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Introduction to Wildflower Green Roofs

Introduction to Wildflower Green Roofs

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Published by glynis

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Published by: glynis on Apr 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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What is a green roo?
A green roof (also known as a living roof or eco-roof) is created when living plantsare grown on a roof structure. The roof can be several storeys above ground leveland may be either an ‘intensive’ or ‘extensive’ green roof.
green roos require a high degree o maintenance, relatively deep substrates and can supporta wide range o plants rom trees and shrubs, to grass and owers. They may also contain a watereature and are generally heavy, requiring specifc support rom the building. They are what most peoplethink o as roo gardens.
green roos require minimal maintenance and a relatively shallow level o growing medium.They are composed o lightweight layers o ree-draining material that support low growing, tough,drought resistant plants. They require little or no support rom the building and because the plants areadapted to the extremes o a roo top environment – high winds, hot sun, drought and winter cold they require little in the way o maintenance.
introduction to wildower green roos
technical inormation sheet
*made rom recycled British Textiles using patentedGrasselt technology
What are benefts o green roos?
green plants absorb noise, trap dust, recyclecarbon dioxide, absorb and break down manygaseous pollutants.
o hard suraces and are thereore importantto reduce urban ooding.
habitat, encouraging a wide range o insects,birds and butteries.
the energy costs associated with keepingbuildings cool in hot weather.
mixtures specifcally orgreen roos, which can begrown and laid out as aninstant growing carpet.
Wildower green rooproducts rom Lindum
Lindum Wildfower or Green Roos
is amixture o wildowers and grasses growingin a moisture retentive biodegradable elt*,to provide an instant established green roo.
Lindum Green Roo Mix
is a mix owildowers, sedums, herbs and otherspecies or use as a direct replacement orpure sedum mats.
wildowers and other species to ower overa prolonged period, create visual interestand attract a variety o wildlie.
medium that the plantsare growing in is maderom recycled Britishtextiles. The eltmedium not onlyacts as a grass/ weed barrier, but alsoretains moisture to aidestablishment.
up to 2 metres wide) that can be rolled outor instant eect.
Benefts o wildowerson a green roo
diverse range o bird, insect and animalspecies. Wildowers are greatly superior topure sedums in this respect.
extended owering season resulting in avisually pleasing eect.
appropriate lightweight substrate ominimum 75mm depth.
roo products simply roll out like a carpet.
green roo products usually require only onecut a year in autumn.
or additional irrigation, except in periodso extreme prolonged drought or whereaesthetic value in dry periods is important.
can grow on a slope o up to 30 degrees.

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