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When Philippine TV Got ROK-Ed _ ASEAN-Korea Centre

When Philippine TV Got ROK-Ed _ ASEAN-Korea Centre

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Published by Mitzie Correa
A blog entry on how Korean TV dramas influenced Philippine television. Published on the ASEAN-Korea Centre blog.
A blog entry on how Korean TV dramas influenced Philippine television. Published on the ASEAN-Korea Centre blog.

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Published by: Mitzie Correa on Apr 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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4/2/12 When Philippine TV got ROK-ed | ASEAN-Korea Centre1/3blog.aseankorea.org/archives/11030?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=when-philipp
When Philippine TV got ROK-ed
Article by Michelle Camille Correa (Philippines)Blog Correspondent of ASEAN-Korea Centre
 The year 2003 ROK-ed Philippine television. That is, 2003 marked the year when television dramasfrom the Republic of Korea (ROK) made waves in local TV. At first it was just a ripple, when Bright Girlwas aired by GMA 7 in a bid to introduce something new amid the then Mexican telenovela and Chi-novela craze. But then, the ripple turned to roaring waves when Winter Sonata wooed the hearts of Filipino audiences. Since then, Korean TV dramas, or Koreanovelas as they are fondly referred to herein the Philippines, have been wowing Filipino audiences and havebecome a part of Filipinos TV viewingstaples. Among the K-drama genres Filipinos love, romantic comedies rate the best. This is probably because K-drama audiences are predominantly female. So when you ask these viewers what their favorite K-dramas are, often cited will probably be shows like Lovers in Paris, Princess Hours, Coffee PrinceandBoys Over Flowers, to name a few. Melodramas like Endless Loveand Baker King, and historical dramaslike Jumong, Jewel in the Palace, and recently, Dong Yi are also some of the many K-dramas that areclose to Filipino viewers hearts. Often, these K-dramas are dubbed in the Filipino language and are given names familiar to Filipinos,such as Vivian and Carlo for the lead characters of Lovers in Paris. Soundtracks are also often given aFilipino flavor by using local artists in the background. For example, the song Wag na WagMongSasabihin by singer KitchieNadal was the main theme song for Lovers in Paris when it was airedin the Philippines in 2004. 
The appeal of K-dramas
 K-dramas, in general, are said to appeal to Asians for the family values these depict and the subtlytender expressions of emotions, especially of love, that is vastly different from overtly sensualWestern TV shows. In the Philippines, the appeal of K-dramas lies on the good balance of character and plot, as well asthe good-looking actors and actresses on these shows, according to the survey done by TNS Globaltitled Korea in Our Daily Life: A Look at Filipinos Awareness and Behavior Towards Korean Culture.The storylines, in particular, are liked for their unpredictable, fresh and fast-paced delivery as well asthe themes explored, which go beyond typical boy-meets-girl love stories by also exploring themes of careers and urban life, for example. That K-dramas make them laugh, particularly with comedy shows,is another plus factor. K-drama fan Ember, for example, loves shows such as Sungkyunkwan Scandal because it is the typethat “has everything in it”, including “a delightful mix of fiction with a dash of history, drama, comedyand romance.”  She also likes Boys Over Flowers for its “interesting” and “unpredictable” plot as well as its highproduction value. “I did not expect to enjoy it as much as I did. The plot was interesting and notpredictable. You never expect how things will end up and they play particular attention to costume notto mention the amazing cinematography,” she said. 
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April 2, 2012 0 ASEAN Correspondents >Philippines
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4/2/12 When Philippine TV got ROK-ed | ASEAN-Korea Centre2/3blog.aseankorea.org/archives/11030?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=when-philipp
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 Anna, another K-drama fan, likes the “gray” way the characters are portrayed. That is, characters arenot cookie cutter types—They are not 100% bad because their evil actions are actually motivated by adeeper conflict within themselves. She says of the K-drama Youre Beautiful,
I like that nobody is everwhat he seems. This is evident not just in the protagonists, but in the antagonists as well. Nobody isever painted like a bad guy, even if he (or she) does brutal things. Tae-Kyungs cold-hearted mother inYoure Beautiful, for instance, is painted sympathetically as an aging beauty whose actions are drivenby the fact that she was never sure if the love of her life, now dead, had ever reciprocated herfeelings.”  
K-drama influences Philippine TV
 There is no doubt that the airing of K-dramas on Philippine TV influenced locally produced shows forthe better. According to Louie Sanchez, a teacher at the Ateneo de Manila University, during hispresentation at the 2nd Korea-Philippines Partnership Forum in 2011, TV series or “teleseryes” underwent positive changes through the introduction of K-dramas. He admits, though, that in the beginning, the esthetics of these dramas remained largely Filipino, with “no clear desire to process the culture from which the originals came from.” Examples of these areABS-CBNs remake of Lovers in Paris which starred KC Conception and PioloPascual, GMAs re-make oKim Sam Sung which starred Regine Velasquez, Stairway to Heaven with DingongDantes and MarianRivera, and Full House with Richard Gutierrez and Heart Evangelista. But when ABS-CBNs remake of Only You aired, the “processing” took place, said Sanchez. The drama,which starred Angel Locsin, began to adopt Korean TV production practices, such as —“cinematicshots” of “vast natural surroundings” reflecting “human smallness” as well as shorter and more fast-paced storytelling. The adoption of Korean esthetics was done by local producers in order “to makethe Korean Wave their own” and to “enrich their own cultural productions.” Thanks to the efforts of local producers to “close read” K-dramas, they were able to, says Sanchez, consequently “understandthe mechanisms of production, as texts, with the hope of fully creating their own.”  The adoption of K-drama esthetics to Philippine TV added to the many cultural influences pervadingPhilippine media products, such as Spanish, Latin American and American/Hollywood influences, thusenriching and inspiring local producers in creating TV shows. Because of the entry of K-dramas in Philippine TV, then, our local “teleseryes” saw changes in terms of production and esthetics, which consequently changed the TV offerings in Philippine TV. Thanks to theinfluence of K-dramas, beautiful scenery, exotic locations and fast-paced plots have become the newnorm in “teleserye” production.Post to FacebookPost to TwitterAdd to LinkedIn 
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