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Everett St Intersection

Everett St Intersection

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Published by harry_mattison
Proposed changes to Everett Street between Adamson & Aldie Streets
Proposed changes to Everett Street between Adamson & Aldie Streets

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Published by: harry_mattison on Apr 18, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Zach Wassmouth
 Fayssal Husseini, PE, PTOE, LEED Green AssociateDavren Chartier, EIT, LEED Green Associate
April 16, 2012
 Everett Street, Brighton, Traffic Engineering ServicesNitsch Project #7917.31The goal of this memorandum is to evaluate the feasibility of installing a crosswalk across Everett Street (overI-90) at the intersection of Everett Street (over I-90) at Everett Street. Nitsch Engineering conducted apedestrian crossing count at the aforementioned intersection to evaluate the demand of the crosswalk. NitschEngineering also performed a spot speed study and a sight distance analysis to evaluate the safety of thecrosswalk location. Nitsch Engineering performed the pedestrian count, spot speed study, and sight distanceanalysis on March 19, 2012. A copy of the field measurements for the pedestrian count, spot speed study, andsight distance analysis are attached.
Spot Speed Study
Nitsch Engineering conducted a spot speed study for vehicles travelling both northbound (NB) and southbound(SB) on Everett Street (over I-90). The average speeds of vehicles travelling SB and NB on Everett Street(over I-90) were 22.8 mph and 27.3 mph, respectively. The 85
percentile speeds for vehicles travelling SBand NB were 27 mph and 30 mph, respectively.
Sight Distance Analysis
Stopping sight distance (SSD) is the distance traversed by a vehicle from the instant the driver sights an objectnecessitating a stop to the instant the brakes are applied, plus the distance needed to stop the vehicle from theinstant brake application begins
. Stopping sight distance was measured using AASHTO (AmericanAssociation of State Highways and Transportation Officials) guidelines based on vehicle travel speed, driver’seye height, and height of object. Intersection sight distance (ISD) is the distance required for vehicles exitingthe minor street to safely access the adjacent roadway without interrupting the flow of traffic on the adjacentroadway
. For intersection sight distance, AASHTO includes both a minimum and recommended distance,with the minimum distance equal to the stopping sight distance. No posted speed limits were observed duringthe field visit. Therefore, a design speed of 30 mph was used to obtain the sight distance values for bothstopping and intersection sight distance.Stopping sight distance for vehicles travelling SB & NB along Everett Street (over I-90) approaching thepotential crosswalk location and intersection sight distance for vehicles on Everett Street looking south andnorth along Everett Street (over I-90) were measured and compared with the AASHTO required andrecommended values. Refer to Table 1 for a comparison of measured and required sight distances.
A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets, AASHTO, Washington D.C., 2004, Chapter 3
Ibid, Chapter 9
Table 1 - Sight Distance Analysis
Sight Distance Analysis
Vehicles travelling on SSD Measured SSD RequiredEverett St (over I-90) (feet) (feet) Source of Required SD*
NB 160 205 Exhibit 3-2SB 260 200 Exhibit 3-1
Vehicles stopped on ISD Measured ISD RequiredEverett St (feet) (feet)
Looking South 160 335 (for Left Turn) Exhibit 9-55Looking North 460 290 (for Right Turn) Exhibit 9-58
*From AASHTO's "A Policy on Geometric Design of Highway and Streets", 2004SD = Sight DistanceSSD = Stopping Sight DistanceISD = Intersection Sight Distance
As can be seen from Table 1, the only sight distance that satisfies the required amount is the SSD for vehiclestravelling SB on Everett Street (over I-90), which was measured to be approximately 260 feet from the locationof the potential crosswalk. Nitsch Engineering measured the NB SSD to be approximately 160 feet, whichdoes not satisfy the required SSD of 205 feet (The 205 feet SSD accounts for the 3% downgrade slope). TheISD for vehicles on Everett Street making both left and right turns onto Everett Street (over I-90) is also notsatisfied due to the measured ISD of 160 feet of vehicles looking South when the required ISD is 335 feet.
Pedestrian Count
Nitsch Engineering conducted a pedestrian count to count the pedestrians crossing Everett Street (over I-90) inthe vicinity of the intersection of Everett Street (over I-90) at Everett Street. An average of 10 pedestrians perhour were counted crossing Everett Street (over-I90) in the vicinity of the intersection of Everett Street (over I-90) at Everett Street.
Design Turning Radii
The turning templates shown on the attached layout represent the turning radii for all movements at theintersection of Everett Street (over I-90) and Everett Street for SU-30 and large car.
In conclusion, the provided SSD for vehicles travelling NB on Everett Street (over I-90) is 45 feet less than therequired value according to AASHTO. Based on the safety considerations, Nitsch Engineering does notrecommend installing a crosswalk across Everett Street (over I-90) at the intersection of Everett Street (over I-90) at Everett Street.
O:\7917.31 Boston Int\Transportation\Project Data\Everett Street Memo\7917.31-Memo.docx
Everett Street Speed Study, Ped. Count, & Sight Distance Field Data
Nitsch EngineeringJob # 7917.31Performed on 3/19/12Performed by DJCPerformed 4:30-5:00 pmWeather: Sunny, 65 F
Data Point #SBNB
Performed on Everett St, by Aldie St12225224293242842028
Ped. Count:
52128Peds crossing Everett Street between Aldie St & Adamson St:622285 counted betweed 4:30 and 5:00 pm72224
Average 10 ped/hour crossing Everett St
Sight Distance Measurements:
132226Vehicles travelling NB on Everett St (over I-90):
160 feet
142728Vehicles travelling SB on Everett St (over I-90):
260 feet
172431Vehicles stopped on Everett St Looking South:
160 feet
182330Vehicles stopped on Everett St Looking North:
460 feet
Average =22.827.385th Percentile =2730Everett Street observed Speeds (MPH)
Spot Speed Study

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