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Mr Bean Animated List

Mr Bean Animated List

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Published by Tang Kit Liang

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Published by: Tang Kit Liang on Apr 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Season 1 had a total of 16 episodes, and began broadcasting in January 2002. It had a regular Saturday night prime-time slot onITV1. However, the final two episodes were delayed for several weeks due to schedule changes.
Episode #TitleOriginal air date
In The Wild
"January 5, 2002Mr. Bean heads out on a camping trip. His knowledge of wild animals proves less than worthy.2"
Missing Teddy
"January 5, 2002Teddy is stolen by burglars and Mr. Bean seeks the culprits out. The bears are transformed to bunny bears and Bean came up plan to rescue themall.3"
Artful Bean
"January 12, 2002Mr. Bean decides to become an artist after he receives inspiration from amateur art. 4"
The Fly
"January 12, 2002Mr. Bean becomes irritated chases a destructive fly through the house. 5"
No Parking
"January 19, 2002Mr. Bean's tries to find a parking spot so that he can watch a new movie with little success. 6"
Bean's Bounty
"January 19, 2002Mr. Bean believes he has struck gold when he discovers buried treasure on a mining site, with a group of thieves intending to steal it from him.7"
Mime Games
"January 26, 2002A mime artist takes a shine to Mr. Bean when the pair meet in the local park. 8"
"January 26, 2002Mr. Bean decides it is time for a spring clean.
No Pets
"February 3, 2002Mr. Bean wants to buy a new pet for himself, despite the protests of Mrs. Wicket who wouldn't allow any pet other than Scrapper.10"
Ray Of Sunshine
"February 3, 2002Mr. Bean struggles to maintain the only ray of sunshine on a  beach for himself. 11"
Birthday Bear
"February 10, 2002It is Teddy's  birthday,and Bean decides to give him a treat. 12"
The Mole
"February 10, 2002Mrs. Wicket orders Mr. Bean to intervene when a moleinterrupts her game of croquet on the lawn. 13"
"February 17, 2002Roadworks outside of Mr. Bean's flat cause him grief, and so he goes to stop the road workers. 14"
The Sofa
"February 17, 2002When Mr. Bean's sofabecomes old and worn, he decides to purchase a new one. 15"
"March 26, 2002Mr. Bean decides to fake an accident in order to get perks from the hospital.  16"
Dead Cat
"March 26, 2002Mr. Bean accidentally causes Scrapper to go missing, so he tries to find a replacement cat before Mrs. Wicket finds out.
Season 2 (2003)
Season 2 also had a total of 16 episodes, and was broadcast in early 2003. It was the last series to be given a prime-time saturdayslot.
Episode #TitleOriginal air date
1 (17)"
Gadget Kid
"February 16, 2003Mr. Bean meets and befriends a young, naughty and smart Japanese boy with the latest technological gadgets at a museum.2 (18)"
The Visitor
"February 16, 2003An old friend and former kindergarten classmate of Mr. Bean's named Harry ruins a visit when he eats all of his food.3 (19)"
Royal Bean
"February 23, 2003Mr. Bean saves the Queen's dog while trying to replace a mug, and is knighted and given a new one.4 (20)"
Young Bean
"February 23, 2003Mr. Bean begins to reminisce about his childhood adventures after hiding in the attic from Mrs. Wicket.5 (21)"
"March 1, 2003Mr. Bean tries training a goldfish in order to break a record.6 (22)"
"March 1, 2003When Mr. Bean receives a visit from a rich inventor, it inspires him to start inventing so he can impress Mrs. Wicket.7 (23)"
Car Trouble
"March 8, 2003When Mr. Bean's mini breaks down, he attempts to find other methods of transport to get to an important event by getting a hot air balloon.8 (24)"
"March 8, 2003Mr. Bean eats at a restaurant also being dined at by a group of irritating celebrities both then he gets another crush on one of the celebrities then hegets kissed.

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