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201111 American Renaissance

201111 American Renaissance

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American Renaissance, November 2011. Betrayed by His Church; The Chosen People; The Galton Report; Racial Unity and the American Republic; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters
American Renaissance, November 2011. Betrayed by His Church; The Chosen People; The Galton Report; Racial Unity and the American Republic; O Tempora, O Mores!; Letters

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Published by: American Renaissance on Apr 18, 2012
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American Renaissance - 1 - November 2011
Betrayed by His Church
Vol. 22 No. 11
There is not a truth existing which I fear or would wish unknown to the whole world.
Thomas Jefferson
November 2011
American Renaissance
The craven ring of Frank Borzellieri.
by Jared Taylor
rank Borzellieri, who at one timespoke and wrote frankly on racialissues—he addressedseveral AR conferences—hasbeen fired as principal of aCatholic school in the Bronx.The archdiocese, his employ-er, behaved in the most craven
manner, ring him less than 24
hours after the appearance of adishonest newspaper article.In recent years, Mr. Borzel-lieri has not been active in
racial matters, concentratinginstead on serving his stu
-dents. His six-year record asa teacher and a principal wasexemplary, and he never spokeabout race with students or
faculty. He was red simplyfor holding certain views andhaving the courage to writeabout them—years ago.
What prompted Mr. Borzel-
lieri’s ring was a July hit piece
in the
 New York Daily News
. Writer
Corinne Lestch called him a “rebrand”
with ties to a “white supremacist publi-
cation” which was, of course,
 American Renaissance
. She quoted from his books,in which he pointed out that “diversity
is a weakness” and that increasing num
bers of blacks and Hispanics will bringa New Dark Age to America.
Miss Lestch quoted the SouthernPoverty Law Center as saying thatMr. Borzellieri was still “intimatelyinvolved” with AR. As usual, theSPLC got it wrong. The last time Mr.Borzellieri spoke at an AR event wasin 2002, and he has not written for us
since a piece ve years ago about the
soccer World Cup.Miss Lestch made much of the factthat the school where Mr. Borzellieriworked, Our Lady of Mount Carmel, is
heavily black and Hispanic. Naturally,
she failed to mention that he is widelyliked, or that during his two years as
 principal there had never been the slight
-est hint of “prejudice” or “discrimina-
tion.” Nor did she note that before his
appointment at Mount Carmel, Mr.
Borzellieri taught at St. Barnabas HighSchool and Blessed Sacrament High
School, always earning the highestratings from students and colleagues;no one suggested he was ever unfair to anyone.At one time, Mr. Borzellieri had a
very high public prole. In 1993, he was
elected to School Board 24 in Queens,
and was reelected twice, for 11 yearsof total service. He was an unabashed
 partisan of Western Civilization, and
was probably the best known school board member in the whole country. He
made headlines when he called a pressconference to announce his
call to remove library books
that promoted homosexuality
and contempt for America. He
also called for the removal of 
a biography of Martin Luther 
King, Jr. that he found particu-larly mendacious and offen-
sive. He was invited to write
essays for 
USA Today
, and even the
 New York  Daily News
! He was twice
voted the most popular on the
 board, and would have con
-tinued to serve had his school
 board not been eliminated as
 part of a reorganization of thecity school system.
He spoke at four 
 Ameri-can Renaissance
es—1996, 1998, 2000, and2002—where his witty, upbeat
talks were always immensely
 popular. By our count, he wrote vearticles for AR, the last in 2006.
Before making a career in the Catho-lic school system, Mr. Borzellieri wasa columnist for the
newspaper chain in New York City. His
tart columns on immigration and race
created a furor, but were hugely popular,
and his editor always defended him.
It is important to note that there
was no incident or even allegationthat prompted the
 Daily News
article.A reporter simply hashed over Mr.Borzellieri’s years-old writings and
associations. She had a dead easy job:His record is an open book—no fewer than six books, to be exact—and he has
Continued on page 3
It is the very books thechurch reviewed—andapproved—that formedthe basis of the
 Daily News
hit piece.
Frank Borzellieri at the height of his fame as a school board member.
American Renaissance - 2 - November 2011
 Letters from Readers
Sir—Thomas Jackson summarizes
evolutionary theory in his October re-view of Richard Lynn’s
:Prof. Lynn explains that evolu-
tion works through two effects:greater reproductive success forthe t and higher mortality for theless t. . . . One study of Kalahari
Bushmen found that virtually allwomen had children but only 39
percent of men did. Polygamy istherefore eugenic. . . . Prof. Lynntherefore argues that the CatholicChurch had a dysgenic effect on theWest when it banned polygamy. He
wonders why the Roman emperorswho adopted Christianity deprivedthemselves of multiple wives andscores of children.
The Catholic Church encourageda tradition of monogamy that wasalready the norm in pagan Greek andRoman society. Greek literature presup
poses monogamy from the high epic of 
to the low comedy of Aristophanes’
. The highest
praise for a Roman matron was
 (a one-husband woman, married only
once). The Bible’s praise of monogamyfrom Genesis 2:24 to 1 Tim 3:2 was
consistent with Roman
. The
church imposed monogamy on German
barbarians, not Roman emperors.If evolutionary theory as Prof. Lynnexplains it is true, cultures that live by it
will be more intelligent, prosperous, and
creative than those that reject it. If we
compare the Kalahari Bushmen, Prof.
Lynn’s example of evolution at work,with the peoples of European stock,
whose monogamous way of life contra
-dicts the basic principles of evolutionarytheory, is the prediction confirmed?In
Cultural Insurrections
, Chapter9, “What Makes Western Culture
Unique?” Kevin MacDonald discussesmonogamy as one of Western ”cultural
transformations that cannot be predicted
by any biological/evolutionary theory.”
Not predicted? Never in the history of science has any theory been more com-
pletely falsied than evolutionary theory
in the face of observable phenomena.
Even Marx, Freud, and Keynes must
yield to it before the completeness withwhich its most important predictions
have been falsied (and the stubborn
refusal of its tenured adherents to ac-
knowledge this).Patrick J. Buchanan in a series of books has made a “fact-based” argumentthat the current plight of Europeans in
their ancestral homelands is due to re-
 jecting and ignoring traditional Christianreligion: Catholic, Protestant and Or
thodox. There seems to be a signicantcorrelation between rejecting the Bible
for Darwinism and reduced “reproduc-
tive success.” If Darwinians are really
sincere in their commitment to “repro-
ductive success” as the marker of humanfulllment, they should stop maligning
distinctive traits of Western civilization,
like monogamy and Christianity, and be
-take themselves to the nearest church torequest baptism for themselves and theirwife and child. If they reject this advice,I predict that they will soon join their
role models, the Kalahari Bushmen, in
the dustbin of history.
Christian Kopff, Louisville, Col.Sir—Hooray for Ying Ma (see “TalesFrom the Hood,” July, 2011). At least
Asians are (sometimes) prepared todescribe race relations as they actuallyare.Blacks have no idea how much whitescoddle and excuse them. Mexicans
and Asians will not forgive wildingand ash-mobbing, nor will they hire
incompetent blacks in the name of 
“diversity.”It is amazing that at least some black“leaders” do not realize this. If they had
any sense, they would be the most vocal
supporters of immigration control in the
country. Instead, they are deluded by
fantasies about a “rainbow coalition”that will wring yet more concessions outof the bottomless pit of white generosity.
They are in for a nasty surprise.
Susan Schwartz, Chicago, Il.
Sir—I was pleased to see in the latest
issue that David Yeagley is suing JeffreyImm, Daryl Jenkins, and the lot. Theyshould be made to pay for pressuring
hotels to cancel contracts with American
Renaissance. I’m also glad to see that
AR has a secure location for a confer-ence in 2012. I’ll be there, for sure.
John Picotti, Estacada, Or.Sir—I was glad to see your write upin the October “O Tempora” sectionabout Ian Deary’s research on genes andintelligence. He and his team have nal
-ly done what pre-DNA studies could not
do: prove that intelligence has a genetic
basis. Until now, we have had virtuallyirrefutable evidence—from twin studiesand the like—but no one had been able
to point to specic genes and say: “Thisis what makes people smart.”
Unfortunately, we’re not quite thereyet. Dr. Deary has only shown, to astatistical certainty, that particularDNA sequences are correlated with
intelligence. He has not yet been ableto pinpoint specic genes that code forhigh IQ, and we are probably a long wayfrom understanding the chemical path
-ways that lead from particular alleles
to more efcient brains. However, thescientic foundation has been laid, andwith enough processing power we willnd at least some of the no doubt manygenes that contribute to intelligence.
And there can be no doubt that those
genes are not distributed equally in all
No wonder Dr. Deary’s research got
so little attention in the mainstreampress.Paul Arden, Novi, Mich.
American Renaissance - 3 - November 2011
never concealed his views.
What makes the archdiocese’s ac-tions particularly contemptible is that
important church gures knew of Mr.Borzellieri’s writings, studied them
carefully, and officially pronounced
them compatible with church teaching.
In 2007, when Mr. Borzellieri was
working at St. Barnabas High School,
the principal, Michael Musante, recom-mended that he be promoted to Dean of 
Discipline. Monsignor Edward Barry,
the head of the parish, read Mr. Borzel-
lieri’s books and sent them to Monsignor
Michael Hull at the Archdiocese for
examination. Monsignor Hull’s job was
to vet materials to make sure they did not
violate Catholic teaching. He assuredMonsignor Barry that the books werene, and that the promotion should gothrough. Mr. Borzellieri later took on
more responsibilities as Dean of StudentAffairs, even as he continued to teach
English and journalism.
It is the very books that Monsignor Hull reviewed—and approved—thatformed the basis of the
 Daily News
Two years later, in 2009, Mr. Borzel-lieri was hired as principal of Our Lady
of Mount Carmel School. Monsignor
Barry, who had sent Mr. Borzellieri’s
books to Monsignor Hull for approval,
recommended Mr. Borzellieri very
highly to Mount Carmel’s administra
-tion:I hired Frank in 2006 as a teacher
in my high school. From his teaching
position he was promoted to Deanof Discipline as well as moderator
of our high school newspaper. In
the three years of his employmentFrank has always been punctual,reliable, industrious, balanced,open to new ideas and a team player
with good communication skills
as an administrator. Frank alwaysexhibits a positive attitude towardthe students and the school, all the
while maintaining discipline in theschool and living up to the school’s
mission statement. I am sad to have
him leave us; however I am glad thathe is pursuing his talents to the bestof his ability.”
Mr. Borzellieri’s principal also wrote
a strong recommendation:
Frank served in the dual capacityof teacher and Dean of Disciplineand performed his duties with en-
ergy, efciency and integrity. Frankbrings to his work a determination
to do his very best and to serve theinterests of the school and its stu-
dents. . . . [H]e gained the trust and
respect of the students who saw himas even handed and fair, and they ac-
tually taught him how to smile whiledealing with disciplinary matters—again, no small achievement withteenagers! . . . He will continue togrow as responsibilities are givento him and would be a ne choice
to lead a school. He possesses the
experience and maturity to do a ne
 job. I heartily endorse his candidacyfor the position.In his new post as principal at MountCarmel, Mr. Borzellieri impressed his
new parish boss, Father Eric Rapaglia,
who renewed his contract twice. Mr.
Borzellieri was fully expecting to return
to Mount Carmel this fall when he wascontacted by the
 Daily News
. He real-ized immediately that reporter Corinne
Lestch was going to write a hit piece,and gathered signatures from formercolleagues for the following statement:We the undersigned are either
present or past employees of St.
Barnabas High School. All of us
worked with Frank Borzellieri whenhe was a teacher and the Dean of Student Affairs at St. Barnabas.Never once did we know of anycomplaint by either parents or
students against Frank on racial orethnic grounds. Never once did a
student come to us and state thatFrank had mistreated them or dis-
criminated against them at any time
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is published monthly by
the New Century Foundation. NCF is governed
by section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal RevenueCode; contributions to it are tax deductible.
Subscriptions to American Renaissance are $28.00 per year. First-class postage isan additional $8.00. Subscriptions to Canada (rst class) are $40.00. Subscriptionsoutside Canada and the U.S. (air mail) are $45.00. Back issues are $4.00 each. Foreign
subscribers should send U.S. dollars or equivalent in convertible bank notes.Please make checks payable to: American Renaissance, P.O. Box 527, Oakton, VA
22124. ISSN No. 1086-9905, Telephone: (703) 716-0900, Facsimile: (703) 716-0932,Web Page Address: www.AmRen.com
American Renaissance
Jared Taylor, Editor
 Caroline LeBlanc, Assistant EditorHenry Wolff, Web Site Editor
A ne book in 2007 but now “incompatible
with the philosophy and practices” of theMount Carmel School.Fr. Eric Rapaglia now claims he had no ideawhat Mr. Borzliieri wrote in his books.

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