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Destroying the Dopamine Pathways in My Wikileaks Neurochemistry

Destroying the Dopamine Pathways in My Wikileaks Neurochemistry

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Published by mary eng

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Published by: mary eng on Apr 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Christine Assange told me to see a shrink or rather, a "compassionate psychotherapist."i felt more depressed than ever about the verbal abusers in the wikileaks scene taking outhatred on women, swedes, etc.What's sad is when valid complaints about racism, sexism, Rape Shield Law, and homophobiaget pushed under the shrink's rug.We need an Internationalization of Women's Safety and protection from sexual harassment allall forms of discrimination (see CEDAW).The psychiatrization of female genius is endless, especially in capitalistic societies which treatthe female flesh as a commodity to be sold ala King of Pimps, hollywood, Larry Flynt or simpleinternational human trafficking (kept hush-hush by State until Wikileaks came along.)So if 30% of Domestic Slaves are children and international law is barely beginning to addresstheir problems.we aren't just talking the "feminization of poverty" or "pink collar ghettos" but also child abuse.or likely latter day saint pedophiles.like all institutionalized sexism that has gone before wikileaks: the drip is steady, but torturous.the rewards have been plenty, as with the dopiminergic effects of p2p, and other addictions,cognitive and physical.it i had to choose between Wikileaks and coffee, i'd take wikileaks.but the steady drip of sexism, and as it turns out racism, is upsetting my dopamine. porn fundraiser with larry flyntneo nazi not removed from justice4assange.women called "groupies" like "hey hey we're the monkeys"anti-lesbian remarks from israel shamir and marcello ferrada de noliinsults to female world leaders.lawyers calling rape victims trolls.the honor killing victims marginalized by the 'feminist conspiracy'sexist rap news.sexist video propaganda of feared murder at the hands of a woman.sexism to Julian/wikileaks assistant after a lame pundit lays the sexism on thick for a 40 poundticket, plus airfare.insulting amy goodmann.  jewish peop le called SOB. jewish people called SOB. sexist wikileaks supporters in england. anti-semitic wikileaks supporters in england.(no wonder virginia woolf killed herself)i threw my wikileaks-endorsing business card propaganda in the sanitary napkin dispenser inGatwick on the way to Oslo, where gender equity looks good on paper, if not on the streets of the racist red light district where african women are sold in sexual slavery as plain as day.i came back to help julian and see the july court, because i felt sorry for him.i had stockholm syndrome. In the Obama Hillary Era, NPR played the classic lame race/gender binary: which is the biggestissue of our time?
 As an "american" woman, i cannot understand wikileaks supporters anti-woman braingarbage.or their anti-semitism or anti-sweden mythology . . . theology. As an American in Sweden, I cannot understand what is so uncomfortable about women inpower.I gave up Maureen Dowd long ago, as i smoldered with resentment for the NYT WMD fakenews war propaganda.But now i turn to Dowd for her GLOBAL WAR ON WOMEN.that Ultrasound Probe is too fresh in our memory: like a national Trauma and betrayal of Womankind.Like Mandatory Swedish Eugenics Coerced Contracts and Marital Rape.There has never been a better time to give up Misogyny, Military Rape, Feminist Bashing,Feminist Cyber-bullying, or f---ing with young girls futures and their souls.or calling braingarbage a troll or fifth column.braingarbage is a rape victim who fought off homicide and cares about justice for assange.i've had plenty of sexist professors who weave baskets of words to defend their sinecures andarchaic misogyny.Marcello Ferrada de Noli claims honor killings are overstudied.tell that to Fadime Sahindal.that feminists are fascists.tell that to a rape victim who is denied justice internationally in every jurisdiction.tell that to a lesbian raped to cure her of her gayness.he misses the larger point of information liberation not needing suppressive party mentalitybullies.he is like the Rush Limbaugh of the the Wikileaks scene.Why Julian Assange's defense website cites his woman-hating anti-GLBT blog, which is anti-gay marriage (see his bit republished in samtycke.nu) ---or rixstep woman hating defamation bulldog . . .Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity is what i'm getting here.His lawyers should be disbarred or their bars should be demolished.marcello was bi-curious about my bisexuality: something a little uncomfortable and exciting,from a man who writes fables about "radical feminist gynecology" when sweden doesntprosecute rape, marital rape is largely protected by police and law, and rape DNA sits untestedon NYC evidence shelves due to NO MONEY FOR WOMEN's SAFETY or Justice #GWOWuntil Nicholas Kristoff put the heat on the racist NYPD.Sweden's Most Famous Women's Rights Activist Gudrun Schyman sent up a huge alarm aboutSwedish pay discrimination by burning up some Swedish Kronor.The Path of Pink Collar Ghettos in Europe where Lithuanian Women are trafficked for SexRings in Sweden needs more study not less.until its over.honor killing needs more study not less.until its over.Rape is Never Okay and Neither Murder. Collateral Murder ended everything for the dead.Collateral Murder ends International Law.collateral Murder happens every day in the Global War on Women, with 20-40 women killedeach by a spouse or partner each year in sweden.until Women take control of the Governments and implement a simple 50/50 40/60 60/40Gender Equity Ratio Range,Our Governments will continue to kill innocent children, maim our social infrastructure, starvethe homeless, spit war propaganda instead of news, call racist colonialism "market economics,"and threaten us with state rape or in swedish mandatory sterilization for welfare until 1976 as ameans of psychological control.

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