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Chakras (2)

Chakras (2)

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Published by leandro_zyl

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Published by: leandro_zyl on Apr 13, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ChakrasFind out more about Chakras here...
Chakras are energy points in your aura. They are centres of activity tht receive, assimilate andexpress your life force energy. In other words through your Chakras, you transmit and receivephysical, emotional, and spiritual energy. The word itself is Sanskrit for wheel or disk. According toEast Indian philosophy, you have seven major Chakras or psychic centers on your body. They arestacked in a column of energy that spans from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Thereare also minor chakras in the hands, feet, fingertips, and shoulders. Each chakra has a colour andparticular energy associated with it.The seven major chakras correlate with basic states of consciousness. Starting from the top they are as follows;
Sahasrara or the crown chakra
is generally considered to bethe chakra of consciousness. it is located above the headoutside the body.
is considered to correspond to the
third eye
. Ajna is heldas the chakra of time, awareness and of light. Located low onyour forehead.
Vishuddha or the throat chakra
may be envisioned asrelating to communication and growth, growth being a formof expression.
Anahata or the heart chakra
is related to complex emotion,compassion, love, equilibrium and well-being. It is located inthe chest.
Manipura or the solar plexus chakra
is related to thetransition from simple or base to complex emotion, energy,assimilation and digestion,
Swadhisthana or the sacral chakra
is located in the lower belly and is related to base intuition,emotion, sexuality and creativity.
Muladhara or the base or root chakra
is related to instinct, security, survival, physical energy andalso to basic human potentiality. This centre is located in the region between the genitals and theanus.
Chakras and Healing
Chakras are points of great energy for one's aura. The word itself is Sanskrit for wheel or disk.According to East Indian philosophy, man possesses seven major Chakras or psychic centers on hisbody. Through our Chakras, we transmit and receive physical, emotional, and spiritual energy.These are the seven main chakras, the colors assciated with each one of them, and their energyfocus:
Energy Focus
 1st ChakraBase, RootLocated at the base of thespineRed, blackStability, grounding, physical energy, will,security.2nd ChakraSacralLocated below the navelOrange, blue-greenCreativity, healing, sexuality andreproduction, desire, emotion, intuition.3rd ChakraSolar PlexusLocated at solar plexas,below breastboneYellow Intellect, ambition, personal power.4th ChakraHeartLocated in the center of thePink, greenLove, compassion, universal consciousness,emotional balance.
chest5th ChakraThroatLocated at the neck abovecollar boneBlueCommunication center, expression, divineguidance.6th chakraThird eyeLocation centered aboveeyebrows, at medullaIndigoSpiritual awareness, psychic power,intuition, light.7th ChakraCrownLocated at the top of theheadViolet,golden-whiteEnlightenment, cosmic consciousness,energy, perfection.Single Chakra TherapyWhen you want to work on a specific Chakra, place a gemstone or strand of gemstones on it andkeep them there from 3-20 minutes. You may use clear optical quality quartz for all of your chakras;however, here are the stones that others recommend on each chakra.1. Root/Base Chakra: Black Onyx/Obsidian2. Sex/Navel Chakra: Carnelian3. Stomach/Solar Plexus Chakra: Citrine4. Heart Chakra: Rose Quartz/Ruby5. Throat Chakra: Indigo (translucent Sodalight)/Purple Rainbow Fluorite6. Brow/Third Eye Chakra: Amethyst/Aquamarine/Lapis Lazuli/Clear Quartz7. Crown Chakra: Amethyst/Clear QuartzIf a stone ever feels uncomfortable, remove it immediately and replace it with a stone that fits youbetter.
Chakra BalancingChakra Balancing Definition
 Chakra balancing is based on the ancient Indian belief in a series of seven chakras, or energy centers.Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. These energy centers are believed to be located at specificpoints between the base of the spine and the top of the skull. Some esoteric systems include

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