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Published by acrumble46

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Published by: acrumble46 on Apr 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dillon SimpsonMs. CarusoENGL 110213 February 2012Osama bin Laden: Life and DeathOsama bin Laden, the most notorious terrorist over the past two decades, saw hislife come to a crumbling end on May 2, 2011. The Federal Bureau of Investigation had a25 million dollar bounty for his head. He was the founder of the terrorist group Al-Qaedathat was responsible for the attacks on September 11, 2001. Osama bin Laden claimedfull responsibility for the attacks on that dreadful day and his death was an assurance tothe American people that our country was strong and will continue to fight for freedom aslong as this country stands.The number of American causalities on 9/11 was 2,977. Bin Laden successfullybrought down the Twin Towers, a part of the Pentagon, and another plane crashed in afield in Shanksville, Pennsylvania
, supposedly headed for a target in Washington D.C.Thankfully, the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania, was prevented because Americanpatriots decided to stand up and fight theses extremists. Bin Laden claimed the attackswere the Americans fault because we allow freedom and allow Israel to do whatever theywant. He also said he wanted to help the Americans know how to prevent another attack and thought that President Bush was w
eak and didn’t know how to protect his own
Comment [A1]:
Reviewed by: Aaron CrumbleyNo questions from writer.
Comment [A2]:
State what the target was? Ithink it was headed for the White House.
Comment [A3]:
Is this the main idea of thepaper?
Comment [A4]:
The introduction is very welland informs the reader of the main idea, possiblyinclude a little more research to strengthen thepaper as a whole, overall though the paper seemsto be headed in the right direction.

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