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201107 American Renaissance

201107 American Renaissance

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American Renaissance, July 2011. Therapeutic Incarceration; Tales from the Hood; Quarterbacks, Intelligence, and Race; The Galton Report; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters
American Renaissance, July 2011. Therapeutic Incarceration; Tales from the Hood; Quarterbacks, Intelligence, and Race; The Galton Report; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters

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Published by: American Renaissance on Apr 18, 2012
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American Renaissance - 1 - July 2011
Therapeutic Incarcertaion
Vol. 22 No. 7
There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.
Thomas Jefferson
July 2011
American Renaissance
Prison life as seen by aguard.
by Robert Forrest
work in the prison system of Mary-land, a high-tax, big-government,politically correct blue state. Thestate’s thinking about crime and cor-rections is typically liberal: Everyoneknows that it is expensive to keepsomeone in prison, so why not investin rehabilitation, and keep inmates fromcoming back? The theory is that most of the young men in prisons had deprivedchildhoods in poor, inner-city neigh-borhoods, so most of them can redeemthemselves if we “level the playing
eld” through education and training
and give them a second chance. Thisapproach is supported most strongly byprison system bureaucrats who get a nice
paycheck and fat benets by provid
-ing the education and training. No oneseems to be willing to point out that thisapproach doesn’t work.The theory of rehabilitation meansthat, at least in Maryland, every pris-oner—even those serving life withoutparole—must have the chance to earna GED. Since many are barely literate,in some cases that would be close to 12grades of education. Rehabilitation alsomeans drug abuse treatment, and count-less classes in such things as parentingand anger management that are intendedto turn people away from crime. Manyinstitutions have production facilitiessuch as metal, wood, and upholsteryshops, where criminals get vocational
training (and can nd raw material forweapons). There is even an ofce tech
-nology program where inmates learnabout computers.
This commitment to “rehabilitation”
means that although Americans thinkthey see realistic depictions of prisonlife in television programs, such as
, there is a great deal they neversee. Most taxpayers would be surprisedto learn that some convicted murderersand rapists have televisions and SonyPlay Stations in their cells. They wouldbe surprised to learn that prisoners cansubscribe to pornographic magazines.Federal law requires that inmates getone hour outside their cells every day,but it is only prisoners in administrativeor disciplinary segregation who get nomore than that (see “Integration at its
Worst,” AR, Nov. 2009). In Maryland,
everyone else gets two outdoor recre-ation periods of one or two hours, aswell as an indoor rec period. Besidesthat, there are prison jobs that run fromcooking to janitor work to plumbingand electrical repairs. And, of course,inmates get food, shelter, and medi-cal care—all provided at tremendouscost to Maryland’s heavily burdenedtaxpayers.
“Rehabilitation” does not end at
the prison gates. When an inmate isreleased, taxpayers continue to pay forwhat is supposed to be a transition backto civilian life. Released cons get newID cards issued by the Motor VehiclesAdministration and duplicate birth cer-
ticates and social security cards. There
is also a whole range of services to helpprisoners with job placement, medicaltreatment, and housing.Needless to say, none of this stopsinmates from complaining about theirtreatment. It makes no difference whatthey get from us; they always wantmore. The thought that some hard-working stiff has to pay for it does notcross their minds. It’s not enough tohave cable television; they insist oncertain channels. It’s not enough to have
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Prison should be unpleas-ant. Once you have beenin, you should never wantto go back.
the way it is.
American Renaissance - 2 - July 2011
 Letters from Readers
Sir—After reading the June 2011 arti-
cle “Who’s White; Who’s Not” I would
like to draw your attention to an articlein
 National Geographic
about genetictesting done on men from the Levant
(“Who Were the Phoenicians?” Oct.
2004). The results showed that many of them were of European decent. I wouldassume the rationale the US governmentuses to justify calling people from the
Middle East “white” is that many of 
them really are white. Farsi-speakingIranians are certainly white.Frank Pucillo, Davie, FloridaSir—In her letter to AR of June 2011,Sarah Wentworth praised my book,
 Afrmative Action Hoax 
but pointedout that I do not answer one question:“Whom are the practitioners of racepreferences most trying to deceive:
themselves or others?”I was born in 1943 and have been try
-ing to understand the mentality behindanti-white discrimination by whites
since the middle 1960s. My bewilder
-ment increased when President Nixonand Republicans in the House of Rep-resentatives defeated the one attemptto end anti-white discrimination, whichmost House Democrats supported, andthen increased anti-white discrimina-tion despite Democratic opposition (seepages 271-2, 277-8 of my book).All I can say is that I think that the
mentality of the practitioners of afrma
-tive action is related to the mentality of most of its critics, who claim (incor-rectly, as I show in my book) that its vic-tims are blacks, Hispanics, and Asians,because they do not want to defend itsreal victims: whites. However, I do notunderstand their mentality either.So, I’m sorry Miss Wentworth; yourquestion is obvious and important, butI do not know the answer.Steven Farron, Johannesburg, SouthAfricaSir—I can back up Kyle Bristow’sJune article on blacks and whites seeing
Osama bin Laden’s death differently. On9/11, I was working in lower Manhattan
on Church Street, only one block awayfrom the World Trade Center. As I mademy way north with throngs of people,I heard a black woman scream, “Howcan they do that?
people is up inthere, too. This is the white man’s busi-
ness!” One or two other blacks yelled
similar things. Her complaint was thatwhatever beef Arabs or Muslims hadwith America, it was with the whites inWashington, DC, not black maintenancemen or black secretaries working for
nancial institutions in the towers.
There is something to this view, of course, but it is hardly evidence that
“9/11 brought us all together.”
John Ingram, Harrisburg, Penn.Sir—In Nicholas Stix’s otherwisevery good June review of Jared Taylor’s
White Identity
I was surprised by histreatment of Mr. Taylor’s Chapter 4, the
summary of scientic ndings on racial
awareness. Mr. Stix wrote that he foundthe chapter unpersuasive because he is
not “a Darwinian.”
What does Darwinism have to dowith it? Mr. Taylor reports, for ex-ample, that babies only a few monthsold prefer to look at faces of their ownrace, and that adults show biologicalsigns of stress when they must deal
with people of other races. These nd
ings tell us something signicant about
race, whether you are a Darwinian or acreationist or a Buddhist nudist.What this means is that there arepeople in laboratories all over the coun-try discovering that race directly affectshuman judgment and interaction, anddoes so even when people try very hardto ignore race. Mr. Taylor also cites astrong correlation between a society’s
“diversity” and its level of conict.
The mountain of examples Mr. Taylorassembles to refute the view that “diver-
sity” is a strength is convincing. How
ever, I found the theoretical/biological
framework for preferring homogeneityeven more convincing. Science tells usit is human nature to prefer one’s ownkind. The media are very quiet aboutthis, of course, but it means that any at-tempt to build a multi-racial society isan attempt to remake human nature andtherefore is likely to fail. That chapterall by itself destroys the premises of thelast 50 years of American folly.
Steven J. Andrews, Tulsa, Ok.
Sir—I am more optimistic thanHippocrates about the fate of Europe.
In his June “Galton Report” he predicts
that non-whites will become the major-ity of most of Western Europe withinthis century.However, Europeans are waking
up. Openly restrictionist parties are on
the rise almost everywhere, and themainstream parties must adopt some of their positions if they are not entirelyto lose favor. In the face of the recentonslaught of Tunisians and Libyans,European countries are unilaterallyabrogating the Schengen agreement thatabolished borders within the EuropeanUnion. Poll-takers tell us Marine Le Penshould make it into the second round of the French presidential elections, andthat the Austrian Freedom Party would
come in rst if legislative elections were
held tomorrow.Remember: Europeans cannot behocused with that we-are-a-nation-of-immigrants rubbish that works onAmericans. We cannot be browbeatenwith reminders of how we treated thenatives or enslaved blacks, and manyEuropean countries don’t have animperialist past to apologize for. The
multi-culti edice is weak in Europe; it
could crumble overnight.Astrid Carlsen, Denmark
American Renaissance - 3 - July 2011
better medical care than many honestcitizens on the outside; they want to tellthe doctors how to treat them. Gratitudeis alien to these people.Something else that is nearly uni-versal among prisoners is a completeinability to accept any responsibilityfor their actions. Most of them are, of course, black, and it is interesting, if hardly encouraging, to listen to themtalk. They try to sell you a vision of a world in which racist cops rampagethrough poor neighborhoods, shakingdown blacks and arresting or even shoot-ing them without cause. Some try toconvince you these things happen everyday, as if the police actually had time forracially motivated witch hunts betweenanswering radio calls. If they are inprison it is the fault of the police.It is this complete lack of responsibil-ity that dooms rehabilitation from thestart. Just listen to black inmates whoare close to release. Many started sell-ing drugs as teenagers and have neverhad a real job in their lives. A few blackinmates really do want to leave the thuglife behind and support themselves, but
they are rare. Others complain about thelack of “guaranteed jobs,” and seem to
consider this an excuse for not lookingfor honest work. If they do talk about jobs, they want to know about programsthat are there to help them. For manyof them, the thought of looking for a job without direct government help isinconceivable.After four years with the Depart-ment of Corrections, I have learned that
“therapeutic incarceration,” as I call
it, does not work—and it’s not just animpression. It doesn’t seem to matterhow much we spend trying to reformprisoners; they’ll be back.In 2008 the US Department of Justicereleased the results of a 15-state study of 272,111 released prisoners. No less than
67.5 percent were rearrested within three
years. That was 5 percent more than
the recidivism rate the DOJ found in a15-state study conducted in 1994.
The actual recidivism rate is probablyeven higher. Leonard A. Sipes, a spokes-man for the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services,
says the rate reported by the DOJ is too
low because the study was based on areview of rap sheets, which are oftenincomplete. If a police agency doesn’treport an arrest to the state, it won’tappear on the rap sheet—and a certainnumber of arrests just slip through thecracks. Mr. Sipes estimated that theactual rearrest rate within three years of release was greater than 85 percent.Crime is a young man’s game. Afterthe age of 50 or so, the chances of aman being arrested are close to zero,so the one almost-always reliable re-habilitation program is old age. Whilemen are in their high-crime years, from
late teens to early 30s, job training and
anger-management don’t make muchdifference.
Of course, many offenders are sen
-tenced to life without parole, so theywill never be rearrested. In Maryland,those are people who are in for only themost heinous crimes, such as multiple
murders and gruesome rape/murders.
Typically, an offender who has fourprior incarcerations and a new convic-tion for several counts of armed robberycan still expect to return to the streetssomeday. And the theory is that he willhave been reformed by parenting andanger-management training and is nolonger a threat to society.Wrong. Many inmates have had as
many as 20 arrests and four to ve prior
incarcerations. I’ve seen a criminal his-
tory in which the inmate’s rst arrest
was at age nine. The consequences of this catch-and-release system can be
deadly. One convict who got out after
less than half of a 10-year sentence forrape went on to rape and murder a seven-year-old boy. The millions and millionsof dollars Maryland pours into “rehabili-
tation” are money down a rathole.
Inmate lawsuits
The state—and the nation—alsoassume that prisoners are constantly
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501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; contributions
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American Renaissance
Jared Taylor, EditorCaroline LeBlanc, Assistant EditorHenry Wolff, Web Site Editor
Proud graduates of a course in marriage, family, and parenting given at a Florida prison.

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