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Published by dexxter2012

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: dexxter2012 on Apr 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity Rod R.Blagojevich,Governor Jack Lavin,Director 
Administrator ManualForklift Safety
State of Illinois
The Onsite Safety and Health Consultation Program is a part of DCEO’s Bureau of Technologyand Industrial Competitiveness. The mission of the Consultation Program is to assist employersin compliance with the OSHAct and in providing employees with a safer and more healthfulworkplace. This is important to the organization’s long-term success. We provide no-costoccupational safety and industrial hygiene services to any Illinois employer upon request. Thisprogram is funded
90% by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Call us at1-800/972-4216 for a no-cost consultation.
Operators Must Be Trained - Page 1Course Outline for Training - Page 4Written Tests - Page 5Practice Drills – Page 8Performance Records – Page 13Frequently Asked Questions – Page 16The Administrator Manualcontains information andmaterials that can assist theemployer in providing a saferand more healthfulworkplace. If you havecomments on how toimprove the materials,please contact R. Mosley at1/815-939-8028
Administrator Manual - Forklift Safety 12/03 Page 1
Forklift Operators Must BeTrained
An untrained operator of aforklift can be as dangerous asan unlicensed operator of amotor vehicle.
OSHA standards require that the employerensure that a forklift operator is competentto operate the forklift he or she is assignedto use. The employer must documentoperator training and an evaluation of theoperator’s performance while using theforklift.Training has three parts:
formal instruction such as a lecture,discussion, interactive computerlearning, video tape and or writtenmaterial;
practical training which includes hands-on demonstrations by the trainer andexercises by the trainee; and
an evaluation of the effectiveness of thetraining by observing the operator’sperformance while doing actual workusing the forklift. This evaluation mustbe repeated at least once every threeyears.Refresher training must be given if theoperator is observed operating the truck inan unsafe manner, is involved in anaccident, near miss, or is assigned adifferent type of truck.
Los operadores demontacargas deben recibircapacitación
Un operador que no ha recibidocapacitación para emplear unmontacargas puede resultar tanpeligroso como el operador de unvehículo sin licencia.
Las normas de OSHA exigen que elempleador garantice que el operador estácapacitado para operar el montacargas quese le asigna. El empleador debedocumentar la capacitación del operador yuna evaluación de su desempeño sobre eluso del montacargas.La capacitación consta de tres partes:
instrucción formal, como disertaciones,debates, aprendizaje informáticointeractivo, vídeos y/o material escrito;
capacitación práctica, que incluyedemostraciones prácticas efectuadaspor quien capacita, y ejercicios quedebe realizar el empleado;
una evaluación de la eficacia de lacapacitación mediante la observacióndel desempeño del operador al trabajarcon el montacargas. Esta evaluación sedebe repetir al menos una vez cada tresaños.Deben organizarse cursos de actualizaciónsi se observa que el operador no opera elvehículo prudentemente, se accidenta, casillega a accidentarse o si se le asigna otrotipo de vehículo.

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