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FL Gov Rick Scott - Final Veto List 4-17-12

FL Gov Rick Scott - Final Veto List 4-17-12

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Published by SeanWMNF
Here's the full veto list as provided by FL Gov Rick Scott - Final Veto List 4-17-12
more: http://wmnf.org/news
Here's the full veto list as provided by FL Gov Rick Scott - Final Veto List 4-17-12
more: http://wmnf.org/news

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Published by: SeanWMNF on Apr 17, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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2012 Veto List
Line #ProjectTitlePosition(s)General Revenue(GR)TrustTotal
2452Inclusive Transition and Employment Management Program (ITEM)839,000-839,000  54 ASpecial Categories - Grants And Aids - Medical Training And SimulationLaboratory3,077,493-3,077,493  55 B1PhD Program in Biomedical Science560,199-560,199  55 B2College of Medicine3,137,116-3,137,116  55 C1University of Miami - Rosenstiel Marine Science89,574-89,574  55 C2University of Miami - BS and MFA in Motion Pictures159,245-159,245  55 C4Florida Institute of Technology - BS Engineering and Science Education128,759-128,759  55 DSpecial Categories - Grants And Aids - Regional Diabetes Center - UniversityOf Miami244,011-244,011  56 A1Osteopathic Medicine, Optometry, Pharmacy, and Nursing Programs4,150,054-4,150,054  56 A2Rural and Unmet Needs84,695-84,695  872Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC) Distance Learning TeacherTraining300,000-300,000  87 A1Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC) Non-Phonemic ReadingInstruction750,000-750,000  87 A2Tune in to Reading250,000-250,000  87 C7Southwest Florida Destination Graduation Program3,250,000-3,250,000  91 ASpecial Categories - Grants And Aids - Regional Education ConsortiumServices1,445,390-1,445,390  925National Center for Sports Safety (NCSS) - PREPARE Course300,000-300,000  92 A10Girls Incorporated of Sarasota County100,000-100,000  92 A13Learn to Earn302,800-302,800  92 A14Center for Digital Learning and Education2,000,000-2,000,000  92 A17Our Children's Academy100,000-100,000  92 A18Workforce and Career Enhancement - Lake County52,314-52,314  92 A19Workforce and Career Enhancement - St. Johns County195,217-195,217  1021Broward Education Communication Network (BECON)50,000-50,000  1022Panhandle Area Educational Consortium (PAEC) Web Based CounselingProgram336,477-336,477  139 A1Degree Completion Pilot Project - UWF2,500,000-2,500,000  174 A1Florida Medical Schools Quality Network-3,000,0003,000,000  174 A2Structured Family Caregiving Model1,000,000-1,000,000  1931Hospital Reimbursement Ceiling Exemption847,9361,158,0642,006,000  1981Hospital Reimbursement Ceiling Exemption589,244804,7561,394,000  2071Vagus Nerve Stimulation Devices676,320923,6801,600,000  2506Dan Marino Project500,000-500,000  2821Billy Joe Rish Recreational Park500,000-500,000  3181Child Welfare Case Management Staff Overtime Settlement750,000-750,000  3223Florida Council Against Sexual Violence1,500,000-1,500,000  33611Community Base Care of Central Florida2,500,000-2,500,000  3454Camillus House250,000-250,000  3455Citrus Health Network455,000-455,000  3456New Horizons Community Mental Health Center100,000-100,000  3457Seminole Behavioral Health350,000-350,000  3458Pinellas Receiving Facility250,000-250,000  3459Baptist Health Care Lakeview Center1,500,000-1,500,000  3461Additional Crisis Stabilization beds contract with not-for-profit facility in theThirteenth Judicial Circuit Hillsborough County400,000-400,000  3462Manatee Glens County Crisis Stabilization Unit750,000-750,000  3521Indigent Psychiatric Medication Program500,000-500,000  3662Recovery House Central Florida1,560,000-1,560,000  3791Richmond Heights Resource Center100,000-100,000  3792Goulds Coalition of Ministries and Lay People100,000-100,000  4041Alzheimer's Family Care Center of Broward County250,000-250,000  4042Mt. Sinai - Brain Bank100,000-100,000  4051Aging Resource Centers1,000,0001,000,0002,000,000  4052Choice Counseling2,000,0002,000,0004,000,000  4691Countywide Mobile Health Unit200,000-200,000  4773University of Miami - Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis Project500,000-500,000  4774Nova Southeastern University1,950,000-1,950,000 
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2012 Veto List
Line #ProjectTitlePosition(s)General Revenue(GR)TrustTotal
4776Apopka Family Health Center500,000-500,000  4777Diabetes Advisory Council50,000-50,000  5411Children Immunizations - Meningococcal Conjugate Vaccine940,000-940,000  5431Brain Tumor Registry Program - McKnight Brain Institute500,000-500,000  549 B2Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital - Cardiac Lab and Operating Room250,000-250,000  5541Fetal Alcohol Clinic100,000-100,000  5561Children's Hospital - Planning and Design1,500,000-1,500,000  556 A2Autism Center of Miami100,000-100,000  5791Student Training and Rural Clinic Operations1,600,000-1,600,000  5861Brain and Spinal Research at University of Miami400,000-400,000  587 A1Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Crestview Center1,500,000-1,500,000  5891Broward Children's Center150,000-150,000  6332Inmate Phone Service10,000-10,000  7462Remote Transcription Services250,000-250,000  7741WestCare substance abuse treatment program150,000-150,000  7761WestCare Foundation Inc. Pilot Program350,000-350,000  12031Transition Planning2,450,000-2,450,000  1249 AGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed CapitalOutlay - Facility Repairs Maintenance And Construction200,000-200,000  12702Virtual Education450,000-450,000  12992Flagler County Jail - Planning250,000-250,000  12993Security for Presidential Debate250,000-250,000  13331Family Justice Center100,000-100,000  1339 ASpecial Categories - Civil Legal Assistance2,000,000-2,000,000  1437 ASpecial Categories - Babcock Ranch Incorporated97,000-97,000  1443 AAid To Local Governments - Grants And Aids - Lehigh Acres WildfireSuppression100,000-100,000  14711Mosquito Control Research-1,116,6321,116,632  1479 ASpecial Categories - Acquisition Of Motor Vehicles-200,000200,000  1497 ASpecial Categories - Florida Horse Park500,000-500,000  1645 AGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed CapitalOutlay - Grants And Aids - South Florida Water Management District FloodMitigation Inventory And Implementation Plan4,000,000-4,000,000  16621TMDL - Rainbow Springs Restoration Plan-60,00060,000  1683 A1City of Okeechobee - Park of Commerce - Storm-water200,000-200,000  1683 A3City of Okeechobee - Storm-water Retrofit250,000-250,000  1683 A4Okeechobee Utility Authority - Wastewater Improvements550,000-550,000  1683 A5Town of Pembroke Park - Storm-water Retrofit100,000-100,000  1683 A6Hardee County - Wastewater Treatment765,000-765,000  1683 A7City of Moore Haven - Storm-water Improvement100,000-100,000  1683 A8City of LaBelle - Waste Water Treatment Plant2,318,172-2,318,172  1683 A9Hendry County - Airglades Airport Utility System Force Main Line Extension3,500,000-3,500,000  1683 A10Imperial River - Oak Creek Water Quality Project and Harbor RiverPonds/Spring Creek Water Enhancement250,000-250,000  1683 A11Eau Gallie River (EGRET) Dredging Project100,000-100,000  1683 A13City of Belleview - South 441 Project1,500,000-1,500,000  1683 A14Sumter County - Feasibility Study of Lake Panasoffkee Wastewater System35,000-35,000  1683 A15Crystal River Kings Bay Environmental Enhancement100,000-100,000  1683 A16Hialeah Stormwater Rehabilitation140,000-140,000  1683 A17St. Lucie River Environmental Enhancement100,000-100,000  1683 A18Santa Rosa County Navarre Pass Feasibility Study150,000-150,000  1683 A19Umatilla City Sewer352,163-352,163  1683 A20Miami River Environmental Enhancement100,000-100,000  1683 A21St. Johns River Economic Analysis Study - University of North Florida400,000-400,000  1683 A22Palm Beach County Water Treatment - Glades Area1,000,000-1,000,000  1683 A23Hillsborough Avenue & 30th Street - Stormwater Improvements200,000-200,000  1731 AGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed CapitalOutlay - Natural Habitat Park And Environmental Center - Seminole CampusSt. Petersburg College-100,000100,000  18281LaBelle City Wharf Improvement Project350,000-350,000 
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2012 Veto List
Line #ProjectTitlePosition(s)General Revenue(GR)TrustTotal
19181Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority -LYNX-1,200,0001,200,000  19221Port St. Joe - Port Repairs - Rural Areas of Critical Economic Concern(RACEC) Seaport Funding-5,000,0005,000,000  19461Road Maintenance Vehicle Replacement - City of Hialeah72,769-72,769  19462Road Maintenance Equipment - City of Hialeah196,846-196,846  1968 A1Miami River Environmental Enhancements - Lummus Park/Docks and Piers forCommercial Use-100,000100,000  1968 A2N.W. 25th Avenue Improvements - City of Miami Gardens-300,000300,000  1968 A3Little River Canal Seawall Remediation Project - Village of El Portal-150,000150,000  1968 A4S.W. 56th Avenue (Martin Luther King Boulevard) TransportationEnhancements - City of West Park-150,000150,000  1968 A5Traffic Improvements - SW 190th Extension - Town of Southwest Ranches-243,000243,000  1968 A6West End Bridge Crossing-500,000500,000  1968 A7State Road 44 and Meadowcrest Boulevard - Citrus County-200,000200,000  1968 A8Transportation Expressway Authority Grants-4,000,0004,000,000  1968 A10Fairgreen Road Extension - Port St. Lucie-1,100,0001,100,000  1968 A12N.W. 21st Street Roadway Improvement - Lauderdale Lakes-500,000500,000  2007 ASpecial Categories - Payment To Expressway Authorities-12,322,86212,322,862  2249 A2Goodwill Industries of South Florida-250,000250,000  22521Regional Workforce Boards - Services to Youth in DisadvantagedNeighborhoods-3,000,0003,000,000  2280 A2Urban League-250,000250,000  2284 ASpecial Categories - Grants And Aids - Regional Planning Councils2,500,000-2,500,000  2292 A1Torry Island Master Plan Development50,000-50,000  2292 A2Renaissance of the Parramore Neighborhood in Downtown Orlando900,000-900,000  2292 A3Pine Hills Neighborhood Redevelopment Project - Orange County2,000,000-2,000,000  2292 A4Dr. J.B. Callahan Neighborhood Center in Parramore - renovation andexpansion1,000,000-1,000,000  2292 A5Public Infrastructure Improvement - City of Miami5,000,000-5,000,000  2306 A2CAMACOL FILM-150,000150,000  2306 A4Entrepreneurial Academy of the African American Chamber of Commerce-100,000100,000  2306 A5The Greater Caribbean Chamber of Commerce-50,00050,000  2306 B1West Orange County Economic Development Business Center-1,000,0001,000,000  2306 B3University of Central Florida Small Business Incubator-1,000,0001,000,000  2306 B5Hialeah Chamber of Commerce and Industries-100,000100,000  2340 ALump Sum - Transparency Support And Maintenance4.00-1,411,3341,411,334  2488 ASpecial Categories - Transfer To Florida Catastrophic Storm RiskManagement Center At Florida State University-350,000350,000  2518 ASpecial Categories - Workers' Compensation Research Institute Study-195,000195,000  2685 AAid To Local Governments - Grants And Aids - Projects, Contracts And Grants-250,000250,000  27621Tenant Broker Reimbursement294,820-294,820  2821 ASpecial Categories - Matchmaker Conference-185,000185,000  3141 BSpecial Categories - Historic Property Planning250,000-250,000  31434Historic Hampton House - Miami100,000-100,000  31436Historical Log Cabin - The Village of Biscayne Park150,000-150,000  31437Captain Hendry House Rehabilitation - LaBelle43,600-43,600  3149 AGrants And Aids To Local Governments And Nonstate Entities - Fixed CapitalOutlay - Historic Project - Holocaust Documentation And Education Center RailCar Renovation500,000-500,000  3162 AAid To Local Governments - Grants And Aids - Library Cooperatives1,500,000-1,500,000  3174 A1Florida Aquarium500,000-500,000  3174 A4Lake Wales Arts Council50,000-50,000  3174 A5Family Empowerment and Intervention - North Miami100,000-100,000  3174 A6Haitian Heritage Museum Project75,000-75,000  3174 A7Bay of Pigs Museum500,000-500,000  3174 A8Science and Discovery Center of Northwest Florida250,000-250,000  3174 A9Heritage Trail Net Work Black History House - Tallahassee300,000-300,000  3174 BSpecial Categories - Grants And Aids - Florida African-American HeritagePreservation Network250,000-250,000  3202 A1Small County Courthouse - Gadsden50,000-50,000 
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