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Table Of Contents

Introducing DaVinci Resolve
What’s New in DaVinci Resolve 8.1
Media Storage Volumes
Video Capture Hardware
Control Panel Type
Quick Start Project
Starting DaVinci Resolve
User Login Screen
Login To An Existing User
Exiting Resolve
Creating A New User
Deleting An Existing User
Changing A User Password
Multiple Database Support
Selecting the Database
Creating a New Database
Create a New Database Image
Remote Database Server
Optimizing a Database
Backing Up a Database
Restoring a Database
The User List
The Confguration List
Modifying and Saving an Existing Confguration
Creating a Facility Default Confguration
Projects List
Shared Database and Locked Projects
Confguration Screen Tabs
Timeline Format
Project Tab
Image Format Scaling
Common use of Input Format Preset
Deck Capture and Playback
Input Scaling
Low Resolution Proxies
Timeline Conform Options
Conforming by Reel Number
Reel Number Support from Final Cut Pro EDLs
Changing the Conform Frame Rates
Video Monitoring
Timeline Lookup Tables
LUTs Tab
Generate Soft Clip LUT
Generate LUT from Current Grade
Apply LUT to Waveform
Printer Light Step Calibration
Settings Tab
Project Settings
Dynamic Profles
Timeline Ripple Mode
Working Folders
Control Panel
Autosave Tab
Source Tab
Master Decode Settings
Image Decode Settings
Project Image Decoder Settings
Media Storage
Splitting Clips Based on an EDL
Add Material into the Media Pool Based on an EDL
Offsetting the Source Timecode from a Clip
Copy and Paste Function For Clips
Disk Speed Benchmarking
Clip Details
Add as an Offine Clip
Add into Proxy Manager
Scene Cut Detector
Changing the Source Timecode in Header
Converting a Clip to another File Format
Add as Matte
Extract Audio from QuickTime
Media Pool Folders
The Media Pool
Media Pool Clips
Remove selected Clips
Remove from Master Session
Remove all Clips
Set Reel Number
Change Pixel Aspect Ratio
Source Flip
Change Input Format Preset
Change Parent Directory
Switch Parent Directory
The .deleted Folder
Clip Replacement and Automatic Proxy Generation
Viewer Window
Clip Task Manager
Browse Screen Buttons
Proxy Manager
Overview of the Conform Page
Controls of the Conform Page
The Timeline Management List
The Conform EDL List
The Source, Offine, and Timeline Tabs
The Timeline
The Master Timeline
Creating and Importing Sessions
Creating the Master Session
Creating a Blank Session
Importing EDL Files
Conforming EDLs to Discrete Media Files
About AAF Import
About XML Import
Supported Effects
Unsupported Effects
Effects Processing When Finishing in DaVinci Resolve
Effects Processing in Round-Trip Workfows
Importing AAF and XML Files
Dealing With Reel Conficts
Rendering Media to Accompany Exported Projects
Creating a Session With Handles
Exporting Sessions
Exporting EDLs
Exporting XML Files Back to Final Cut Pro
Exporting CDL Files
Exporting ALE Files
Simple Editing
Editing in Source/Timeline Mode
Finding Media
Replacing Media in the Timeline
Reconform From Folders
Force Conform
Working with Transitions
Working With Effects
Composite Modes
Speed Effects
Syncing Sessions to Audio
Making Comparisons in Offine/ Timeline Mode
Adjusting the Offine/Timeline Sync Offset
Alternate Online and Offine Comparison Modes
Using ColorTrace™ to Apply Grades From One Project to Another
Using ColorTrace™ in Automatic Mode
Using ColorTrace™ in Manual Mode
Importing CDL Data Using ColorTrace™
Example CMX EDL File
Example CCC fle:
Example CDL fle:
Interactive Dirt & Dust Removal Tool
Viewer Window Options
Viewer Stills Display
Creating a Stereoscopic Project
PlayHeads Via the DaVinci Resolve Control Panel
3D Display Modes
Waveform displays
Show Timecode at 30 fps
Stills, PowerGrade and Memories
Copying Grades From Stills
Preserving Nodes and Parameters When Copying Grades
Append Grade
Copying Individual Nodes From Stills
Sorting Stills
Other Still Options
Searching For Stills
Node Graph
Managing Nodes
Manually Connecting Corrector Nodes
Rearranging Your Tree in the Node Graph
Toggling Nodes On and Off
Resetting Node Trees Using the Base Memory Commands
Preview and Base Memory
Outside Nodes
Parallel Mixer Node
Layer Mixer Node
Key Mixer Node
LUT applied within a node
External Matte Support
Compositing Using the Alpha Output
RED HDR Input Support
Clip Thumbnails/VSRs
Correction Management with the Thumbnail Timeline Display
Clip Thumbnail Indicators
Local and Remote Versions
Group Versions
Batch Versions
Display Node Graph
Wipe Timeline
Update All VSRs
Edit PAR Value (Pixel Aspect Ratio)
To open the noise reduction controls on the DaVinci Resolve control surface:
Input Sizing Controls
Primary Tab System Status
3-Way Color Corrector
Color Wheels
Master Scroll Wheel
Auto Color
RGB Mixer Tab
RGB Mixer Examples
Example 1: Increasing Saturation While Reducing Cross-Talk
Example 2: Patching Clipped Color Channels
Using the RGB Mixer in Monochrome Mode
Using the RGB Mixer Controls with the DaVinci Resolve Control Surface
To open the RGB Mixer controls on the DaVinci Resolve control surface:
Curves Tab
About Custom Curves
Ganging and Unganging Custom Curves
Copying Color Channel Curves
Curve Mix Sliders
YSFX Sliders
Adjusting Custom Curves with the DaVinci Resolve Control Surface
About the Soft Clip Tab
Ganging and Unganging Soft Clip Curves
High Clipping Point
High Soft
Low Soft Clipping Point
Low Soft
Using Soft Clipping Controls with the DaVinci Resolve Control Surface
To open the soft clipping control on the DaVinci Resolve control surface:
About the Hue and Sat Curves
Image sampling for Hue and Sat curves
Additional Controls in the Hue and Sat Curves
Hue vs Hue
Hue vs Sat
Hue vs Lum
Lum vs Sat
Using Hue and Sat Curves With the DaVinci Resolve Control Surface
Hue, Saturation and Luminance Qualifcation
RGB Qualifcation
Luminance Qualifcation
Qualifer Blur
Color Picker Mode
Adjusting PowerWindows
Power Windows
Inside and Outside Window Grades
Circular Power Window
Linear Power Window
Polygon Power Window
Power Curve Windows
Power Window 3D Object Tracking
Dynamics Timeline
Dynamics Indicators
Adding Dynamics
Render Cache Options
Switching Between Conforms within the Color Page
Scroll Mode
Scroll Controls
Other Color Screen Features
Full Screen Viewer
Simple Tracking Using the Tracker Menu
Object Tracking and Image Stabilization
Simple Ways of Working With Existing Tracking Data
Combining Tracking and Dynamics (Keyframing)
Object Tracking Controls on the Viewer Page
Tracking Type
Object Tracking
Cue To
Object Tracking Workfows
Image Stabilization
Stabilization Controls
Using Stabilization
Gallery Database Browser
Gallery Database Tabs
Orphan Stills
Switch Wipe Mode
Trace Timeline
Current Project Stills
One Still Per Scene
Apply Display LUT
Stills Import and Export
Still Properties
Adding Gallery Pages
Input Transform
Input Transform Controls
Source Blanking
Convergence for Stereoscopic 3D
Reference Still Resize and Reposition
Output Transform
Deck Viewer
Source Timecode
Clip Name
Batch List Settings
Audio Options
Folder Options
EDL Ingest
Scan list export
Clip Information
Timecode on Tape
Batch Output Handles
Source Selection
Deck Viewer Stereo Eye Selection
Batch Output
Marking clips for Revival restoration
Revival Grain Settings
Loading Clips for Scene Cut Detection
Scene Cut Viewers
Scene Cut Detector Controls
Automatic Scene Detection
Scene Marks
Export/Import List
Scene Cut Detector Graph
Cut List
Reviewing the Detected Cuts
Splitting and Saving Cut Lists
Render Timeline
Rendering Versions
Render Properties
Easy Setup Menu
Render Properties Settings
Output Type
Rendering Mode
Use Commercial Workfow:
Use Commercial Workfow
Including or Excluding Versions in the Render
Stereoscopic Render
Other Render Properties Settings
Render Path Settings
Batch Render
Render Queue
To create a stereoscopic project:
Choosing Which Session to Grade
Monitoring Stereoscopic 3D
Grading Stereoscopic 3D
Stereo Batch Modes
Protecting Stereo Adjustments When Copying Grades
Stereo Status Display on the Color Page
Automatic Color and Geometry Matching
Stereo Color Match
Stereo Align
Shift Key Convention
T-Bar Panel
Mode Control Group
Session Management
Marking Dynamics
Memory Access
Menu Navigation and Node Control
Reference Confguration
Trackball Panel
List Marking
Menus, Soft Keys and Soft Pot Controls
Soft Key and Soft Pot Control Conventions
Menu Layouts
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DaVinci Resolve Manual

DaVinci Resolve Manual

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