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electrical engineering

electrical engineering

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Published by king7786

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Published by: king7786 on Apr 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Version 1.2 - ©2003 Paul Henry Dietz - All rights reserved.A Pragmatic Introductionto the Art of ElectricalEngineeringPaul H. DietziiA Pragmatic Introduction to the Art of Electrical EngineeringA Pragmatic Introduction to the Art ofElectrical EngineeringiLICENSERights and ObligationsviiAlmost Free...viiA DisclaimerviiiCREDITSHow Did We Get Here?ixA Book is BornixAnd I Want to Thank All the Little People...xPROLOGUEElectrical Engineering for Fun andProfitxiCold Sandwiches, again?xiElectrical Engineering as Programming andInterfacingxiiThe Basic Stamp 2xiiiAbout This BookxivCHAPTER 1Getting Started with the BASIC Stamp21The Problem1What You Need to Know1What is a BASIC Stamp 2?2How Do I Wire it Up?2How Do I Get to the Software?5A First Example Program5A Second Example Program6A Pragmatic Introduction to the Art of Electrical EngineeringiiiCHAPTER 2Lights and Switches8
The Problem8What You Need to Know8What is Voltage?9What is Current?10What is an LED?12How Do I Interface a Switch?16What is a Seven Segment Display?18Where Do We Go Next?20CHAPTER 3Maybe21The Problem21What You Need to Know22What is a Voltage Divider?22How Do I Solve More Complex ResistiveCircuits?24Are There Any Tricks That Can Make ThisEasier?27What is an Independent Source and What isSuperposition?30What is a Digital to Analog Convertor?32What’s Next?33CHAPTER 4Guess the Number34The Problem34What You Need to Know34What are the limitations on our DAC?35What is an Amplifier?39How do you build an Analog to DigitalConvertor?44What’s Next?47ivA Pragmatic Introduction to the Art of Electrical EngineeringCHAPTER 5Timing is Everything48The Problem
48What You Need to Know49What is a Serial Interface?49What is a Capacitor?53How Do I Use a Capacitor in a Circuit?56What is an Oscilloscope?64What’s Next?67CHAPTER 6Déjà Vue68The Problem68What You Need to Know69What is an Inductor?69How Do I Use an Inductor in a Circuit?71How Do I Handle Nonzero Initial Conditions?78What is an LC Circuit?80What is a Loop Detector?83What’s Next?85CHAPTER 7Off the Wall86The Problem86What You Need to Know87What is AC Power?87What is a Transformer?90What is a Rectifier?92What is a Voltage Regulator?96What’s Next?97CHAPTER 8Taking Control98The Problem98What You Need to Know99A Pragmatic Introduction to the Art of Electrical EngineeringvHow Do I Measure Temperature?99

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