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Published by anon-267963

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Published by: anon-267963 on Dec 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cunningham Ceren Utkanclass-708 12/10/08CindyA girl named Cindy,was a quiet girl.She really didn't have any friends.Her parents died. No one knew how.Cindy lives in a orphange with a lady named Maggie.Maggie was the sweetest lady. She really liked Cindy.One day Cindy was walking to school.She saw a necklace in the middle of the road.She went over and picked it up.It was a diamond!The color was purple,Cindy's favorite color.She puts it in her pocket.She was going to ask, if any body had lost it. After school, Cindy went to the police station.She explained to the police officer what had happened.She handed the necklace to him.The police officer was trying to get the necklace.He was pulling. It's like the necklace does not want to got to thepolice officer.It wanted Cindy! Then the necklace flew into Cindy's hands.The officer got shocked and said,''It's all yours kid''.Cindy was really shocked.It's like the necklace wanted her, or it belonged to her!While Cindy was walking to the orphange.She was going crazy. She ran to the orphange.She had told Maggie what had happened.Maggie was shocked. Maggie told,''let me see this necklace''.Maggie told Cindy that the necklace was her mothers.Cindy dropped the necklace. The necklace said,''ow''.Maggie picks up the necklace. Then Maggie said,'' This necklacereflects your mom's face.It's your mother in the necklace.
Cindy's mouth was wide open, when she saw her mom's face inthe necklace.Her mom had told Cindy that an evil witch,put her in this necklace.What about dad? He got turned into a book.He is in your book said Cindy's mom.Cindy runs into her room and starts to cry. Maggie goes to the bookshelf and looks for Cindy's father.Maggie finds him and leaves to Cindy's room. Cindy stops crying.Maggie asks,'' How are we going to fix this''?Cindy's mom said,'' In the forest there is a little house, get the recipebook, and be careful for that evil witch!The next day Maggie, and Cindy woke up. Got ready.They left Cindy's mom and dad on the bed.They started to walk and they see some little house!They started to walk near the house carefully.Maggie looks in the window. No one is in the house, and she sees thebook.They get the recipe book, and run out, but the witch stopped them.''Where do you think your going my pretty's'',said the witch.Maggie hit the witch in the head, and they both ran.When they got home they screamed,and were so happy.They had to make a bowl of the recipe. They did every thing onemore thing dead bugs!Cindy ran to the basement, and got some bugs.Cindy threw the bugs in. Maggie dipped in the necklace, and Cindy'smom became human and life size.Then they dipped in the book , and Cindy's dad became human andlife size too.Every thing was great in Cindy's life. Cindy is still shocked of her wierd past.Cindy moved back with her parents. Cindy was so happy.So just like every other fairy tale, even this one ends with A HappilyEver After.

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