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SQL Server Notification Service

SQL Server Notification Service

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Published by Talha

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Published by: Talha on Dec 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introducing SQL Server Notification Services
Microsoft® SQL Server™ Notification Services is a platform for developing and deploying applications thatgenerate and send notifications to users. Notifications are personalized, timely messages that can be sentto a wide variety of devices.Notifications reflect the preferences of the subscriber. The subscriber enters a subscription to express aninterest in information. For example, "notify me when the stock price of ADCP reaches $70.00," or "notifyme when the strategy document my team is writing is updated."A notification can be generated and sent to the user as soon as a triggering event occurs. Or, a notificationcan be generated and sent on a predetermined schedule specified by the user. The user's subscriptionspecifies when the notification should be generated and sent to the user.Notifications can be sent to a wide variety of devices. For example, a notification can be sent to a user'scellular phone, personal digital assistant (PDA), Microsoft Windows Messenger, or e-mail account. Becausethese devices often accompany the user, notifications are ideal for sending high-priority information.Notification applications are valuable for many reasons, such as the following:
Notification applications enable you to send critical information to customers, partners, andemployees. The notifications can contain links that enable the recipient to browse to a Web site toretrieve more information or to acknowledge receipt of the information.
Notification applications allow you to forge more valuable and longer lasting relationships with yourcustomers by providing more tailored and timely services to them.
Notification applications allow you to increase revenue by making it easier for customers to initiatebusiness transactions with you.
Notification applications allow you to make you employees more effective by providing them with theinformation they need, whenever and wherever they need it.
Notification applications allow you to empower mobile users over a wide variety of devices.Notification Services makes it possible to build and deploy a notification application quickly, and to scalethe application to support millions of users. Notification Services consists of:
A simple yet powerful Notification Services programming framework that enables you to quicklycreate and deploy notification applications. The programming framework is based on XML andTransact-SQL.
A reliable, high-performance, scalable engine that runs notification applications. The engine is built onthe Microsoft .NET Framework and Microsoft SQL Server 2000.
Business Scenario:
Notification Services can be used for a wide variety of applications. The following scenarios provideexamples of how you can use notification applications.
Consumer Applications
You can use Notification Services to send notifications to customers:
A brokerage firm can send stock and fund prices based on customer-defined criteria. The notificationcan contain a link that enables the customer to buy or sell shares.
A financial institution can send bank account balances and overdraft notifications.
An airline can send information about flight arrivals and delayed departures.
A real estate agent can send listings that match a client's criteria for a new home.
Line of Business Applications
You can use Notification Services to monitor business data:
A customer requires immediate attention, as reported by your customer relations management (CRM)system. The text of the customer request is sent to the account manager.
Operational Applications
You can use Notification Services to send notifications about company operations:
When a machine on an assembly line needs attention, the assembly line manager receives anotification about which machine is down and what the error is.
When a production server's event log receives a critical error, the on-call support technician receives anotification that contains the error message.
Business Intelligence Applications
You can use Notification Services to track critical company data:
A database maintains the current inventory of all products. When the inventory of network cards inthe South East region goes below 50, an application receives a notification. That notification tells theapplication to send an order for more network cards.
Employee Communication
You can use Notification Services to ensure employees are informed about their projects:
You and a coworker are creating a critical proposal. When the proposal is updated, you receive anotification.
You are working on a new product and need to keep informed of product-related research. When anew report is available from the corporate library, you receive an e-mail that contains a link to thereport.
What is Notification Service?
Notification Services is a programming framework for creating applications that generate and sendnotifications, as well as a platform for hosting those applications. Using the programming framework, youcan quickly create applications to generate and send notifications to subscribers. After creating theapplication, you can deploy the application on the Notification Services platform.
What does Notification Services Do?
What Does Notification Services Do?
A notification application generates and sends messages to users who have subscribed to the application.To understand notification applications, it is important to define key terms:
is a person or application that receives notifications.
is an expressed request for specific information, such as a stock price or the scores of a sports team, and the destination for notifications.
is a piece of information that subscribers are interested in. A stock price at a specific time isan event, as is a sports score, or a product delivery message. Almost any real-world occurrence canbe expressed as a Notification Services event.
is a message that contains information related to a subscription. A notification mightcontain a message about a new high value for a specific stock or the final score for a game.The following illustration shows the basic operation of a Notification Services application.The application produces notifications as follows:1.Subscribers create subscriptions related to the application.2.The application collects events.3.Notification Services, using Transact-SQL queries, matches subscriptions to events.4.When an event and subscription match, Notification Services generates a notification.5.Notification Services then formats the notification and sends it to a delivery service.

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