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Brother and Sister

Brother and Sister



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Published by jheevi

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Published by: jheevi on Apr 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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WLP-128 Brother And Sister by Brad AllisonChapter 1Nancy Goodman softened in her boyfriend's embrace and held her mouth up for a kiss, shivering as shefelt his right hand slip from her waist toward her bulging blouse. Henry Walton was rather good lookingand smooth, she liked to date him, he was the right age for her, twenty-one to her seventeen, butsomehow the sparks did not really fly when they were together.She was much too aware of the couple in the back seat, her own handsome blond brother Steve and herbest girlfriend, Toni Allen. On the drive from town, where the four had gone to an outdoor movie in theWalton family sedan, Toni and Steve had started playing around, and now Toni's pleased giggles andcertain movements in the shadows of the rear seat told Nancy that Toni was really having a bundle of fun. No wonder! Steve was the most popular unattached young man in Potter, he was going to WSUon a baseball scholarship, and young sexy chicks were calling him all the time. Nancy knew, because sheanswered the phone at home a lot, and she was sure that Steve was screwing several of them!But Toni seemed to have the inside track; she was leggy and pretty and had been Miss Everything inhigh school, rather bold where Nancy was shy.And I'm sure Steve is fucking her! Nancy thought. She said she's on the Pill, and I know my brother'sreputation. If they don't put out, he dates somebody else! I still have my cherry, though. I'm saving it fora very special guy ... Not Henry, either. Oh, I can't dream about this awful thing that's inside me, who IREALLY want! I must be twisted and evil because ever since I was twelve I've been nuts about myown brother!As Henry's mouth melded into Nancy's opened, waiting lips, as his hand slid across her blouse, cuddlinga tender, thinly covered breast, an excited giggle from Toni made her shudder."Oooohhh, Steve! Now you stop that!"Steve's interested chuckle, another series of movements in the back seat shadows, which Nancy couldsee dimly via the rear-view mirror, sent waves of terrible envy through Nancy's body. A very definitearoma of pussy was in the air in spite of the opened windows, and Toni's sudden whimper of pleasure, alittle intimate gasp, could mean only one thing-Steve was either screwing her or was nearly ready to!The sounds were affecting Henry, too. His mouth pressed down harder on Nancy's lips, he began tounfasten her blouse. She had let him go quite a way the last few dates, she did love being kissed andfondled by a good-looking guy, she was turning on, she really did need a lot of it, but she would go onlyso far.In spite of what a lot of hep young chicks around town were doing, Nancy wanted to be a "nice" girl.Ohhh, she knew a lot about sex, she had experienced her first orgasm at twelve, she had been havingthem regularly ever since, using her fingers on her clitoris, a thing she no longer felt really guilty aboutbecause a book she had read at fourteen had told her that normal girls had to have relief, just like boys.But she carried no contraceptives, she had to be good! One little squirt of cum and her fun days wouldbe all over ... Potter was really a square town, a farming center in the Palouse churchy wheat belt, andgood girls were still expected to present the groom with an unbroken hymen. Toni was careful,too-Steve was the only guy she had ever gone steady with, she did not put out the way some of the modGO-GO chicks did, she was very popular. Of course Nancy was not really sure they fucked. Therewere lots of ways to have fun without going the distance. Nancy knew most of them herself! But withToni on the Pill, what else was there to assume ... Although the girls were very good friends, and theytalked in roundabout ways about sex and guys, Toni had never really admitted that Steve was getting his
prick IN her. Probably because Nancy was his sister and was considered rather naive.I'm not as green as they think I am! she thought, opening her mouth so Henry could stroke his tongue inand out. I'm getting so I can cum real good on my hand, especially after a date! But the trouble is, Idream about Steve when I have my goodies! It's terrible, it's incestuous, it's forbidden, but he's sowonderful and handsome and sexy I just can't help myself. I wish HE would get my cherry! He couldhave it any time he wanted it! Double-dating with him is awful torture! And Henry believes HE is turningme on. When we go out alone I hardly feel anything.A muffled, excited gurgle of pleasure from Toni, a pleased chuckle from Steve, more squirming in theback seat that rocked the car a little were like hot daggers in Nancy's crotch. She slid her arms aroundHenry's neck and darted her tongue across his. He shuddered, his hand working faster on her blouse.Her nipples were rising in her bulging, lacy bra, she felt wetness in her bikini pants."Oooohhhh!" Toni gasped. There was a sudden rhythmic creaking of the rear seat cushion, rising abovethe music coming from the radio, then a faint unmistakable groan of male delight, and a long gaspy sighfrom Toni! One of her legs kicked the back of the seat, the aroma of pussy was now stronger! Ohhhh,they were fucking!Henry's mouth swerved away from Nancy's puffy lips, he muttered thickly as his hand fumbled with herbra."Let's take a blanket and split, Nancy! Jeeeesus!""I won't go the route!" she whispered.Henry shuddered, releasing her and reaching under the front seat. He drew a blanket out, and Nancyreached for the car door handle. But she hesitated. When the dome light went on she would be able tosee Steve and Toni actually going at it!"We'll be back in a while, you two," Henry said. Nancy knew it was a signal that the light would turn on.There was a scramble in the back seat, several girlish giggles, and when Nancy did open the door Steveand Toni were sitting up and she was trying to pull her opened blouse together. Her red hair wastousled, her lipstick smeared and a pair of thin green panties rested on the seat beside her ... Nancyhurried out of the car, her hands shaky, her pussy turning damp and itchy. They had parked near a groveof trees on the outskirts of the village, there was a lot of thick grass this time of year in mid-July."Have fun, you two!" Toni giggled.Nancy was unable to answer. Henry came around the car, carrying the blanket and Nancy clutched ather handbag, her legs trembling. She had never had a "blanket date," she had gone out with only a fewguys and Henry was the only one who had ever gotten her breasts out and fondled her between thethighs. She had never had an orgasm with a date; she always had her relief after she got home!She was familiar with Henry's prick, though. The last few times they had dated, with Steve and Toni,Nancy had played with his bare prick and worked on it until he had his climax. He deserved that, atleast! After some hot kissing and fooling around just a few squeezes on his cock brought his fun; shealways aimed his prick away from her crotch, though. She had heard about a girt getting knocked up byletting her boyfriend squirt on her panties.Several yards from the car, behind a row of bushes, Henry spread the blanket and caught her around thewaist, drawing her down. She was already feeling a certain coolness, her need was not as strong as ithad been in the front seat.
Knowing that Steve was getting his prick in Toni's cunt made me wild! she thought. But now that I'maway from my big, handsome brother I don't feel really excited. Henry just doesn't have what I crave.I'm NOT going to fuck, no matter what!A pleased laugh from Toni seemed to drive a dagger in Nancy's pussy. Steve was surely screwing heragain! Now they could fuck and fuck and not be interrupted! She was safe, she was on the Pill. Steve'sreputation was true; if his dates didn't fuck he found another willing chick.She stretched out at Henry's left and his hand went instantly under her miniskirt, between her thighs. Hisfingers felt cold. "Oh, kiss me and play around with my titties, honey," she whispered."Take it easy!""Jeeeesus!" he muttered, shivering and breathing faster. She almost felt sorry for him. It was flatteringthat she was sexy enough to really turn him on, she did have a good figure, long plump legs andmelonous breasts, even if she was not as flashily pretty as Toni. One thing that had made her a bitself-conscious about her appearance was her height; she was five ten, and just a little plump. But she hadnice thick blonde hair, a full pouty mouth and good features. She was shy, though; she had never wornreal sexy clothes until the past year or so when she had started working in the lingerie department of thebiggest store in Potter. She had started using more makeup, more men were noticing her, she waswearing clothes that accented her nice long legs and stand-out breasts that she had not really shown off in her early bashful years.Selling undies and slips and panties, talking to other girls and women more had been good for her, takenher out of her shell of shyness. She was an only daughter, Steve had taken the limelight in the family withhis athletic ability, his drive and good looks.Nancy had inherited her blonde fairness from her Swedish mother, Elsa, who was still at forty-one avery attractive woman, and her father Dean turned a lot of women's heads. He owned a modesthardware store, their home was not large, but comfortable. Nancy had her own room; Steve had his.But without his scholarship, Steve would never have been able to go to the university; the family hadalways had to be careful with their money.Henry was quite eligible, really. His father owned a good-size ranch that he would some day inherit. Alot of girls around town envied Nancy because she was going with him.But I don't vibe with him! Nancy thought. I want to feel about a guy the way I feel about my brother!Ready to fall over any time for him! I almost hate Toni for getting his prick! But she's the sexiest girl intown and Steve deserves a good, hot piece!She suddenly remembered the time when she was fourteen and she had rushed into the bathroomwithout knocking and seen Steve naked, just out of the shower. Naturally, she had looked at his crotch!The size of his prick, even soft, had sent wild thrills through her body. He had not been circumcised, athing that Dean had insisted on at his birth in spite of a modern practice by doctors to remove theforeskin of every male child. She had overheard her parents talking about it one day. "I know I likeyours the way it is, honey," her mother had laughed."The feeling is a lot better," he had answered.Nancy was very glad her parents got along so well because she still liked to slip up to their bedroomdoor at night and listen to them have their pleasure. Sometimes they played around and talked sexy andscrewed for hours! They really had fun together! Elsa always had four or five orgasms before Deanfinally had his cum. The way he could delay and hold back was just marvelous! That was what a

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