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Brandon Ivey Public Statement On His Termination From Nlc International aka NLC Wireless

Brandon Ivey Public Statement On His Termination From Nlc International aka NLC Wireless

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Published by Troy Dooly

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Published by: Troy Dooly on Apr 16, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TERMINATION FROM NLC INTERNATIONALGood evening,I wanted to inform you and everyone else in the industry to stop any rumors thatare running around. I did not leave NLC International. I was terminated from NLCInternational. As of the time of writing this letter I have not received any correspondencefrom corporate staff at NLC as to why I have been dismissed. The only reason why Iknow I have been deactivated is because members of my down line informed me that theowner of NLC International Mr. Hao Nguyen has been contacting them letting them andemailing them that my other business opportunity Vitel Wireless is a scam.Bottom line is this. I believe in multiple streams of income and I have always beeninvolved in other opportunities to earn more income for myself and my family. I also atno time attempted to recruit my entire NLC International down line into otheropportunities.Now there has been a disagreement between myself, my leaders, and Mr. Nguyen on thedirection of NLC International. A few months ago Mr. Nguyen changed thecompensation plan and allowed a new position into the company. This move drasticallystopped our incomes overnight. We expressed concern to Mr. Nguyen about theseimpulsive changes he has done in the past and how it effects us in the field. We alsoaddressed concerns about the structure of our corporate leadership, customer service, andbasic daily operational details that have a direct impact on our business. Those concernsfell on deaf ears.I enjoyed being a part of NLC International. As a matter of fact I signed up a newmember yesterday. However due to Mr. Nguyen’s unpredictable nature I was forced toseek other ways of earning an income. I did add new opportunities onto my portfolio,and I did not make any public announcements concerning my business practices outsideof NLC. I have access to all of the top leaders in NLC and I did not attempt to have themleave NLC. Again as stated I have sponsored over 3 new people into NLC over the pastseveral weeks.If Mr. Nguyen felt concerned about my influence over other NLC reps in accordancewith my other business ventures all he had to do was call and talk to me. His fears andconcerns would have been eliminated as I fully planned on continuing to build the NLCopportunity and support my down line. 10 months of hard blood, sweat, and tears, andtime away from my family to build my residual income and it is taken overnight. Worstpart is I do not even know if I will get paid for the work we did in March as today is payday for our commissions and we have not been paid.I have no desire to speak ill of the NLC opportunity or to publicly bash and go to warwith Mr. Hao Nguyen. If he chooses to not allow me to be apart of his company that is

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