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Published by Amit

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Published by: Amit on Dec 14, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Requirements for Celebrity Lecture Agency Web Site1.User Pages:
 Template containing simple information (containing introductory text)should be viewable.
Links to the most common functionality should be provided (Search /Browse, View Interest List, Full Roster.
 Two rows of randomly-featured celebrity speakers should be viewable(Should Display Celebrities Only if the IS FEATURED is ENABLED.)
Each time the home page is loaded, a unique set of featured speakersshould be displayed (Only the large thumbnail along with name).
Clicking on the thumbnail it should take the user to the CelebrityDetails page.
On the left side of the page a Quick Links drop-down containing all thecurrent celebrities should be provided (only those that are set toactive) – displayed by order of last name.
Selecting a celebrity from the drop-down list should take the user tothe Celebrity Details page.
Below the Quick Links drop-down there should be a hard-coded list of the four or five top categories.
Clicking on this link it should simply take the user to the BrowseCelebrity Page and pre-populate the category with the appropriatecategory name.
Clicking the View All Categories link should have the exact same effectas clicking on the Celebrities button at the top of the page. (TheBrowse Celebrity Page should be displayed with all categories selected– allowing the user to initiate a search by clicking the Go button)
About Us:
 Template containing simple information (containing information aboutthe company) should be viewable.NOTE: A blank template page (containing the header, footer, and pagetitle) –so that the user can insert the appropriate text.
Contact Us:
Should allow users to submit a question to the company. (simplequestions about the site)
It should b similar page to Submit Inquiry, but should not involve aninterest list.
 The results of this page should be posted as an e-mail. (one copyshould be sent to the site owner, while another copy should be sent tothe user submitting the inquiry)
Fields that should be displayed are:First NameLast NameOrganization NameMailing Address 1Mailing Address 2CityStateZipEmailPhone Number• Question / Comment (this is a textarea)
 The First Name, Last Name, Email, and Question / Comment Should beMandatory.
Should NOT be stored in the database. (Only an e-mail should be sentto the site owner)
 Template containing simple information (containing information aboutthe polices of the company) should be viewable.NOTE: A blank template page (containing the header, footer, and pagetitle) –so that the user can insert the appropriate text.
Full Roster:
Should show a list of all the active celebrities on the site. (ordered bylast name)
Page should show a small thumbnail together with the name.
By clicking the name or the thumbnail it should allow the user to go tothe Celebrity Details page.
Categories, overview text, or any other information should not bedisplayed. (ONLY Thumbnail and name)
Browse/Search Celebrities:
 This page should allow users to narrow down the list of all celebritiesby specifying a combination of categories, attributes, and search text.
When this page is initially loaded, no search results should bedisplayed.
As soon as the user specifies one or more fields, the list of searchresults should be retrieved.
A category widget should be displayed to the left of the search results.(shows the hierarchical list of categories – together with the number of celebrities categorized in each category.
Users may click on any category to retrieve all celebrities for thatspecific category.
Clicking on the left category shortcut link should have the exact sameeffect as selecting the desired category from the drop down list.
Users should also be able to narrow down the results even further byselecting other options from the drop-down lists.
 The page should initially display with no search results (as it is adatabase-intensive function to retrieve every celebrity every time thispage is loaded)
If a user clicks the Go button without narrowing down any options, allthe celebrities should be returned on the page. (even if it takes a fewseconds to retrieve from the database)
Celebrity Results:
 The Celebrity Results should be listed one per line (with an 80px x80px thumbnail shown to the left of the row, celebrity name, tagline,overview text, category, and gender)
 The overview text should be truncated at 200 characters and anellipsis (…) should be shown instead.
A number of action buttons should be available to the right of thecelebrity record.
A user should be able to view the celebrity details by either clicking onthe thumbnail or the action icon on the right.
 The user should be able to add the celebrity to their interest list byclicking the respective icon. (Using Action Button)
If a celebrity has already been added to the interest list, the usershould be allowed to remove the celebrity by clicking the remove icon(should be shown in the middle row above).
Celebrity Details:
 The Celebrity Details page should show all the information that isavailable for a particular celebrity. (full size image, biography,overview, speaker demographics, and categories under which thespeaker is classified)
 Two action buttons should be present on the page, allowing the user toadd the celebrity to the interest list.
A one-click inquiry to add the celebrity to the interest list and set up aninquiry for the particular celebrity should also be provided.
View Interest List:
 The interest list should be similar to a shopping cart (simple format).
It should simply be a collection of celebrity ids (no particular order)that should be bundled together with the inquiry when submitted by auser.
When a user selects to view the interest list, it should list thecelebrities, one per line.
Delete From Interest List:
In the VIEW INTEREST LIST itself there should be a delete icon to theright of the celebrity name (allowing the user to remove any names off the list prior to submitting it).
Submit Inquiry.
 The submit inquiry feature should be a single page that should showthe interest list at the top, followed by a standard form, providing aplace for the user to enter their information.
Fields that should be displayed and available on the page:First name*Last name*Email address*Company Name*Mailing AddressPhone number• Type of number (drop-down of Work, Home, Cell)• Tentative date(s) of the event (Text Area, containing)• Comments

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