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Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee_Interview.june 21, 2010

Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee_Interview.june 21, 2010

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Published by Ajoy Dasgupta
Interview published in WEST BENGAL magazine, June 2010
Interview published in WEST BENGAL magazine, June 2010

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Categories:Types, Speeches
Published by: Ajoy Dasgupta on Apr 12, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Importance of Left Front Governmentis immense: Chief Minister
The Left Front Government steps on to its 34th year. The seventhLeft Front Government has completed its 4th year. Could youfocus on the main features of the socio-economic change that has been brought about in the life of people in the state by theLeft Front Government in 33 years? 
The Left Front Government has been able to make a qualitativechange in the life of people in this state in 33 years. The mainsocio-economic features of this change may be summed up inthe following manner.In rural areas, the standard in the life of the poor farmers haschanged radically because of the land reforms and the panchayatsystem as a whole. The most important factor is that their purchasingpower has increased.The demand for industrial commodities equivalent to nearly
27,000 crore has been generated. Market for consumer goodshas expanded in rural as well as urban areas alike. Sale of items,ranging from garments, shoes, umbrellas, medicines, foodstuff to television, telephone, mobile phones and computers havephenomenally multiplied both in Kolkata and in the rest of thestate.Literacy has gained wide ground. The scope of education hasexpanded from the primary level to the university level. This is asignificant aspect of human resources development. Health is anotherimportant factor. The state has crested to peak of success in thecountry in so far as its position in the determination of life anddeath ratio, increase in average life span, and reduction in therate of infant mortality is concerned.
June 21, 2010. The Left Front Government in West Bengal turned 34.On the occasion, state Chief Minister, Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee,in an interview, answered several questions on varied topics pertainingto the state’s development as well as the Left Front Government’scontributions to it. The text of the Chief Minister’s interview follows.
'Agriculture is our base and industry our prospect' is not amere slogan. It is awell-contemplated holistic approach. It will never be possible to bring about further economic development in the state in future if wefail to stride forward on thevehicle of industrial growthby consolidating our agricultural achievement.
A widespread change is perceptible in the spate of urbanisationalso. This process of urbanisation has been carried forward bySiliguri-Jalpaiguri, Durgapur-Asansol, Bolpur-Santiniketan, Haldia,Digha, Midnapore Development Authorities. The Rajarhat Townshipis coming up following Bidhannagar. There are 127 municipal bodiesin the state. The state is among the leaders in building up theurban infrastructure.
How do you perceive the four years of the seventh Left Front government? This government was formed with a massive mandatein its favour by projecting the slogan, 'Agriculture is our baseand industry our prospect'. How much success have you achieved to put it into action? 
'Agriculture is our base and industry our prospect' is not amere slogan. It is a well-contemplated holistic approach. It willnever be possible to bring about further economic developmentin the state in future if we fail to stride forward on the vehicle of industrial growth by consolidating our agricultural achievement.Everyone realises the potential urgency in this fact. This is theonly alternative before our educated young generation. We couldonly initiate the process braving many obstacles. It is an inevitablepre-condition of the state's passage onto the next economic stage.In that sense, we could only initiate.
It was mentioned in the Left Front election manifesto duringthe last polls that the achievements of land reforms would beconsolidated and the unfinished programmes in regard to land reforms would be delivered with finishing touches within the framework of the system. How much, do you think, has the seventh Left 
 It is very urgent toconsolidate the success of the land reforms. A total of 11.277 lakhacres of land have beenallotted to poor and marginal farmers. A total of 15.33 lakhbargadars have beenregistered. It is important to keep these lands under the possession of  poor farmers.
Front government been able to follow up? What are the future plans of the state government
It is very urgent to consolidate the success of the land reforms.A total of 11.277 lakh acres of land have been allotted to poorand marginal farmers. A total of 15.33 lakh bargadars have beenregistered. It is important to keep these lands under the possessionof poor farmers as these land yield bumper crops, and if productionincreases gradually, the income of the farmers gets enhanced.Our unfinished job is to distribute litigation-free plots of land amongthe landless farmers. We are at it.Our future plan is to offer homestead land measuring up to 5cottah to the homeless by augmenting the provisions of the lawsof 1975 to 2009. We have started doing it. About 2 lakh familieswill be benefited. We have one more programme to cover. Weshall obtain lands from willing sellers, buy those plots with a premiumof 25 per cent over the market rate and distribute the same amongthe landless poor.We would like to carry forward the land reform programmealong this line of action.
How much, do you think, West Bengal could fare in agriculturaaspect? 
The picture of success in agricultural development is clear.We are the leaders in production of rice (148 lakh MT), jute (7872.6ton), vegetables (119 lakh MT) in the country. Our achievementsare no less remarkable in production of fruits and flowers. Wehave been trying to extend the area under irrigation especiallyin the arid western region of the state. We have attached importanceto the factors like procuring advanced quality seeds, bio-fertilizers,bio-pesticides etc so that production can be made more bountifuland intensive. We have some problem areas too regarding theproductions of pulses, oil seeds and wheat. These fall short of the demand. We have to strike at it urgently.
 It is not our intent to acquire fertileagricultural land.We have worked out aland use map in the state.We have particularized and  specified matters related tocompensation for land and rehabilitation-packages,by dint of which more than6000 acres of land have beenacquired in recent timesfor industrial use.We have bettered incentive schemes of the state government.We have been striving tofulfill the demands for roads,communication, power,water supply etc as infrastructural amenitiesin this regard.

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