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Public Service Conscription:The Future of America

Public Service Conscription:The Future of America

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Published by Kyle Snyder

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Published by: Kyle Snyder on Apr 14, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Public Service Conscription:The Future of America
By: Kyle Snyder
Political Science 250
Introduction to Political InquiryProfessor: Joshua Dunn7 May 2009
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The idea of military service is and idea that has very strong feelingsamong countless citizens. In a time frame when the unpopular wars in Iraq andAfghanistan are forcing American service members to spend a great amount oftime in combat zones and even less time with their loved ones, the idea of a draftis something many people are opposed to. The idea of a draft brings the anti-Vietnam sentiments of thirty years ago, back to life in the hearts of many.Opponents of such programs claim that the thirteenth amendment to theconstitution, banning slavery, protects them from the draft being permissible totake place
. But as Chief Justice Edward White stated “It would be a contradiction
in terms to declare the Government of the United States a sovereign, endowedwith all the powers necessary for its existence, yet lacking in the most essentialof all
the power of self defense.”
The verbiage of his statement begins toseparate the powers between self defense and military strategy. Some citizensof the United States see a military as both an offensive and defensive force ableto conquer lands or protect the native soil.The idea of a strictly defensive force, a group of citizens who areorganized to protect the homeland, from a variety of different enemies, is a newidea to many Americans. These enemies could be terrorist, natural, or even ourown neighbors. To remedy this, a solution of public service conscription shouldbe enacted. These individuals would serve as the domestic military following therules of their local population and enforcing them through a variety of means. Agroup of individuals trained and equipped by the very people they are assigned
 Leon Friedman, "Conscription and the Constitution: The Original Understanding,"
 Michigan Law Review
 67, no. 8 (June 1969): 1496, http://www.jstor.org/stable/1287481 (accessed May 5, 2009). 
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to protect. A group of public servants conscripted into homeland tasks toenhance the country both. The idea that a public servant conscription program,enacted on the citizens for a short time, could improve the national quality of lifeand social aspect of living while building a stronger economy begins to make astand when the program is considered seriously.Merriam Webster dic
tionary defines conscription as the “compulsoryenrollment of persons especially for military service.”
But this does not limitconscription to military service. The emotion that comes with the term isimmediately what drives people to feel that it is a mandatory draft. In actualitythe program of conscription, if used properly, could be more effective than thetype of draft the United States has seen in its history.The drafts of the Vietnam era of United States history were based on alevel of fairness and randomness. They would use the social security systemnumber scheme to decide who would have to report for duty. The loopholes andescape routes for those not wishing to serve were many as well. By makingthese loopholes it ended up being an almost volunteer army because the peopleeither were willing to go but afraid to volunteer or too worried about theconsequences to turn it down. Very rarely did those who were drafted notwanting to contribute a part.
The Program
The process of mandatory conscription the United States could implementshould be a short term, beneficial, and mandatory process for all citizens. The
 Merriam Webster,
s.v. "Conscription," definition 1, http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/conscription (accessed May 5, 2009). 

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