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Towards 8th Issue

Towards 8th Issue

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Published by chandra

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Published by: chandra on Dec 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An effort by Stockyard in association with Mantra Consultancy Group
1st August 2008 Issue 8
   C   r   o   s   s   i   n   g   B   o   u   n   d   a   r   i   e   s
   t  o  w  a  r   d  s
 … .
A Business Magazine by Business Managers
 Good morning Friends!
You could be reading our 8
Issue in themorning, day-time, evening or even in night, so
you could ask…why is this Good Morning?
 It is because the message of our issue and ourdedication this fortnight is to all bright, strongand blooming forces those bring about a
change…..a big
change. From tamaso maa jyotirgamayah.
towards…light from darkness.
Dreams …
are the only things, we have been
talking in our past 7 issues…not only those 7
small, tiny steps but also our all endeavors havebeen solely motivated by those childishdreams.
But we believe…it is in
childhood, that most of the creativities
and inventions born…..those
were kids, who actually brought revolutions somany times on this planet and could create,whatever beautiful ,we see around. Elders,grown-ups and Knowledge-bearers, often oralmost always miss the chance.As you can guess from our cover-
dedication in this issue has been to
“crossing boundaries” 
What are these boundaries?
not just those political, social and digitalboundaries, it is also not the boundariesbetween haves and have-nots, neither is thisboundary between
nor of silly,stupid cultural taboo.
From Editor 
s Desk 
Or probably all of them, put
there isa divide deep within YOU, deep within
ME….deep inside all of US…..
And probably thisdivide gets reflected in whatever we do,whatever we say and however we act.It is the biggest boundary of human mindset,
that we are talking about……a divide that has not
existed through ages…but also has got
supremely strong deep within our psyche.This is the boundary of Thought, Conscience andof our belief in our own-self. Do we believeourselves, our abilities, our truth and mostimportant, do we feel, we are not just livingbeings but manifestation of supreme power andmost-sacred entities in the universe?
It doesn’t end here…..Wait a minute….why
am I saying this?
It is because ,in the same world, there are fewpeople, handful
of us….who are creating a big
difference not just in their lives but in the lives of many others, just by recognizing the truth thatthey are
why I am saying all this
,is just becausethere is a boundary between YOU & YOU,ME &
ME,US & US…….and it is the self who has to crossthe ocean…..a true sense of 
   t  o  w  a  r   d  s
 … .
….and you believe that your very coming on this blue planet has a very
purpose to be served…….
there are opportunities who are seekingopportunities to meet you
…so that you can transform those mereopportunities and chances…
It is not about a spiritual discourse, for what Iam saying is implying to something purelymechanical and material. There have been andthere are still few people, who couldunderstand this divide and crossed theboundary of self to transform there own as well
as society’s
Again to bring my point more explicit….
 There has always been a way to do business in
India…a society which runs on scarcity…in the
quota-licence raj of 80s.Here comes a petrol-pump attendant from some unknown village inGujarat, travelling all the way from Yaman toIndia, to set up a small business in a most
unfriendly and hostile environment……..He wasthe one who crossed the boundary….
 Here comes an Electrical Engineer fromsomewhere in developed USA to work in acompany along with his few colleagues in their20s or 30s.They left their 000s rupees job totake the most impossible task of setting an ITEmpire, when a handful would be knowing,what Computers are.Here comes a young Punjabi Boy of 23 years (orso..) with Rs 20,000 in his wallet to set up atelecom empire which after 20 years wouldbecome $ 50 billion company.Here comes, an unsuccessful steel merchantfrom Calcutta, running a rotten business of worth, may
be some lakhs…to venture into
most hostile environments of Far
eastcountries, just 20 years before to set up one of the most valued companies in theworld(Fortune 50) commanding more than 15%of global steel production.Here comes a common Indian, who went toLondon some 30 years ago for medicaltreatment of his daughter, who died in achronicle deasease.He stayed there and now is
UK’s 2
richest person after L.N.Mittal.Here also comes an average politician fromAndhra Pradesh and a common DU Professor,in early 90s to take up a challenge, although
silently….to chang
e the way this country thinks
and works….and we are seeing
the differencethose two individuals could create.
There are number of examples…number of exemplary individuals…from Mother Teresa to
Gandhi to Subhash, Bhagat
to Budhha
…toAbraham Lincoln….to….
Mohammad Yunus
…tomany many more people…whose
we do not remember……
 What is more important is their extremelyhumble beginning, their sheer passion andconviction, their
focus and their zeal …and they
could scale what was definitely impossible toachieve.
Why am I saying this to you?
Only because ,I see a possibility in each one
of you…and this is a very bright omen….a
mere push to the other side of boundary andhere we get one more shining star in thislittle more cloudy sky.Believe in you & you believe in God, who hascreated you
and you believe in your parentswho have been the most beautiful things in
your life…believe in you and you believe ineternity….and you believe that your very
coming on this blue planet has a very special
purpose to be served…….
there areopportunities who are seekingopportunities to meet you
so that you cantransform those mere opportunities and
chances…those subtle possibilities in realhappenings…grand happenings…..
And again …i repeat, why am I s
aying this toyou?You know
…why am i…..?
   t  o  w  a  r   d  s
 … .

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