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201109 American Renaissance

201109 American Renaissance

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American Renaissance, September 2011. Who Are the Haters?; White Africans Under Black Rule; The Horror, the Horror; Eye Size, Brain Size, and Intelligence; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters
American Renaissance, September 2011. Who Are the Haters?; White Africans Under Black Rule; The Horror, the Horror; Eye Size, Brain Size, and Intelligence; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters

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Published by: American Renaissance on Apr 18, 2012
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American Renaissance - 1 - September 2011
Who Are the Haters?
Vol. 22 No. 9
There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.
Thomas Jefferson
September 2011
American Renaissance
The American way of crushing free speech.
by Jared Taylor
ood government and a healthysociety require the free ex-change of ideas. That is why
throttling it is the rst priority of bigots
and tyrants; their schemes depend onthe suppression of truth. The purposeof the First Amendment, therefore, isto ensure that people of all views, nomatter how disconcerting, have theright to be heard. It is through argumentand explanation—by competing in themarketplace of ideas—that the truth issupposed to prevail.This is why we all claim to revere theFirst Amendment, but for many Ameri-cans this is a sham. Most do not reallycare about freedom of speech. Even if they do not actively try to silence theiropponents they are not much botheredwhen others do the work for them. Theycare about freedom of speech only forthemselves and their friends.How else do we explain the existencein this country of wealthy, powerful—
organizations whose jobis to throttle debate? They do not tryto refute views they oppose; they tryto silence them. They even attack thelivelihoods of people who say thingsthey don’t want to hear. If Americans re-ally believed in free speech, they woulddespise these organizations.I am writing, of course, of groupssuch as the Anti-Defamation League(ADL), the Southern Poverty LawCenter (SPLC), and of smaller onesthat even use threats of force to silenceopponents. Despite their blather about“tolerance” and “diversity,” they can-not tolerate dissent, and they hate realdiversity of views. They fear free speechbecause they fear the power of ideas theycannot refute.There are many ideas these groupstry to suppress, but let us take just one:that it is natural and right for whitesto prefer the company of other whites.In the past, virtually all Americansaccepted this without question, andeven today the overwhelming majoritysilently endorses this preference throughits choice of schools, neighborhoods,churches, friends, and spouses. White
ight and self-segregation are almost as
widespread as ever, but the apostles of tolerance can’t stand it when someonepoints out that this is because it is naturaland healthy.Of all these groups, the SPLC trieshardest to ensure that no one ever public-ly expresses this idea. It never explainswhy it would be natural and healthy forwhites to prefer the company of non-whites. Instead, it devotes millions of dollars to keeping dissidents off radioand television, out of the print media,and invisible to the public. Its role islike that of communist or fascist cen-sors: to snuff out and punish criticismof the reigning ideology. Who wouldhave imagined that such an organizationcould prosper in America?The organizations that hate the prin-ciples behind the First Amendment thenhave the gall to claim that anyone whodisagrees with them is a “hater.” Anyonewho thinks whites deserve countriesand communities in which they arethe majority is a “hater.” Anyone whoconcludes from the evidence that genesexplain why the average Japanese issmarter than the average Haitian is a“hater.” Anyone who notices that diver-sity weakens a country is a “hater.” Any-
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How else do we explainthe existence in thiscountry of wealthy, pow-erful—
—orga-nizations whose job is tothrottle debate?
Inscribed in the US Capitol. The quotation continues: “Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freedom of speech . . . .”
American Renaissance - 2 - September 2011
 Letters from Readers
Sir—I especially enjoyed the Julylead story, “Therapeutic Incarceration.”As a prisoner myself, I can attest to thetruth of most of what Mr. Forrest writes.For example, I agree with Mr. Forrestthat therapeutic rehabilitation is a lostcause. In my experience there is verylittle the prison system can do to reha-bilitate prisoners. If the harsh, violent,lonely reality of prison life itself cannotmotivate change in prisoners, what canwe expect from programs that are, tomost prisoners, “lame,” “square,” andboring. Can you imagine how a course in“parenting skills” goes over in a prison?A great deal of money and effort is be-ing wasted on chasing this liberal—andunrealistic—dream.But what’s the alternative? Mr. For-rest seems to imply that we should doaway with all such programs. Shouldwe throw all criminals in together, lockthem up, and throw away the key? Ithink there is middle ground. Whilerehabilitation is seldom
, it
occur. For whatever reason, manyinmates decide it’s time to change, butthis desire to change comes from
 For those of us ready to change, and es-
pecially for young, rst time offenders,
I believe there should be educational/ vocational training as well as coursesin other life-skills that most people takefor granted but that many criminalslack. This is good for society, not justprisoners.Mr. Forrest left out a very importantaspect of this topic: the solution. If we could separate ourselves just fromblacks, who are only about 13 percentof the population,
of all prisoninmates, and even more than half of vio-lent criminals would disappear. Therewould be a similar though not as dra-matic effect if we could separate fromHispanics. Those two groups accountfor just over a quarter of our populationbut for a huge proportion of crime andprisoners. I would bet money that theirrecidivism rates are higher than whiterates, too. At the same time, the majorityof prisoners taking advantage of rehabprograms are white.Prison segregation is the answer.Unfortunately, the problems will haveto get much worse before liberals ac-knowledge the abject failure of theirmulti-racial agenda, not just in prison,but in society as a whole.Horace Scott Lacy, New Boston,Tex.Sir—In his August 2011 reply toRobert Greenberg’s August 2011 article,“When Whites Lie to Blacks,” JaredTaylor suggested that whites really meanit when say that the races are biologi-cally equivalent. In his other writings,however, Mr. Taylor has pointed out thatwhites
as though there are importantdifferences. They do not live in blackneighborhoods. They do not even liketo drive through black neighborhoods,especially after dark. They do not sendtheir children to black schools.If Melinda Gates really believedthat 95 to 98 percent of blacks have the
intelligence to benet from a university
education she would make the person-nel department at the Gates Foundationhire blacks who score poorly on mentalaptitude tests, give them remedial educa-tion, and put them to work as programmanagers.I suspect very few blacks work for theGates Foundation, and that even thoughno one says this explicitly to their super-visors, less is expected from them.Name Withheld, Philadelphia, Pa.Sir—I got a chuckle out of the AugustOTOM about Steven Gould’s phonyskull study. It is especially deliciousthat Gould had accused a “racist” of letting his prejudices warp his science,but it was he who cooked the data. Whata swine.It reminds me of yet another phonyskull study,
Changes in Bodily Form of  Descendants of Immigrants
, written by
Franz Boaz in 1910. I rst read about
that “study” in a reasonably good 1991book by Carl Degler called
 In Search of  Human Nature
. Boas made the astonish-ing claim that after immigrants lived inthe United States for a generation ortwo, the shapes of their skulls began toconverge to a common pattern, and thatethnic differences disappeared:[The shape of the head] . . .undergoes far-reaching changescoincident with the transfer of thepeople from European to Americansoil. For instance, the East EuropeanHebrew, who has a very round head,becomes long-headed; the south Ital-ian, who in Italy has an exceedinglylong head, becomes more short-headed . . . .Boas later wrote that the cause couldbe “climate, food, or the democraticspirit, or . . . some other more obscure
cause,” such as “prenatal inuence . . .
exerted through the mother.”When I read that, I wrote unhappilyin the margin of the Degler book, “No-body remembers this goofy study, andDegler doesn’t explain the impossibleresults.”Fortunately, Richard L. Jantz of theUniversity of Tennessee did rememberthe study and reanalyzed Boas’ data in2002. Needless to say, “the democraticspirit” and ice cream don’t change skullshape, and Prof. Jantz showed that Boas’
ndings were junk. So yet another lying
swine got his comeuppance, but muchtoo late. The Boas hoax was hugely
inuential, and helped push the country
into the egalitarian ditch. Now, we havebeen stuck there for so long that news of the kind you report about Gould doesn’tseem to help get us out.Sarah Wentworth, Richmond, Va.
American Renaissance - 3 - September 2011one who thinks masses of Third-Worldimmigrants are not helpful for Americaand should stay home is a “hater.”The purpose of all this hate-talk is totry to persuade Americans that anyonewho takes these positions is a moralinferior—probably unhinged—andshould be ignored. The SPLC makes anannual tally of American “hate groups”—many of them nothing more than POboxes—and issues ominous warningsif it detects more “hate” than the yearbefore.For years, I have been one of theSPLC’s “haters.” If it learns that I havebeen on a radio or television program,it calls the producers to berate them. If it learns I am to speak at a university orcivic group, it contacts the organizers totell them I should be denied a podium.It never argues that my facts are wrongor that my conclusions are illogical. Itnever offers opposing views in an opendebate; that would run counter to its mis-sion of suppression. It simply wants togag me. And I am just one of scores of people the SPLC favors with personalattention of this kind.The great irony is that I and otherswho express similar views are a tinyvoice of dissent in the face of monolithicorthodoxy. All the pillars of Americansociety agree that diversity is strength,that race doesn’t matter, that everyoneis equal, and that whites have no groupinterests. Since everyone agreesthat we dissenters are wrong, itshould be child’s play to refutewhat we say. We shouldn’t evenhave to be refuted. Our opponentsshould be pleased when we reachlarger audiences, since it shouldbe obvious to anyone that we aretalking “hateful” nonsense.Why, then, does the SPLC goto such lengths to silence someonelike me? There can be only two reasons.One is that the SPLC knows I am rightbut hates the truth and wants to suppressit. This cannot be completely ruled out,since most of what I say is obviouslytrue, and the rest is overwhelminglyplausible. Anyone who hated whites andhated America might
that diver-sity is a weakness, but
to weakenAmerica by promoting it. Since I opposethose things I must be silenced.The second, more likely reason is thatthe SPLC thinks I am wrong but thinkswhite Americans are such boneheadsthat I will trick them into agreeing withme. Or that whites have been so recentlyrescued from frothing white supremacy,so loosely tamed by orthodoxy that atthe merest hint from me they will startbaying for blood.Either explanation for SPLC behavioris based on hatred, contempt, or fearof whites. If what I say is right, I mustbe suppressed because the SPLC hateswhites and wants to hurt them. If whatI say is wrong I must be suppressedbecause whites are either hopeless doltsor a huge, potential lynch mob waitingfor the slightest provocation.You would think any organizationwould be ashamed to show such con-tempt for Americans. You would thinkthe rest of the country would scorn it,and that it would wither and die—but no.These groups are bursting with money,and most of the media dutifully report itwhen the SPLC or the ADL thinks thus-and-such a person is a “hate-monger”and should be shunned. The media mustshare the SPLC’s disdain for Americansand for freedom of speech, and believewhites are so stupid and vicious theymust be protected from hearing fromthe likes of me.Of course, the Left still sheds tearsover the “victims of McCarthyism” andcan think of few things more shameful inpost-war America than the Hollywoodblacklist. How could a free country havepersecuted people merely because of their politics? The vileness of it! Andyet these same tactics become irresist-ible to the SPLC, ADL, and similar
groups when they nd themselves with
the power to persecute.Keeping people out of the public eyeis not enough for the apostles of toler-ance and diversity. The SPLC tries to
have “haters” red from their jobs. This
goes beyond suppression of dissident
views. Trying to ruin someone nan
-cially is not “politics” or “advocacy,”however thuggish. The SPLC wants tohurt people.A good example of this was the 2005SPLC attack on Kevin Lamb, who wasthe managing editor of the allegedlyconservative
 Human Events
for nearlythree years. Entirely in his free time, heedited
The Occidental Quarterly
, whichpublishes articles the SPLC doesn’tlike.An SPLC employee called up themanagement of 
 Human Events
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American Renaissance is published monthly by theNew Century Foundation. NCF is governed by section501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code; contributionsto it are tax deductible.Subscriptions to American Renaissance are $28.00 per year. First-class postage is
an additional $8.00. Subscriptions to Canada (rst class) are $40.00. Subscriptionsoutside Canada and the U.S. (air mail) are $45.00. Back issues are $4.00 each. Foreign
subscribers should send U.S. dollars or equivalent in convertible bank notes.Please make checks payable to: American Renaissance, P.O. Box 527, Oakton, VA
22124. ISSN No. 1086-9905, Telephone: (703) 716-0900, Facsimile: (703) 716-0932,
Web Page Address: www.AmRen.com
American Renaissance
Jared Taylor, EditorCaroline LeBlanc, Assistant EditorHenry Wolff, Web Site Editor
The Left still weeps for the victims of McCarthyism.

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