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Published by Melissa Ditty
Sociology 312 Final
Sociology 312 Final

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Melissa Ditty on Apr 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Melissa DittySOC. 312The Sociology Behind My PhotographyOne of the biggest issues facing the corporate world of America is the increased demandfor leisure time by the working middle class. While Americans are able to produce largerquantities and better quality services quicker, they are now faced with time to spend outside of work. This increase in leisure time for middle and lower class America has suddenly found timeto do things they want to do instead of things they have to do. For some this has meant gettingsecond jobs or going to college. For others, including the retired populations, it has meant time totry new things and explore new frontiers.For me, finding time to participate in leisurely activities was nearly impossible. I couldnever find time that I
in work or class. I knew what I wanted to do but I faced a financialand social class bind. It
until Nash
’s model of good leisure that I was able to zone in on a
leisure activity that was socially accepted and creatively challenging. I had always wanted to bya camera better than a point and shoot, but never saved the money for it. Slowly over thesemester, I took charge of my Monday-Monday spending and devoted one
months’ worth
of work to getting a camera, lenses and a start in photography.With my new camera, I found myself motivate to sleep less and to be out and active morethan ever. I used my days off to go home and photograph random things, my cats and go onphotography trips around Muncie. I found myself really enjoying photographing nature andtrying to paint a digital image of what beauty was in Muncie, outside of the ugly buildings. Ifound that driving around searching for perfect pictures, listening to music and escaping thereality of work and college to be peaceful. Even though I often thought about school or work, it
as stressful. It was more like planning what I
want to do, while I was beingspontaneous going on random photography excursions.What I
like was taking a class on photography. I made the mistake crossing work with hobby. Instead of letting my creative juices flow, I sometimes had to spend my timemessing around with pictures for my photography class. While I
consider that timewasted, I still don
’t think that it quite qualifies for good leisure as Nash would call it a
nd I ampretty sure that Godbey would categorize it with work. That
mean that I
takethe class in photography again, because it forced me to stick to my financial commitment to mycamera, but I
take the class at the college level where a professor judges your work fora grade. Art, in my opinion can
’t be graded without holding bias.
Forcing myself to invest time and money into something I want instead of something thatis an essential, is definitely a problem in social structures of America. I see so many Americansspend money irresponsibly on things like movies, alcohol, magazines and little trinkets socarelessly. They spend money on these materialistic items that I would consider disposable. It isa social norm to want to live like a celebrity instead of living within your means. I find it sad thatsociety places certain people on pedestals simply because they have had the money and changewho they are to conform to that place in society. I think Nash would place celebrities in the samecategory as he placed prostitutes in; at the very bottom at the self-destroying level.As I have looked back in history, many of the most famous photographers lived simplelives until someone known in the art field noticed the photographers work. The photographerwould then become a success and go from giving prints away to selling them for hundreds tothousands of dollars each. One photographer I discovered in the last couple weeks is AnselAdams. He is known for his nature photography at Yosemite National Park. His photography
 journey began when he wanted to find another creative outlet outside of his musical background.I really related to this and I ran with the idea just a week ago. (I
’ll include some of those prints
at the end of this paper.)I think that this relation between a famous photographer and myself was spawned frommy want to research my subject to learn more about how I want to cater my passion intosomething unique to just myself. This is something that I learned in college. I have seen what mypeers like,
like, create, and the mistakes they make. I learn from their mistakes. While mostpeople in my photography class are of the upper class American population, I would like to saythat I am the only one that
just pull pictures off Facebook to turn in for an assignment.The one thing I have found about photography that seems really interesting to me is thatof all the photographers we have studied in photography class and nearly all of the photographersI have found through my research, seem to be male. We have yet to study a female photographerand I know that I have had a hard time finding photography done by woman that was takenseriously. However, if you type,
“Model” into a
Google search, nearly all the images are of women. This is completely opposite of what my photography class would show. Especially sincenearly all the people in my class are females. I am not sure if this is because of the type of photography that each gender likes to participate in or if it is society dealing the cards that photostaken by men are superior to those by women.If I am to go simply by what I have learned from my classmates, I would have to say thatwomen generally take pictures of nature, animals, and things that would most likely be Facebook worthy. Things they can show off to their friends and have those friends tell them how awesomethey are. Men take pictures differently. If they
see artistic value in a picture they disregardit. This makes those few pictures they do take noteworthy and they are taken seriously.

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