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Published by Renuka Pawar

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Published by: Renuka Pawar on Apr 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Mumbai University wants you to help design a star schema to record grades for course completedby students. There are four dimensional tables namely course_section, professor, student, period withattributes as follows :Course_section Attributes: Course_ld. Section_number. Course_name, Units, Room id, Roomcapacity.During a given semester the college otters an average of 500 course sectionsProfessor Attributes: Prof_id, Prof_Name, Title, Department_id, department_nameStudent Attributes: Student_id, Student_name, Major. Each Course section has an average of 60studentsPeriod Attributes: Semester_id, Year. The database will contain Data for 30 months periods. The onlyfact that is to be recorded in the fact table is course GradeAnswer the following Questions(a)
Design the star schema for this problem(b)
Estimate the number of rows in the fact table, using the assumptions stated above and alsoestimate the total size of the fact table(in bytes) assuming that each field has an average of 5bytes.(c)
Can you convert this star schema to a snowflake schema? Justify your answer and design asnowflake if it is possible.Solution :a)
Star SchemaPeriod_DimSemester_idYearCourse_Section_DimCourse_idSection_noCourse_nameUnitsRoom_idRoom_capacityCourse_GradesCourse_idSemester_idStudent_idProof_idGradeProfessor_DimProf_idProf_nameTitleDepartment_idDepartment_nameStudent_DimStudent_idStudent_nameMajor
Total Courses Conducted by university = 500Each Course has average students = 60University stores data for 30 monthsTotal Student in University for all courses in 30 months = 500*60= 30000Time Dimension = 30 months = 5 Semesters (Assume 1 semester = 6 months)Now, Number of rows of fact table = 30000*5 = 150000 (one student has 5 grades for 5semesters)Total size of fact table=no. of rows *size per row1 row contain 5 fields.Since as given each field takes 5 bytes on averageTherefore size of one row=5*5=25 bytesTotal size of fact table=150000 *25=37500000 bytes

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