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Scratch Plan

Scratch Plan

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Published by Dhruv Seth

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Published by: Dhruv Seth on Apr 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Lesson Number Aim Time taken Materials/Equipment Task 1(21/03/12)
To get used to theScratch Software,and make surethat my final goalwasaccomplishable, Icreated my first question. I willcontinue fromthere.
My aim for our firstlesson in the CreateStage is to get a start onthe Second Question.I want to be finishedwith the Question Page,The Right and Wronganswer page, And thefirst part of the CorrectAnswer.Note: I will require 4
multiple choice sprite’
 1 lesson.If I complete this taskbefore the end of thelesson. I will try and put thebackgrounds I alreadycompleted together.Red background with a cross.(One continue Sprite)Green Background with atick. (Same Continue Sprite)Question Page thatresembles Facebook.6 Sprites and 4 backgroundsin all.
Task 2(23/03/12)
My aim is to completethe 2
question, andget a start on the 3
Question: Get
.It will take me ½ a lesson,to complete my secondquestion, and I will use theremainder of the time towork on my third questionHomework: My aim forhomework will be to addall the missingsprites/backgrounds, andthen connect the questionbefore next lesson.2
Question: Multiple Choice
Option’s (3 wrong answers, 1
correct answer), MissingBackgrounds, Facebook
Task 3(27/03/12)
For our 3
lesson myaim is to get, all therequired backgroundsneeded for the 4
 Question.1 lessonIf I complete this taskbefore the end of the class,
start getting therequired sprites needed,for the question.Facebook Profile TemplateBlank Profile PictureTemplate (To make the pagelook realistic)Privacy Settings PageWrong Answer PageRight Answer Page
Task 4(30/03/12)
My aim for our 4
 lesson in ComputerTech is to connect thefirst 3 completedQuestions together, (Sothat once one Questionis completed, the userwill directly be lead on,to the next question).50 minutes-Because I haveto create sprites leading onto the next question onwrong answer pages aswell, and additional actionslike making spritesdisappear once clicked etc.I will spend the last 30minutes working on editingany loose ends by receivingfeedback from Mr. JesseSince I have completed 3questions and am on thebeginning of the 4
I needcontinue Sprites to beattached on the wrong &right answer pages, and thengive each sprite an action sothat once the sprite is clickedit will direct the user to thenext question.Question 4
Scratch Plan
During the Plan Stage in Computer Technology our task was to Design a plan that specified our aim foreach lesson, we had to think about the time that we would need for each stage, andmaterials/equipment we will need for each task (Example: 4 Sprites, Background, Fireworks).

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