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Questions of Help

Questions of Help

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Published by Jack Schimmelman
A cry for help before nearly departing.
A cry for help before nearly departing.

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Published by: Jack Schimmelman on Apr 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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by Jack SchimmelmanGlide through my essence. Help me feel the joy of living again. Pleasedivine Mother help me. My flesh is still, my mind busy.Everything hurts.Help.Cascade through stone onto the surface of my breath. It is all I ask. Nomore doctors. No more tests. No more probes. No more weapons. Justchicken parmagiana, gone away for a cruise. Stay dry.Whatever you do, please come soon. I cannot continue my descent. Ido not wish to continue falling. So, drop everything. Do not shop forfurniture, do not wash your knickers. Love is arriving on a slow boatthrough theGowanus Canal.Look up. Focus. You will see Alice's rabbit conducting a symposium.Listen closely. Forget quickly. That is what we do. This past Memorial Day was difficult. Everybody honoring soldiers,sailors, etc. Lots of jingo jango jingoism. I wanted to say something. Iwanted to talk about how there are no more seats on the subwaybecause they are all occupied by the dead. Floating beside me arepieces of miraculous minds that once thought they had an identity andthen learned things about themselves they will never understandbecause you can be trained to kill, but you can't be trained to watch. Your friends' body parts fly through tornados of blood and scream. Youhave witnessed and now you return to get an education, love yourfamily, float to the top of your conscious stream. Lover, mother, wife,sister look within to seek your heart, but you are not there. You are nothere.So, please come quickly and ease me off this pedestal of ache. I wish toleave all behind. Emerge from amnesia and remember everything. It ismy command. I try to listen. The words fall within a space of desire. They merge with sweat, grime and become the foundation for yetanother stone temple. There are devout people. Rhinoceroses pray all day wallowing in theirplans for a brighter future in this lousy housing market. What will

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