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Code Geek

Code Geek



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Published by Tim Butram
The Code for IDing geeks
The Code for IDing geeks

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Published by: Tim Butram on May 30, 2007
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From: hayden@krypton.mankato.msus.edu (Robert A. Hayden)Date: 11 Aug 93 10:46:30 -0600Message-ID: <1993Aug11.104630.5562@vax1.mankato.msus.edu>Newsgroups: alt.geek,rec.humorSuggestions welcome.Send them to:Robert A. Hayden: <hayden@krypton.mankato.msus.edu>GSS d- -p+(---) c++(++++) l++ u++ e+/* m++(*)@ s-/++ n-(---) h+(*) f+ g+w++ t++ r++ y+(*)------------------ The Code of the Geeks v1.0.1 ------------------------------------------------ July 17, 1993 ------------------------------So you think you are a geek, eh? The first step is to admit to yourselfyour geekiness. No matter what anyone says, geeks are people too; geekshave rights. So take a deep breath and announce to the world that you are ageek. Your courage will give you strength that will last you forever.How to tell the world you are a geek, you ask? Use the universal Geek code.By joining the geek organization, you have license to use this special codethat will allow you to let other un-closeted geeks know who you are in asimple, codified statement.The single best way to announce your geekhood is to add your geek code tosignature file and announce it far and wide. But be careful, you may giveother geeks the courage to come out of the closet. You might want to hangon to your copy of the code in order to help them along.---------------------INSTRUCTIONS:The geek code consists of several categories. Each category is labeled witha letter and some qualifiers. Go through each category and determine whichset of qualifiers best describes you in that category. By stringing all ofthese 'codes' together, you are able to construct your overall geek code.It is this single line of code that will inform other geeks the world overof what a great geek you actually are.Some of the qualifiers will very probably not match with you exactly.Simply choose that qualifier that MOST CLOSELY matches you. Also, someactivities described in a specific qualifier you may not engage in, while youdo engage in others. Each description of each qualifier describes the widerange of activities that apply, so as long as you match with one, you canprobably use that qualifier.----------------------VARIABLES:Geeks can seldom be quantified. To facilitate the fact that within anyone category the geek may not be able determine a specific category,variables have been designed to allow this range to be included.@ for variable, said trait is not very rigid, may change withtime or with individual interaction. For example, Geekswho happen to very much enjoy Star Trek: The Next Generation,but dislike the old 60's series might list themselves as
t++@.() for indicating "cross-overs" or ranges. Geeks who go fromc+ to c--- depending on the situation (i.e. mostly "c+") coulduse c+(---). Another example might be an m++(*). Thiswould be a person who mostly listens to classical music, butalso has an extensive collection of other types of works.@ is different from () in that () has finite limits within thecategory, while @ ranges all over.-----------------------Type:Geeks come in many flavors. The flavors relate to the vocation of theparticular geek. To start a code, a geek must declare himself or herself tobe a geek. To do this, we start the code with a "G" to denote "GEEK",followed by one or two letters to denote the geeks occupation or field ofstudy. Multi-talented geeks with more than one vocation should denote theirmyriad of talents with a slash between each vocation (example: GCS/MU/T).GB -- Geek of BusinessGCS -- Geek of Computer ScienceGE -- Geek of EngineeringGM -- Geek of MathGMU -- Geek of MusicGS -- Geek of Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.)GSS -- Geek of Social Science (Psychology, Sociology, etc.)GT -- Geek of TheaterGO -- Geek of Other. Some types of geeks deviate from thenormal geek activities. This is encouraged as true geekscome from all walks of life.GU -- Geek of 'Undecided'. This is a popular vocation withnew freshmen.GAT -- Geek of All Trades. For those geeks that can doanything and everything. GAT usually precludes the useof other vocational descriptors.----------------------Dress:Geeks come in many different types of dress.d I dress a lot like those in Walmart adsd+ I tend to wear trendy political messages like "Save theWhales" or "Free South Africa".d++ I tend to wear conservative dress such as a businesssuit.d- I tend to wear trendy political messages like "Nuke theHumans", "Question Authority", or "Big Brother's Watching".d-- I wear jeans to work just to piss off my bossd--- At work, I have holes in my jeans and/or obscenities onmy shirt.d? I have no idea what I am wearing right now, let alonewhat I wore yesterday.
!d No clothing. Quite a fashion statement, don't you think?-d+ I wear the same clothes all the time, no matter theoccasion, often forgetting to do laundry between wearings.---------------------Politics:Just as the Geek's sense of fashion is varied, so is his/her politicalconvictions.p Politics? I've heard of that somewhere but in all honestyI really don't give a shit.p+ Let's get the government off of big-business's backp++ All in favor of eliminating free speech, say aye!p+++ Fuckin' Minorities! Adolf Hitler is my hero!p- Bring back the 60'sp-- I'm still living in the 60'sp--- No taxes through no government -p+ Don't label me you moron! Both sides are equally fucked up!---------------------Computers:Most geeks identify themselves by their use of computers and computernetworks. In order to quantify your geekiness level on computers, consultthe following (consider the term 'computers' synonymous with 'computernetwork'):c Computers are a tool, nothing more. I use it when it servesmy purpose.c+ Computers are fun and I enjoy using them. I play a meangame of Wing Commander and can use a word processor withoutresorting to the manual too often. I know that a 3.5" diskis not a hard disk. I also know that when it says 'press anykey to continue', I don't have to look for a key labeled'ANY'.c++ Computers are a large part of my existence. When I get upin the morning, the first thing I do is log myself in. I mudon weekends, but still manage to stay off of academicprobation.c+++ You mean there is life outside of Internet? You're shittin'me! I live for muds. I haven't dragged myself to class inweeks.c++++ I'll be first in line to get the new cybernetic interfaceinstalled into my skull.c- Anything more complicated than my calculator and I'mscrewed.c-- Where's the on switch?c--- If you even mention computers, I will rip your head off!-------------------Linux:Linux is a hacker-written operating system virtually identical to unix. Itruns on your standard 386/486 PC computers and offers multitasking supportfar superior to DOS. Because it is still a young OS, and because it iscontinually evolving from hacker changes and support, it is important that

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