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Bounty Hunter Blitz learnbountyhunting.com

Bounty Hunter Blitz learnbountyhunting.com

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Published by Mike Jones
Bounty hunting is a profession many people are interested in, but they don't know where to go to learn more. This book points those people in the right direction.
Bounty hunting is a profession many people are interested in, but they don't know where to go to learn more. This book points those people in the right direction.

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Published by: Mike Jones on Apr 15, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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When you watch the Bounty Hunting shows on Television, you may begin to wonderhow to become one. The excitement, the fun, and the money all seem very appealing.The celebrity status is also something that really pulls people in.I wrote t
his course to take the “glitter and lights” from your eyes, and really show you
what being a bounty hunter is about, how you can become one, and how you can makea lot of money as one!This course covers an overview of Bounty Hunting and how it really works. I wont
pretend to have all the answers here, but I will give you just the “meat” information you
need to get started with a high profit career as a bounty hunter.If you love the thrill of the chase, Bounty Hunting will be perfect for you. There is a lot ofmoney to be made in Bounty Hunting if you train and continue to learn what is involvedin this profession.Understanding and obtaining every tool possible will help you do your job and will aidein the investigations that you successfully do.
It’s all about the bottom line, and that always comes down to money!
So, let’s get started…
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Bondsmen hire independent contractors or bounty hunters to return a criminal back tocourt. Most police departments do not have time to follow up on all criminals who do notshow up in court. There is always a new batch of criminals to arrest. For their skill andexpertise at returning the criminal, they receive a percentage of the bail.Bounty hunters train to be able to basically trick the criminal, so they can obtain themand collect their
” for doing so. They have various ways to catch
theirsubjects off guard. They use a technique called skip tracing using the computer andmany other technologies
to find the criminal’s loca
Bounty hunters are very streetsavvy
and resourceful. They know what questions to ask and where to go to getinformation on locating the fleeing criminal.You will find that most Bounty Hunters say their intuition is the key to their success, andthat is a very true statement. Good people skills are always necessary to find outinformation from other people, to catch your criminal. Some of the people you come incontact with may not be very forthcoming with information, however, a good bountyhunter can get information out of just about anyone. You have to use common sensewhen trying to find the criminal without giving it away that you are looking for someone.Bounty Hunters can be very crafty. Always remember that your reputation will help yougo far.
Treat everyone well, and as if you’ll need them in the future. Burning bridges issomething you’ll want to do only when you absolutely have to.Let’s talk a little bit about running into violence as a bounty hunter.
On TV when you watch any bounty hunting show violence is something that sometimes
can’t be avoided. So you must understand that v
iolence is a possibility within the scopeof your position as a bounty hunter, but it should only be used as a last resort when selfdefense is needed.Let
’s face it, being a bounty hunter 
is a dangerous career to be in. There are manythings within the job that cannot be controlled, so expect the unexpected. Once thecriminal is detained by you as the Bounty Hunter, you must be able to talk with him.The trip back to turn your criminal in can calm a crazy situation down if you use your
people skills. It’s your job to get the criminal. You know that and so does the criminal.
Chapter 1: The BountyHunter Overview

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