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_Drone Home_coredocument

_Drone Home_coredocument

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Published by Eira_Boomslang

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Published by: Eira_Boomslang on Apr 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Drone Home
In the post-Apocalyptic future, diseased monsters roam the ravaged world, leaving humans to hide in the light, fighting day by day just to survive.
Many years ago, the air grew denser, blackened bythe waste of humanity, and the earth grew cold as thesunlight was diverted.The world began to die.Scientists found a way to rejuvenate the world;leaving the powers in charge of selecting those whowould carry on the new world, ushering those luckysouls into underground bunkers. The rest of humanity
the rest of the world
was left without a chance,facing impending death.The bombs went off; sending the world rocketinginto new orbit; and filling the air with things long-buried in the earth, as cleansing robots wereunleashed. There is no record of what happened tothe earth above for an entire generation.Drone Home is meant to be played as a LARPgame
a Live Action Role Playing game. Players willplay the roles of characters that have lived in largeunderground bunkers their entire lives; and never sawthe Earth above before the change. They knew theworld only by what their dying parents told them, andwhat they were shown in books and on televisions.As this is a LARP, players are encouraged to dressin costume. They will be walking around and talking incharacter, and acting out what their character does.Characters have been sent away from theirBunkers to try to establish new homes away fromhome; building new bunkers; start new groups. Scoutsfrom each bunker have accidently picked the samelocation, which has led to all three groups arriving atthe same location: one that is filled with resourcesand potential. How will the three groups fair, workingin such close quarters?
What you need to run the game
Players and GM (Game Master)
To play this game, you will need at least one GMto run the game. Ideally, there would be three GMs,one for each group. The game should run with aminimum of 9 players, three for each group. There isno upper cap.
Play Area
The size of the area needs to be big enough toinclude at least three separate areas for Lanterns, anda space for building bunkers. The space should belarge enough, and have enough obstacles to obscurethe view, so that characters may deal in private.Ideally, the play area will be a space which one canturn off the light, so there can be a sense of a nightcycle. If not, then the space needs to be small enoughfor all players to hear the GM announce differentcycles.
Props and Costuming
While Props and Costuming are not required torun the game, they certainly help to set the mood.The GM is encouraged to provide a prop for everyitem card in the game: tents and canopies make forgood bunkers. The GM should also encourage theplayers to dress as their characters would.
Locations and Special ItemsLanterns
Lanterns must be fueled each cycle they will beused, one fuel per person who stays within the safetyof the Lantern. They may only protect five people percycle: anyone else who wants in is out of luck.
Bunkers vary in size: tiny bunkers may hold ten,while small bunkers may hold twenty; larger can holdupwards of thirty, and generally will not be used inthese games.Bunkers require no fuel to protect the peopleinside, but will require fuel to activate otherproperties, such as growing, cleansing, or cookingfood.
Devices are created by characters to help themgain food, water, or other special items, or to allowother special effects. Devices must be created, andcan be torn apart for scrap. They are either working ornot working; damaging a device (including lanterns,excluding bunkers) takes about 5 minutes unhinderedwith the device: reducing it to its original parts takes 1cycle alone with the device.
Scavenging Area
There should be at least one location set aside forcharacters to use their skills to scavenge for food,water, and scrap. These areas should be set a little bitaway from the regular play area.
The GM should decide which cycles to use andhow long each cycle lasts: there are day cycles, nightcycles, and bright cycles. Day cycles allow players tomove around freely, and do what they will. Duringnight cycles, the diseased and the deranged come outto hunt those who have stayed out in the dark.Characters that are not protected by a Lantern orBunker, or by the metal skin of being a cyborg, will bedragged off into the night and eaten alive; and anydevices left out in the open may suffer damage. Brightcycles are when the sunlight breaks through theatmosphere and scorches the earth, causing 2 damageto anyone left unprotected by Lanterns or Bunkers.
The system is meant to be quick and easy to use,with combat meant to be deadly. Everything runs off rock-paper-scissors: anytime you need to resolve aconflict that cannot be role-played out, you will resortto rock-paper-scissors. This is referred to as achallenge. If you win, then you do what you wereintending to do. If you lose, then your opponent stops
you. If you tie, then you’ll need to get creative, as you
both win. Skills help supplement this system.
Character Creation
At the start of the game, players will be sorted intodifferent groups, Each character starts off with 3 food,3 water, and 3 fuel, as well as 5 Humanity. It is up tothe player to decide if they will spend thei
r character’s
Humanity to gain additional points to spend on theircharacter to gain additional skills or expendables.Each of the three groups is assigned the sameamount of points (10 + 5 * the number of people inthe largest group), which the group decides how tospend. Skills cost 1 point for Minor and 2 for Major,and are given to one character and cannot betransferred. Expendable items cost 2 for 1 point (andyou must buy them in 2s), and can be traded freely.
Skills are listed as Minor and Major; and each hasdifferent effects, based on what they are. If you donot have a skill, then you cannot use it; and skills arenot something you can give away: when you start the
game, either you have the skill or you don’t. If you die,
then that skill is gone.
All characters start with 5 Humanity: with this iswill receive or choose 5 Humanity cards, which dictatehuman feelings they have for other characters (theplayer chooses the characters to direct the cardstoward). Every point lost means the character losesone of their Humanity cards, and instead gains a Feralcard.Humanity and Feral cards have special rules thatmust be followed.
Expendables are things that your character can
run out of, and they’re all things you need to survive
and continue to survive.
Your character must eat day each night cycle tosurvive: you turn in one food card to the GM torepresent this. If you cannot eat, then you lose onepoint of Humanity.Food comes in three types: Cleansed, whichmeans it is safe to eat; Uncleansed, which means it
may be safe to eat; and Dirty, which means it’s
probably not safe to eat.
Your character must drink water each day cycle tosurvive: you turn in one water card to the GM torepresent this. If you cannot drink, then you lose onepoint of Health.Water comes in three types: Cleansed, whichmeans it is safe to drink; Uncleansed, which means it
may be safe to drink; and Dirty, which means it’s
probably not safe to drink.
Nectar, when ingested, gives the character oneHumanity; provided the character is human.
Scrap is used to create new devices or repairdevices that are not working. You can find it scatteredabout.
For characters who can use guns and similarweapons, Ammo is a must. Characters with Ammo willreceive Ammo cards, which must be torn in half withevery shot.
Fuel is used to run Lanterns and Bunkers.Characters with Fuel will receive Fuel cards, whichmust be torn in half when used.
Health and Disease
All characters start with five points of Health.
When a Character is out of Health, they’re dead.
Characters can lose health by being left unprotectedin a bright cycle, or by being attacked by othercharacters. Those caught in a night cycles tend to dievery quickly.Ingesting uncleansed or contaminated food orwater can give you a disease. Diseases progress eachstage by Day cycles. You start at stage 1, and remainthere through your first day cycle. The second daycycle, you advance to stage 2. You advance to stage 3on your third day cycle, and after the fourth day cycle,the disease is incurable, for those that will apply to.
The Mystics are groups whose bunkers lay closest
to ground zero, and it’s said the radiation granted
them strange powers
at a price. You can tell the
Mystics by their appearance, for they look different…
mutated.They grew up on the stories of the world theywere from. They gardened, were read to, and learnedmystical rituals.
Techies grew up in bunkers rich with gadgets anddevices, and learned of the world through movies,
games, and music. They’re skilled in working with all
things mechanical, and can make the most use out of Lanterns, Bunkers, and other devices that may befound along the way.They take their tech with them, and many havehad parts of it implanted into their person, makingthem look like part-machine.
The Brutes are just that: Brutes. Their bunkerswere barren and empty, and tensions flew high astime dragged on with little to occupy them. Brutes arebest known for taking what they want, or offeringtheir protective services in exchange for expendables.
Monsters are the things that lurk in the dark, andloathe touching the light. During the night cycles, theyswarm out of hidden places with blinding speed,searching for anything at all to eat. They tear intoanything fleshy, devouring it in minutes.Some say it is possible to communicate with the
Monsters, that they’re all humans who simply got lost.It’s not recommended to try though, as they make
even the toughest Brute look like a helpless child.

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