationsand clandestinely join counter-guerrilla operations in the guiseof “military exercises” and byopening seaports and airports toUS warships and warplanes con-ducting operations in order todominate the Asia-Pacific.By making US militarystrength predominant in thePhilippines, the US is able to en-hance its ability to influence andcontrol Philippine economic, po-litical and military affairs.Aquino's overdependence on USmilitary assistance makes himvery susceptible to his master'severy whim and desire.Aquino is a stooge to US eco-nomic dictates. Like the previ-ous puppets, he pursues thepolicies of trade and investmentliberalization, privatization, de-regulation and denationaliza-tion which have caused a crisisunprecedented in severity in thelast three decades.Aquino and his allies havebeen pushing for amendments tothe reactionary 1987 constitu-tion in their desire to becomepart of the Trans-Pacific Part-nership and further open up theeconomy to plunder by foreignbig capitalists.Aquino is servile to US for-eign policy. He allows himself tobe used as a pawn in instigatingwar or diplomatic attacks oncountries perceived as enemiesof US imperialism. Whatever theUS says about Iran, North Ko-rea, China and other countries isautomatically echoed by Aquino.He does not have a shred of dig-nity in him to assert the right tochoose the country's friends orenemies beyond the dictates of his US masters.Hewing ever so closely tothe fascist US Counterinsur-gency Guide, Aquino has inten-sified the Oplan Bayanihan warof suppression. Bombings andother acts of violence againstcivilian communities havemounted in order to impose areign of terror and suppressthe people's struggles, espe-cially against foreign miningand logging. In accordancewith US dictates, Aquino hasset aside the peace talks whichhe has used merely as an in-strument to deceive the revolu-tionary forces and cause theircapitulation. Aquino has no in-terest in resolving the basic is-
 Ang Bayan
is published fortnightly by the Central Committeeof the Communist Party of the Philippines
Ang Bayan 
is published inPilipino, Bisaya, Iloko, Hiligay-non, Waray and English editions.It is available for downloadingat the Philippine Revolution WebCentral located at:
www.philippinerevolution.net Ang Bayan 
welcomes contribu-tions in the form of articles andnews. Readers are likewiseenjoined to send in their com-ments and suggestions for thebetterment of our publication.You can reach us by email at:
Vol. XLIII No. 7 April 7, 2012
Editorial: Resist the Aquino regime’spuppetry1Massacres possible in the Philippines3Major victories in Mindanao4Ambush in Bukidnon-NorthCotabato5People’s war advances in ST6NPA metes blows on 8th ID7Resistance to OPB in Bicol8CL perseveres in people’s war9Panay youth called to join NPA10Fake power crisis in Mindanao11Military officer rapes minor12Bombings in Mindanao13News14
3ANG BAYAN April 7, 2012
sues behind the civil war, especially those thathave to do with advancing Philippine nationalsovereignty.In the face of the US and worldwide capitalistcrisis, the US will be further squeezing the coun-try dry as a source of cheap raw materials andcheap labor for the operations of American mo-nopoly capitalists. If Aquino had his way, thePhilippines would be further condemned to semi-colonial oppression and exploitation in the handsof the US.The Filipino people and their revolutionaryforces must use the remaining days of the puppetAquino regime to fan the flames of patriotism andkindle the fires of struggles to defend nationalfreedom.The Filipino people must generate widespreadand intense struggles against US military interven-tion. The cry to expel American troops from thePhilippines must reverberate throughout the archi-pelago. We must thwart with all our might all at-tempts by American soldiers to use Philippine mili-tary and civilian facilities. There should be mount-ing resistance to the use by US military troops of Philippine air space and territorial waters for theirpower projection and assertion.We nust rouse the spirit of nationalism andlove for freedom by raising the people's, especiallythe youth's current level of cosnciousness on theFilipino people's history of struggle against colo-nialism and neocolonialism.We must advance nationalism and democracyas the solutions to the social and economic crisis.We must demand an end to the semicolonialand semifeudal system in the Philippines being ad-vanced by the US and its puppet state.
Use of US “smart bombs” may lead to massacres
assacres of civilians like those that havetranspired in Afghanistan and Pakistanare looming in the face of the AFP's use of so-called smart bombs supplied by the US military.Smart bombs are dropped from the sky on par-ticular targets and are guided by informationsupplied by global positioning systems (GPS).AFP officials recently admitted to droppingsmart bombs on an alleged Abu Sayyaf lair inParang, Sulu at dawn of February 2. These of-ficials disclosed that the US military was in-volved in the operation by supplying the GPSinformation that guided the bombs. The timeand method of attack were determined throughthe use of a Scan Eagle Unmanned Aerial Vehi-cle (UAV), a small and lightweight US militarydrone used for surveillance.The AFP boasted of killing in the operationalleged Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir aliasMarwan. Weeks after, however, in-formation surfaced that Marwanhad been sighted in another coun-try. To date, there has been no independentinvestigation of the bombing operation.The AFP has also boasted that as far backas November 2010, the US had already givensmart bombs to the Philippines. AFP forceshad been undergoing training since Decem-ber 2010 on their operation and mainte-nance. The first trials were undertaken in May2011. By June, the US had given the AFP 22more smart bombs. The bombing raid last Feb-ruary 2 was the first time the US unleashed itssmart bombs against so-called threats to secu-rity.In Afghanistan and Pakistan, the use of smart bombs and drones by the US has result-ed in widespread casualties among civiliansmistaken for “terrorists.” Independent studieshave revealed that there have been 550 civil-ians, including 60 children confirmed to havebeen massacred by smart bombs dropped by USplanes.

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