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COLONIES Spec Treatment

COLONIES Spec Treatment

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Published by Ran Cartwright
Spec treatment for a two part pilot episode for a proposed science fiction television series.
Spec treatment for a two part pilot episode for a proposed science fiction television series.

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Published by: Ran Cartwright on Apr 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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COLONIESa spec treatmentbyRan Cartwright
COLONIES treatment/RSC/2COLONIESa spec treatmentA small damaged and unmarked asteroid hopper isinbound to the Vesta Jumping Station. Unmarked, has to besome rebel vermin attempting something stupid. StationCommander Richard Dalins and Imperial Earth agent AlexPascovin have it on the screen.The hopper lands at the station, Platform B. Securityis called to the airlock. They’re ready, weapons drawn;Dalins and Pascovin stand behind them.The airlock opens, the hopper pilot in space suit andhelmet steps through. She removes the helmet and skull cap,shakes her long dark hair loose.It’s not rebel vermin at all!It’s Nal Karo – young, sensuous, drop dead gorgeous,and hired assassin.* * *A lot of trouble in the Outer Colonies with rebelsstirring up trouble. They should be stamped out like thevermin they are. The trouble has Outer Colonies GovernorGreg Vasachek in hot water. The water is so hot that thegovernor has been called to Mars to discuss the matter in a
COLONIES treatment/RSC/3private meeting with Organization of Imperial Earth (OIE)Agent David Vernon.Secluded at the Phobos Relay Station, the two mentalk. A few pointed subjects.Is Hayne alive? Haven’t heard much from him lately.What’s the rebels next move? Vernon’s convinced thatit’s something big, something to gain recruits. Like attackand destroy the Solara 7 terra-forming satellite in orbitaround Europa.Well, Vernon’s got a surprise for them. They are goingto meet the rebels in Europa orbit with the new ImperialEarth battle cruiser, the IES Calcutta, and destroy Hayneand the rebels once and for all.And Outer Colonies governor Greg Vasachek is goingalong for the ride.* * *Karo has a mission, a secret mission that Pascovin’sin on – find the secretive leader of the rebel resistance,Isaac Hayne, and eliminate him. Hayne is thought to be inthe Outer Colonies, most likely in the dark and grittyCalico mining village on Terra Titan. Pascovin’s job is toget Karo to Calico, and she’ll take care of the problem.

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