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Celebrity Lecture Agency-fs



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Published by Amit

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Published by: Amit on Dec 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Revision 1.2October 14, 2008
for the development of the Celebrity LectureAgency Web Site
1 Overview
Celebrity Lecture Agency (CLA) is a database-driven web site that allows users toreserve guest celebrity speakers for their event or function. The site lists a fewhundred celebrities – each categorized by their background (for example, sports,movies, politics, business, etc) – and users can browse through this list and add oneor more celebrities to their interest list. Once users have selected their celebrities of interest, they can submit an inquiry – which takes theinterest list – together with basic user information (name, address, phone number, e-mail, and date of event) and sends out an e-mail to the site owner. The site ownerthen takes over and makes contact with the user – letting them know the detailedpricing and availability. Much of the process relies on the site owner to complete thetransaction – and even though it would be ideal to automate this process, we need tomanually inquire as to the price and availability for each celebrity.
2 Design
 The CLA site is based off a commercial template design that has already beenpurchased. The template contains Adobe Photoshop files, functional HTML, graphics,and CSS. The first step is to create reusable PHP snippets for the header and footer and then each page should simply involve creating central part of the page andembedding it within the header and footer. There are a number of pages that makeup the CLA web site. These include:
User Pages:
• Home• About Us• Contact Us• Policies• Full Roster• Browse / Search Celebrities• Celebrity Results• Celebrity Details• View Interest List• Delete from Interest List• Submit Inquiry
Administration Pages:
• Administration Login• Administration Create New Celebrity• Administration Edit Existing Celebrity• Administration Delete Celebrity• Administration View Inquiries List• Administration View Inquiry Details• Administration Edit Inquiry• Administration Delete InquiryEven though there are more administration pages than user pages, it is expected thatthe administrationsection should be simple and far less time consuming to put together than the user-facing site.Each of the pages is discussed in detail below:
2.1 Home
 The Home page is a simple information page that contains introductory text (to besupplied by the site owner) as well as links to the most common functionality –including the search / browse, view interest list, and full roster (as part of the toptoolbar – displayed on every page). The home page displays two rows of randomly-featured celebrity speakers (based onthe isfeatured attribute stored in the celebrity table). Each time the home page is loaded, auniqueset of featured speakers is displayed. Only the large thumbnail – together with thecelebrity name – will be displayed. Clicking on this thumbnail will take the user to theCelebrity Details page. On the left side is a Quick Links drop-down containing all thecurrent celebrities (only those that are set to active) – displayed by order of lastname. Selecting a celebrity from the drop-down list will take the user to the CelebrityDetails page.Below the Quick Links drop-down is a hard-coded list of the four or five topcategories. Clicking on this link simply takes the user to the Browse Celebrity Pageand pre-populates the category with the appropriate category name. Clicking theView All Categories link will have the exact same effect as clicking on the Celebritiesbutton at the top of the page: The Browse Celebrity Page will be displayed with allcategories selected – allowing the user to initiate a search by clicking the Go button.

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