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Laws of Nature Survey

Laws of Nature Survey

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Published by G-A-Y

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Published by: G-A-Y on Apr 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Laws of Nature and of Nature’s
2012 Candidates
(The FAMiLY LEADER/Iowa Family PAC)
Moral, Ethical and Behavioral Foundation
Do you believe in the one Christian God as the Creator of the universe?_______Yes _______No2.
Do you believe that the one Christian God reveals Himself in the Christian Bible(Old Testament + New Testament) and in our individual lives?_______Yes _______No3.
Do you believe that the Christian Bible includes a comprehensive and completeset of principles for moral and ethical behavior, i.e. Natural Laws?_______Yes _______No
The Governance of Our Culture
Do you believe that the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitutionwere drafted by men who understood and agreed with the idea of Natural Laws?_______Yes _______No
Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God comes from the opening paragraph of the Declaration of 
Independence, and are the source of all our laws and government.
Do you believe that the U.S. and Iowa Constitutions are clear in their purpose andintent in creating national and state governance mechanisms, i.e. ConstitutionalRepublic and State
that outline the separation of powers between the legislative,executive and judicial departments of the government?_______Yes _______No6.
Do you believe that a key presupposition of both the U.S. and Iowa Constitutionsis that civic office holders are expected to adhere to Biblical governanceprinciples, i.e. the Laws of Nature
and of Nature’s God
?________Yes _______No
Pro-Family Policy
Do you agree it is critical to pass an amendment to the Iowa Constitution statingthat marriage between one man and one woman shall be the only legal union validor recognized in this state?_______Yes _______NoExplanation:8.
Do you agree that the Governor of Iowa should issue an Executive Order
the continued granting of marriage licenses in Iowa to same sex couplesuntil the citizens of Iowa vote on a marriage amendment?_______Yes _______NoExplanation:9.
Do you agree that the Iowa Supreme Court significantly breached the Laws of Nature and of 
 Nature’s God in upholding District Judge Robert Hanson’s rulingthat Iowa’s Defense of Marriage Act was unconstitutional?
 _______Yes _______No
Do you fully support parental choice in education, where the education funds
follow the student to the school of the parents’ choice?
 _______Yes _______NoExplanation:11.
Will you confirm/select only pro-life, pro-marriage appointees for relevantexecutive branch positions, including, but not limited to the Department of PublicHealth?_______Yes _______NoExplanation:12.
Do you believe that federal, state, and local law should protect innocent life fromconception to natural death?_______Yes _______NoExplanation:13.
Do you support ending taxpayer funding of abortion and organizations thatperform or refer for abortions?_______Yes _______No14.
Do you believe that gambling is a vice, as defined in Iowa Code Chapter 725?_______Yes _______No

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