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Aaron s Final PitchLeahPeerReviewed

Aaron s Final PitchLeahPeerReviewed

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Published by acrumble46

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Published by: acrumble46 on Apr 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Imagine a world in which the illuminati have played a role in killing the leader of the free
world, wait just a minute, this isn’t 2020 I’m talking about November of 
1963. The John F.Kennedy assassination tainted by the hands of the Illuminati. This is a major idea that manypeople do not even consider as a possibility. This idea of supreme conspiracy would raiseeyebrows across the country, if not the world. This idea could evolve into a New York Timesbest seller, a USA Today Top 100 book and
most definitely could end up in Oprah’s book club
list. It was the perfect time for an assassination because of all of the political and social strife that
occurred in the 1950’s and
.The initial driving force for my product was my interest in conspiracy theories. It justseems like so many ideas, and concepts are hidden from the public eye and it really should makeyou question what all is in fact kept from
you. There are many high tier conspiracies in which
many agree something isn’t right, y
et many cannot agree on exactly what happened. In becomingconsumed with this idea the fact of the matter is someone other than Lee Harvey Oswald killedthe president that day. Certainly one could see this with basic witness testimonies all describing avery different scene with very contrasting evidence of what occurred. How do you suppose that
three bullets can be fired from one gun in one man’s hand and no one see a thing? There are justso many details that don’t align with what the government wants us
to know. These details justbecame embedded in my mind and when you go looking for answers there are not always
Well the main idea of this concept is we know the man who was responsible for pullingthe trigger and his motivation for doing so and how he feels after doing so. There are a few keymoments in his life which are touched upon, such as the death of his parents which leads to his
relocation to his ex military crazed uncle’s home. As well as his graduation from college and
Comment [LS1]:
Commented by LeahSmitley. You need headers, title, and nameformat.
Comment [LS2]:
I d
on’t think ‘have’ is
Comment [LS3]:
I like the sentence, but
don’t use conjunctions, and try to not write “I”
Comment [LS4]:
I like this paragraph, Iknow what you are going to talk about
without you saying “…in my book..”
Comment [LS5]:
Try not to write “you”
much. Instead you could write
“kept for thepublic, country, people…”
Comment [LS6]:
I like how you made meinterested in the story, even though Ipersonally have no idea about the subject.
That’s good, just make it more formal by
taking out first person.
Comment [LS7]:
Take out “Well”
when he is offered a contract from a very high official who claims to be the head of the CIA
when in fact he’s a main piece in the illuminati organization. All of this and his ultimate
resolution in his head before he is murdered by the illuminati to keep him quiet.
The main character’s name is Michael Novak and he is the man who murders John F.
Kennedy. He plays a huge role in the novel and we see him develop from a child all of the wayto a cold blooded killer. Many factors play a huge role in his life and the way he develops alongwith his caretaker being a lunatic. Michael is also approached by the head of the Illuminati,David Ross. David is a charming, manipulative man who will crush anyone in his path. We learnthat David is an older man who is very physically fit for his age and that he has an endless supply
of power and money. Jerry Norwood is Michael’s crazy uncle, enough
said. He is the x factor
 behind Michael’s interest in the military and the re
ason any of the chaos is unleashed. Jerry ranaway from home to the local armory when he was a mere twelve years old. This man knew hewas destined for military greatness and was willing and ready to serve his country at the drop of a dime.Lastly I believe a subject so interesting and intriguing as this would have an impact onmany different audience groups. Ranging from the youth that love action movies today, to theculture of adults that
lived there young live back in the 1960’s,
this would capture an enormousamount of attention. The premise behind this idea has never been used and I believe with thegrowing interest in Illuminati affairs now, the work would be an instant success. As well as thegigantic amount of people who are interested and still in doubt about the details of John F.
Kennedy’s death.
Although the movie would indeed need to have a more mature audience itwould not be off of the wall violent or disgusting, just the simple details and the automaticcircumstances surrounding the project would not be suitable for a young audience. Adults would
Comment [LS8]:
Kind of confusing. Yourcharacter dies?
Comment [LS9]:
It could be more formalwithout that.
Comment [LS10]:
Reread. That doesn’t
make sense.

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