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Voting District Street List

Voting District Street List

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Published by Cecelia Martinez

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Published by: Cecelia Martinez on Apr 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Street NameSideHouseNumbersDisrictPolling Location
Adirondack LaneAll1Calvin Leete SchoolAlden DriveAll4Melissa Jones SchoolAlexander DriveAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersAlpha AvenueAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolAnderson DriveAll1Calvin Leete SchoolAndrew LaneAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersAndrews RoadAll5A.W Cox SchoolAndy LaneAll4Melissa Jones SchoolAnn RoadAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolAnnette DriveAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersAntoinette LaneAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolAppletree LaneAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolArch StreetAll5A.W Cox SchoolArrowhead DriveAll5A.W Cox SchoolAutumn Ridge DriveAll4Melissa Jones SchoolBailey DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolBalaurel DriveAll5A.W Cox SchoolBaldwin DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolBar Gate RoadAll1Calvin Leete SchoolBarker Hill DriveAll5A.W Cox SchoolBarnshed LaneAll4Melissa Jones SchoolBay StreetAll5A.W Cox SchoolBayberry LaneAll5A.W Cox SchoolBeach AvenueAll5A.W Cox SchoolBearhouse Hill RoadAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersBeaver Head RoadAll4Melissa Jones SchoolBeech RoadAll4Melissa Jones SchoolBenton RoadAll5A.W Cox SchoolBeta AvenueAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolBirch GroveAll5A.W Cox SchoolBirch LaneAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersBittersweet CircleAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolBlackfoot CourtAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolBlanks BlvdAll4Melissa Jones SchoolBlue Hills DriveAll4Melissa Jones SchoolBluff View DriveAll4Melissa Jones SchoolBonnie Briar LaneAll1Calvin Leete SchoolBoston StreetAll1Calvin Leete SchoolBoston TerraceAll1Calvin Leete SchoolBoulder RoadAll5A.W Cox SchoolBrians WayAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersBriarwood DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolBroad Hill CircleAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersBroad StreetAll1Calvin Leete SchoolBroad Street ExtensionAll1Calvin Leete SchoolBrook LaneAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersBrookridge LaneAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolBrookside DriveAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersBrookwood DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolBruce LaneAll5A.W Cox School
Bullard DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolBunker Hill RoadAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersBurgis LaneAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersBurt RoadAll4Melissa Jones SchoolCalamita DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolCaleb CourtAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersCalvin DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolCambridge WayAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersCanary CourtAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolCanberra CourtAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersCardinal DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolCarols WayAll4Melissa Jones SchoolCarriage Hill DriveAll5A.W Cox SchoolCarriage Hill Drive ExtensionAll5A.W Cox SchoolCarter DriveAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersCatullo DriveAll5A.W Cox SchoolCedar Grove RoadAll5A.W Cox SchoolCedar Hill RoadOdd1 - 9999994Melissa Jones SchoolCedar Hill RoadEven2 - 9999983Guilford Fire HeadquartersCenter Avenue EastAll1Calvin Leete SchoolChaffinch Island RoadAll5A.W Cox SchoolCharles StreetAll5A.W Cox SchoolChasse DriveAll5A.W Cox SchoolChelwin LaneAll5A.W Cox SchoolCherry StreetAll1Calvin Leete SchoolCheryl LaneAll4Melissa Jones SchoolChestnut CourtAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersChestnut GroveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolChimney Corner CircleAll5A.W Cox SchoolChristmas Hill RoadAll4Melissa Jones SchoolChristopher LaneAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolChurch Rd #2All4Melissa Jones SchoolChurch StreetAll1 - 3101Calvin Leete SchoolChurch StreetAll370 - 999993Guilford Fire HeadquartersCindy LaneAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersClapboard Hill RoadAll1Calvin Leete SchoolClear Lake Manor RoadAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolClear Lake RoadAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolCoach Lamp LaneAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolCobblefield LaneAll5A.W Cox SchoolCoginchaug CourtAll4Melissa Jones SchoolColonial RoadAll5A.W Cox SchoolConway DriveAll1Calvin Leete SchoolCooks LaneAll4Melissa Jones SchoolCopper Hill DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolCopper Ridge CircleAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolCorncrib Hill RoadAll5A.W Cox SchoolCornfield LaneAll1Calvin Leete SchoolCornwall LaneAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersCountry Glen TrailAll4Melissa Jones SchoolCounty RoadAll4Melissa Jones SchoolCove LaneAll5A.W Cox School
Coventry WayAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersCovered Bridge DriveAll4Melissa Jones SchoolCovey CrossingAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersCrabapple LaneAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolCrestwood DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolCricket TrailAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolCrooked Hill RoadAll4Melissa Jones SchoolCunningham DriveAll5A.W Cox SchoolDagmar SquareAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolDaniel AvenueAll5A.W Cox SchoolDavis DriveAll1Calvin Leete SchoolDecaro LaneAll1Calvin Leete SchoolDecatur AvenueAll5A.W Cox SchoolDeep Wood DriveAll5A.W Cox SchoolDeer LaneAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersDeerfield DriveAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersDen Hollow RoadAll1Calvin Leete SchoolDenison DriveAll5A.W Cox SchoolDinwoodie DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolDock LaneAll1Calvin Leete SchoolDodge CourtAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersDogwood LaneAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersDohm AvenueAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersDolan DriveAll5A.W Cox SchoolDonald RoadAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolDoric AvenueAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersDover CourtAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersDow AvenueAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolDowd CourtAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolDriftwood LaneAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolDrivewayAll1Calvin Leete SchoolDromara RoadAll5A.W Cox SchoolDuck Hole RoadAll1Calvin Leete SchoolDunham DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolDunk Rock RoadAll5A.W Cox SchoolDurham RoadAll 1 - 22093Guilford Fire HeadquartersDurham RoadAll2210 - 999994Melissa Jones SchoolEast AvenueAll1Calvin Leete SchoolEast Bearhouse Hill RoadAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersEast Creek CircleAll1Calvin Leete SchoolEast Gate RoadAll1Calvin Leete SchoolEast River RoadAll1Calvin Leete SchoolEcho Point RoadAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersEdge Hill RoadAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolEdgewood DriveAll2Baldwin Middle SchoolEdwards StreetAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersEdwin CourtAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersElizabeth StreetAll3Guilford Fire HeadquartersElm StreetAll4Melissa Jones SchoolElton DriveAll4Melissa Jones SchoolFair StreetAll1Calvin Leete SchoolFalcon RoadAll5A.W Cox School

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