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Kursus Inggring Daftar Kata Kerja

Kursus Inggring Daftar Kata Kerja



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Published by fcr

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Published by: fcr on Dec 12, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1 acak disarrange disarranged disarranged2 acu refer to referred to referred to3 acung (meng~kan) put up put up put up4 ada(ber~) be was, were been5 adil (meng~i) judge judged judged6 aduk stir stirred stirred7 ajak (bawa) take took taken8 ajak (meng~), undang invite invited invited9 ajar (bel~) study studied studied10 ajar (bel~) learn learnt learnt11 ajar (meng~) teach taught taught12 aju (meng~kan) propose proposed proposed13 aju (meng~kan) submit submitted submitted14 akhir (meng~i) end ended ended15 aku(~i) admit admitted admitted16 alami experience experienced experienced17 ambil take took taken18 ancam threat threated threaten19 angguk nod nodded nodded20 angkat lift lifted lifted21 angkat (ber~) depart departed departed22 antar drop dropped dropped23 antar escort escorted escorted24 antar accompany accompanied accompanied25 arti (ber~) mean meant meant26 atur arrange arranged arranged27 atur organise organised organised28 baca read read read29 bagi divide divided divided30 baik (per~)..abstrak improve improved improved31 baik (per~i)..nyata fix fixed fixed32 bakar burn burnt burnt33 bakar burn burned burned34 bakar (jagung) roast roasted roasted35 balas reply replied replied36 balas dendam revenge revenged revenged37 bangun (dari tidur) get up got up got up38 bangun (rumah, dll) build built built39 bangun (terjaga) wake up woke up woke up40 bantah deny denied denied41 bantu help helped helped42 baring lay laid laid43 bawa bring brought brought44 bayar pay paid paid45 bebas (~kan) free freed freed46 beli buy bought bought47 bell ring rang rung
48 belok turn turned turned49 benci hate hated hated50 bengkok bend bent bent51 beri(mem) give gave given52 beritahu tell told told53 beritahu inform informed informed54 berkah bless blessed blessed55 bersihkan clean cleaned cleaned56 bersin sneeze sneezed sneezed57 biar(mem~kan) leave left left58 bicara speak spoke spoken59 bicara talk talked talked60 bimbing guide guided guided61 bohong lie lay lien62 buang throw away threw away thrown away63 buang waste wasted wasted64 buat make made made65 buka open opened opened66 bukti (~kan) prove proved proved67 bungkuk bow bowed bowed68 bungkus wrap wrapped wrapped69 bunuh kill killed killed70 campur mix mixed mixed71 campur blend blent blent72 capai (men~) reach reached reached73 capai (men~) achieve achieved achieved74 cari seek seeked seeked75 cari look for looked for looked for76 cat paint painted panted77 catat note noted noted78 cebur plunge plunged plunged79 cegah prevent prevented prevented80 cek check checked checked81 cerita(~kan) tell told told82 cetak print printed printed83 cinta love loved loved84 ciptakan create created created85 cium kiss kissed kissed86 coba try tried tried87 cocok (sesuaikan) match matched matched88 cubit pinch pinched pinched89 cuci wash washed washed90 curi steal stole stolen91 daftar register registered registered92 daftar list listed listed93 dapat (men~) get got got94 dapat (men~kan) find found found
95 datang come came come96 dengar hear heard heard97 dengar listen to listen to listen to98 dengkur (men~) snore snored snored99 desak encourage encouraged encouraged100 diri (ber~) stand stood stood101 doa pray prayed prayed102 dorong push pushed pushed103 duduk sit sat sut104 dukung support supported supported105 eja spell spelt spelt106 fax fax faxed faxed107 gabung join joint, joined joint, joined108 gali dig dug dug109 gambar draw drew drawn110 ganggu disturb disturbed disturbed111 ganti change changed changed112 ganti (direktur, dsb) replace replaced replaced113 gantung hang hung hung114 gantung (ter~) depend depended depended115 garuk scratch scratched scratched116 gaul (ber~) interact interacted interacted117 gigit bite bit bitten118 goreng fry fried fried119 gugur (~kan) abort aborted aborted120 gulung roll rolled rolled121 gulung (~kembali) rewind rewinded rewinded122 guna(~kan) use used used123 habis(~kan) spend spent spent124 hapus erase erased erased125 harap hope hoped hoped126 harap expect expected expected127 hargai, hormati respect respected respected128 hidup live lived lived129 hidupkan (lampu) switch on switched on switched on130 hindar (~i) avoid avoided avoided131 hilang lose lost lost132 hisap suck sucked sucked133 hitung count counted couned134 hitung calculate calculated calculated135 hormat respect respected respected136 hubung(~i) contact contacted contacted137 ijin(~kan) permit permitted permitted138 ingat remember remembered remembered139 ingin want wanted wanted140 intip peep peeped peeped141 istirahat take a rest took a rest taken a rest

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