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Jacket Fic

Jacket Fic

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Published by Brandy

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Published by: Brandy on Dec 15, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A/N: Well, here’s my piece for the LOST Secret Santa! This is for Northern Sky! Hopeyou enjoy!
The music was upbeat, and extremely loud as Jack downed what had to be histhird shot in less than five minutes. Everything to him was blurred, and very hard toconcentrate on – it was a wonder that he was actually hitting his mouth whenever he took a drink.“Sir, I think you’ve had enough for one night.” The bartender said when jack asked for another shot of whatever he had been drinking – he didn’t rightly know, but ittasted good and numbed everything. He liked being numb – it made him forget. Forgeteverything about the island, and everything he had left behind. At least until he woke upthe next morning. Then all the memories would come back, as would a poundingheadache.“I-I’ll t…tell you when I have had enough.” Jack muttered. “Now get – get meanother one!”“I’m sorry sir, but I’m cutting you off.”Jack got to his feet angrily, sending his empty glass flying to the floor where itshattered into thousands of tiny pieces. Nobody around him seemed to notice – not evenhe noticed, until his face met the floor. He had hit the ground, too drunk to stand upstraight or even yell at the bartender for cutting him off for drinks.“My – being back in the real world hasn’t been too good for you, has it Jack?”He looked up, or at least attempted to. But it was dark, and hard to focus as herolled over on his side, slight bits of glass stuck to his face and burning slightly as theycut into his skin.“Come on – lets get you some fresh air and get you cleaned up.” The voice saidand a soft, warm, hand grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet, where he could barelystand.With ease, Juliet Burke placed his arm around her shoulders and began to helphim toward the exit.As they passed under the lamp that lit up the entrance to the bar, Jack finally got agood look at her face, and nearly stumbled in shock.“J…Juliet? What are you-you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be, back on thatisland?” He asked, his words slurring slightly. She just smiled and helped him to his car – how she knew which was his, he never would have guessed. She was prettier than whathe had seen her before – her hair fell around her shoulders, haloing her face. She wore awhite sweater dress, and reminded Jack of an angel, almost. She settled him into the passenger’s seat like a child, making sure he was buckled up safely. She had somehowgotten his keys out of his pocket and was now sliding into the driver’s seat, starting theengine.“Answer my question.” Jack stated as they soon were zooming down the highwaysilently toward his apartment – she knew where he lived? “How are you here?”“You don’t honestly want to know, Jack.” Juliet replied to him, in an almost bitter tone. But it was quickly replaced with one of softness. “You don’t need to know, is what Imean. It’s better if you don’t.”
“But if…-if you’re off, what a-about the others?”Slowly, she shook her head as she concentrated on the road in front of her – having not driven a car for three years, Jack was impressed she wasn’t speeding like amad-demon down the street. He fell silent, his head already beginning to get a headache built up. He tried to focus on the fact that he had small droplets of blood rolling down hischeek from where he had landed in the smashed bits of glass when he had fallen. He pressed his hand to his cheek and winced.“Don’t do that, you’ll make it worse.” Juliet said quietly, suddenly at his door. Hehadn’t realized they had reached his apartment. She helped him out and up the stairs, intothe mess he called an apartment. Shutting the door with her foot, she helped him over tothe couch and let him sit down as she wandered silently into the bathroom down the hall.He moved in an out of an unconscious state, the alcohol in his system taking its effect.But Juliet soon returned, a glass of water in one hand, a washcloth and tweezers inthe other. She set them down on the coffee table and sat on the couch next to him.“Are you going to be a good patient so I can get the bits of glass out?”He nodded and she smiled.“Good.”They sat in silence for a moment; the only sound was when the small bits of glasshit the table as Juliet pulled them out, one by one.“Jack, I have to admit, I’m not here just to rescue you from giving yourself alcohol poisoning.” She said quietly after a moment. He sighed – there was alwayssomething.He gestured for her to continue as he winced as another piece of glass wasdislodged from his cheek.“I’m here to tell you that you have to come back Jack. To the island. Save us.”Juliet said, and set the tweezers down, picking up the washcloth and dipping it in thewater, pressing it to his cheek to get rid of the extra blood.“But you’re already off the Island.” He pointed out, his eyes closed at thecoldness of the washcloth upon his flushed skin. She chuckled ever so slightly, andglanced to the corner, where he had set up a Christmas tree – it was a bit ragged looking, but none the less it was a Christmas tree. She smiled slightly – she had missed Christmas.But she focused her attention back on Jack.“I think it’s time you went to bed, Jack. After all, it’s Christmas Eve and youhaven’t slept in days.”“How’d you know that, Juliet?”She just smiled and pushed him back down on the couch, tucking one of the pillows under his head. He mumbled something unintelligible, but was asleep inmoments. Juliet smiled and tossed a blanket over him and took one last look at the tree, before she seemed to disappear into thin air.XJack jerked up, the blanket covering him falling to the floor as he fumbled to get itoff of him. He ran a hand over his face, his head splitting with a headache. He sighed andmanaged to get to his feet, moving in the general direction of the bathroom. He downed

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