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Kabir Ke Dohe

Kabir Ke Dohe



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Published by anon-697563

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Published by: anon-697563 on Dec 13, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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|| 1 ||
Maya Taje To Kya HuaMaan Taja Naa JaayeMaan Bade Munivar GayeMaan Saban Ko Khaye
It is very easy to give up efforts and lose weath. It is really verydifficult to give up the ego. Very great and analytical people havefallen victim to ego. The ego is killing one and all.|| 2 ||
Kade Abhimaan Na KijiyeKaha Kabir Samajhaye Ja Seer Aha Jo SancharePade Chouryasi Jaaye
Don't have ego. He who has ego is restless always.|| 3 ||
Sukha Ke Sangi SwarthiDukh Me Rahate DoorKahe Kabir ParmarathiDukh Sukh Sada Hujoor
The fair weather friends stay away when we face the roughweather. Those who understand the truth are with us at all times.|| 4 ||
Sabase Laghuta Hi BhaliLaghuta Se Sab Hoye Jasa Dwitiya Ka ChandramaShashi Lahai Sab Koye
It is always better to be humble. Being humble is an effectiveway of getting results. The Moon of the second day ( after the nomoon day) is loved by all.|| 5 ||
Chhama Badan Ko UchitHaiChhotan Ko UtpatKa Bishno Ka Ghati Gaya Jo Bhrug Mari Laat
Forgiveness befits the person who is great. One who is petty doessomething destructive. What is the loss incured by God Vishnuafter receiving a blow from Maharishi Bhrugu.|| 6 ||
 Jaisa Bhojan KijiyeVaisa Hi Mana Hoye Jaisa Paani Pijiye Taisi Vani Hoye
Your mind is affected by the food that you consume. Your voiceis the reflection of the drinks you have.|| 7 ||
Kabira Te Nar Andh Hai Jo Guru Kahate AurHari Ruthe Guru Thor HaiGuru Ruthe Nahi Thor
Kabir says that the people who do not understand Guru are blind.If God is displeased with us then Guru is there for salvation. If heis displeased there can be no salvation.|| 8 ||
Kabira Dheeraj Ke DhareHaathi Man Bhar Khaaye Tuk Tuk Bekar MeSvan Ghare Ghar Jaaye
As the elephant has patience it eats till its mind is satisfied. Butthe impatient dog runs here and there in the hope of food.
|| 9 ||
Ghee Ke To Darshan BhaleKhana Bhala Na TelDana To Dushman BhalaMurakh Ka Kya Mel
It is better if one can just have a chance of looking at the purified butter. It is not good to eat oil. It is good to have a sensible personas our enemy than to befriend a fool.|| 10 ||
Chandan Jaisa Sadhu HaiSarp Hi Sab Sansar Taake Ang Lapta RaheMana Me Nahi Vikar
A good person is like a sandal tree. The world is like a snake. Thesnake resides on the sandal tree but the sandal tree does not become poisonous to any extent.|| 11 ||
Vruksha Bola Paat SeSun Patte Meri BaatIs Ghar Ki Yah Reet HaiIk Aawat Ik Jaat
A tree tells a leave that listen to the tradition of my family. It isthat one comes while another goes.|| 12 ||
Mai Meri Jab Jayegi Tab Aayegi Aur Jab Ye Nishchal Hoyega Tab Pavega Thor
When ego will go then someone else will come. When the mind becomes calm then the truth is revealed.|| 13 ||
Dhan Rahe Na Jauvan RaheRahe Gaav Na DhaamKahe Kabira Jas RaheKar De Kisika Kaam
 Niether the wealth has permanance nor the youth. What someonecan have forever is his good name. This someone can achieveonly after working for the wellbeing of others.|| 14 ||
 Jhute Sukha Ko Sukha KaheManat Hai Mana Mouj Jagat Chabena Kaal KaKuch Mukh Me Kuch Goud
Our mind is delighted in having sensual pleasures. Let usunderstand that the world is being devoured by the time.Somebody is in the mouth while others are on the platter.|| 15 ||
Maan Badai Naa KareBada Na Bole BolHira Mukha Se Na KaheLaakh Hamara Mol
Dont have ego. Dont talk big. A diamond never says that it has agreat cost.|| 16 ||
Gyani Se Kahiye KahaKahat Kabir LajayeAndhe Aage NachateKala Akarat Jaaye
When Kabir is asked to teach an intellectual then he feels shy.What is the use of showing dancing skills to one who is blind.|| 17 ||
Sheetal ShabadUchchariyeAham Maniye Nahi Tera Pritam Tujh Me HaiDushman Bhi Tujh Mahi
You should speak sweet honeyed words. You should not have ego.Your beloved is in your mind and your enemy is also there.|| 18 ||
Khod Khad Dharati SaheKaat Koot VanaraayKutil Vachan Sadhu SaheAur Se Saha Na Jaaye
The earth bears the digging. The forest bears the axe. A personwho is good bears the harsh words. Others cannot bear the harshwords.|| 19 ||
Mana Ke Bahu Satrang HaiChhin Chhin Badale SoyeEk Rang Me Jo RaheAisa Birla Koye
There are many colors of the mind. The mind is always changingits color. He is very rare whose mind does not change color.|| 20 ||
Mitha Sab Koi Khaat HaiVish Hai Laage DhaayNeem Na Koi PeevasiSabe Rog Mit Jaay
Everyone likes eating sugar. This results in spreading of poison inthe body. None likes to drink juice of Neem leaves. This can curethe body from all diseases.|| 21 ||
Naari Purush Sab Hi Suno Yah Satguru Ki SaakhVish Phal Phale Anek HaiMat Dekho Koi Chaakh
Listen everybody to the preaching of a good preacher. There aremany ways of sensual enjoyment. But one should abstain fromany such way.|| 22 ||
Parnari Ki Yaachna Jo Lahasun Ki KhanKone Baithe KhaiyePragat Hoye Nidaan
A desire for other's wife is like a mine of garlic. A person can eatgarlic hiding from all. But the fact of his having consumed garlicis clear to anyone who meets him.|| 23 ||
Padha Suna Seekha SabhiMiti Naa Sanshay ShoolKahe Kabir Kaso Kahu Ye Sab Dukh Ka Mool
One may read, listen and learn everything. But after doing allthis he has confusion. Kabir is at pains to explain that confusionis the root of sorrow.|| 24 ||
Pahale Shabad PichhaniyePichhe Kije MolParkhi Parkhe Ratan KoShabad Ka Mol Na Tol
First you should understand what has been said by others. Thenyou can make the valuation of the words that you have listened.A goldsmith can test the purity of gold. One does not have anymeans for the valuation and weighment of words.|| 25 ||
Mana Unmana Na ToliyeShabada Ke Mol Na Tol
When your mind is raged then you should not react to the words.One does not have any means for the valuation and weighment

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