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Young Talk April-May 2012

Young Talk April-May 2012

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Many young talkers are asking questions about ARVs.ARVs stand for Antiretroviral drugs. ARVs help people with HIV to live longer healthier lives. About 1.2 million
people in Uganda have HIV. Of these, 150,000 are children but only 26,000 children are on ARVs.
Many young talkers are asking questions about ARVs.ARVs stand for Antiretroviral drugs. ARVs help people with HIV to live longer healthier lives. About 1.2 million
people in Uganda have HIV. Of these, 150,000 are children but only 26,000 children are on ARVs.

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Published by: Straight Talk Foundation on Apr 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Many young talkers areasking questions aboutARVs.
stand forAntiretroviral drugs. ARVshelp people with HIVto live longer healthierlives. About 1.2 millionpeople in Uganda have HIV. Ofthese, 150,000 are children butonly 26,000 children are onARVs.
Does circumcisionprevent HIV 
? Amos Okello,Ngora PS
Safe male circumcisioncan only reduce the chances of  getting HIV by only 60%.However itdoes not mean thatcircumcised boys/mencan not get HIV. They can get HIV if they have unprotectedsex with aninfectedperson.
 Young Talk, April - May 2012
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Sex Education for primary schools
Know your rightsStay in schoolSay No to sex
 For  Teachers
Dr Zainab Akol,
Ministry of Health, says:
“Support children who areliving with HIV to accept their condition. Talk to their parents so that you know how to helpthe child. Stop other children from makingchildren with HIV feel bad. Tell them that thosechildren are just like any other person. Helpthose who want to disclose by planning withtheir parents or guardians for better ways ofdisclosure and good timing. Disclosure helpsto reduce new infections.”
 AR Vs do no t cure HI V bu t help a person  wi th HI V s ta y s trong.
Pupils of Owere PS,Nebbi say: Avoiddrinking alcohol.Stay safe.
Young Talk is for pupils in primary 5, 6 and 7
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In this issue of YoungTalk, Dr Sabrina Kitakafrom Mulago Hospital andDr Stephen Watiti fromMildmay answer yourquestions on ARVs.
Why do we use ARVs?
Irene Kezi, Ikulwe PS, Mayugeasks:
ARVs help the body of a personwith HIV to stay strong
so it can fightinfections and illness
. They reduce
thenumber of HIV in the blood. Thishelps a person living with HIV livelonger.
Does it mean that if  you take ARVs withoutmissing for many years you can getcured of HIV?
 AsaraGlady, Ediofe Girls PS, Arua
even after using them for along time. They only improve onthe health of a person with HIV. You will still test positive evenafter many years of taking ARVs.
 When all the testsare finished, you willbe given ARVs. Someother people may be given only Septrin
 Young Talk, April - May 2012
 Apart from improving lives of people with HIV, ARVs can be usedfor other reasons as Dr Kitakaexplains. Read on!
 Atoo Susan, Lira PS,asks:Can a motherwho is on ARVs pro-duce a negative baby?
 Yes, ARVs reduce theamount of virus in the bloodof mothers who have HIV.This reduces the chances ofthe baby getting infected bythe mother. When a mothergets tested, takes ARVs andfeeds well, she can protecther unborn baby fromgetting HIV. Most childrenget HIV from mothersduring pregnancy, child birth andbreastfeeding. Young Talkers, encourage your parents, guardiansand neighbours to visit a health centre and test forHIV before they get pregnant. This will stop morechildren from getting HIV. At the health centre,they will be advised on how to get babies whodo not have HIV.
Masiko James, Walukuba PS, Jinjaasks,
Why do some people haveswollen chics after taking ARVs?
Dear James, ARVS cause some changes ormake some people feel bad when they starttaking them. For example, they may get
Dry mouth 
Skin rash 
Hair loss 
Bad dreams
Tired easily or feel sleepyDiscuss with your doctor if you see any ofthese changes so that you are advised onwhat to do about them.
Dr Watiti Stephen from MildmayCentre says: “Y
ou can reduce changescaused by ARVs by eating food before you takeyour medicine, drinking a lot of water or juice.”
ARS protect babies rom HI
Get tested for HIV
If you have HIV, youcan live longer:
Talk to a doctor to adviseyou on how to live
oin a group of youngpeople with HIV for help
Go to the hospitalwhenever you do not feelwell.
Take your ARVs everyday.
Sleep under a treatedmosquito net to avoidmalaria
Drink clean boiled waterto avoid infections
Eat a balanced diet
Delay sex untill youcomplete school
Do exercises
Many people do not know whether they have HIV or not. This is very dangerous. Test so you can start treatment early if you have HIV. If you do not have HIV,you will be advised on how to continue staying safe.
Okot Bashir, LowerNsooba PS, Kampala,says value yourself.Dr. SabrinaKitaka
If you have HIV, more tests will be done to seeif you need ARVs. If youdo not have HIV, you willbe advised on how tocontinue staying safe
 After you have been talked to, you will besent for a blood test.
Government Health Centres
Gulu Youth Centre
Naguru Teenage Centre
Aids Information Centres
Uganda Cares
Kitgum Youth Centre
If you think that youhave HIV, ask your par-ent or guardian to take you to the health centre.
 At the healthcentre, you willbe talked to.
 Young Talk, April - May 2012
Not everyone who has HIV is given ARVs. Ifyour body is still strong to fight infections, you will be givenSeptrin. Septrin protects the body from cough, malaria,diarrhoea, infections of the chest and reduces the chances ofgetting pneumonia. People on ARVs are also given septrin. 
Sometimes, ARVs are given topeople who have no HIV in orderto protect them from the virus.For example if you are defiled orraped, and health workers whoaccidently pierce themselveswhile working on peoplewith HIV and those who getaccidents. This is called PEP
PEP prevents ONLY thosewithout HIV from getting thevirus. It is given to both boysand girls
Awekonimungu James, incharge, Pakwach healthcenter 111 says:
"Missingto take your medicinemakes your body weak andmore infections can attack you.”
Josephine NabukenyaTumusiime was born withHIV. She is 18 years andsays,
"Sometimes I feellike not taking them, but Iknow I would be reducingyears from my life. So, evenif I vomit, I have no choicebut to take my medicine asinstructed by doctors.’’
PEP can save you from HIV
PEP will only work if you takeit within three days from thetime you are raped, defiled orget an accident. The earlieryou get PEP, the better. Firstget PEP before you report thecase to police. PEP is found atall health centres and hospitalsthat have ARVs. If you aregetting PEP, you will get ARVsfor some time then they willbe stopped. Girls will also begiven medicine to preventpregnancy.Do not feel bad about takingARVs. They make you:
Look healthy
Grow to be an adult
Not to fall sick and missschool 
 You can avoid missing yourARVs by:
Asking friends you trustto remind you to take yourmedicine at the right time.
Having an alarm clock or awatch to remind yo
Placing ARVs in a placewhere you always see themand can be reminded.
When you start taking ARVs, do not stop
If you have HIV, learn to live with it.Avoid self pity. Do not blame yourselfor your parents. No parent wants theirchild to have HIV but because manypeople do not know if they have HIV,they end up infecting their children.Learn more about the virus andways to live longer with it. Take yourmedicine as advised by the doctor.Avoid early sex.
Accept your condition
 Arua Hill PS andDadira PS, Busia.
 S  T A  R  S C H O O L
We received over kk150letters from theseschools. You win afootball andnetball
ARVs are taken by peoplewith HIV every day for the rest of their life.
 Young Talkers of AruaHill PS are happy to bepart of Young Talk 

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