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Own It All the Shit You Do

Own It All the Shit You Do

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Published by Phil Inman-Jones
Saying goodbye in my inimitable wacky style to an ex flame. I shall miss her. I will.
Saying goodbye in my inimitable wacky style to an ex flame. I shall miss her. I will.

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Published by: Phil Inman-Jones on Apr 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Own it all, the shit you doI now own all the bad I did to you. I own it all, the shit you do. The things I say. Thepromises that we make, often just evaporate. The intentions meant as purewhen thought.The feelings I feel. The words I think I heardyou say.......... Threats, desire. Shall we attempt to Communicate?Amusing how it all twists and seems to intertwine. Like a broken bone it knits upfine!Just go away.........Sigh.You tire me. I bore me. Your needs , needs , needs …...Damnyour constant needs. Attention needed or Tragedienne? Drama , drama......withno end.Shouted things and muttered prayers. My burning rage is never fair......Wherewere wewhen we weren't there? God rest this mess. We fell far short. Co-dependence adanceworse than abuse? Could be......depends on our view ! I miss you andyou seem to hate me. Why did we spend the same years together? Our time waswastedon us you see....... if all you remember is your narrow view. I point out the factthat I ama human too. With needs and selfish desires. You are sick of my wants anddesires.Passion still
in my breast a burning fire....I know you feel that sick dependence on me too. I pray it goes away someday. Imiss youor sometimes think I want too....No, I do, I do.......Just know that more than that , I miss ME too! I need to be the me I used to be.Before I climbed that cursed rotten tree. The one that held the forbidden fruit.I ate too much........I need to puke......I own it all.The lies meant to save our pride. The wasted , stupid wasted time. The dayswaitingon you to return. The phone calls I never made. The way I didn't make you feel. Thefake way that I felt you made me feel. How? It is impossible for one human toforceanother rational intelligent human to feel any emotion. Is it not? Ahhh. They saythat that is true. But they say a lot of shit. They do!!So where are we now? What have we learned? The Whoremonger and the ladyspurned.The lass in question a loss or win? Were we ever truly friends? For at end of dayonequestion remains. Should I hate her for not being everything that I imagined shewouldbe for me? Or should I hope she makes her way along the path. Whole and well.Stronger........Wounded but smarter. Weary but determined........

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