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Korean Beginner S3 Lesson #10 - It’s Been a Long Time Since You’ve Seen a Lesson Like This!

Korean Beginner S3 Lesson #10 - It’s Been a Long Time Since You’ve Seen a Lesson Like This!



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Published by Chin-Hwa
Korean Beginner lessons
Korean Beginner lessons

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Published by: Chin-Hwa on Dec 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Learn Korean withFREEPodcasts
Beginner Lesson S3
It’s Been a Long Time Since You’ve Seen a Lesson Like This!
Korean Hangul2Romanization2English2Alternative Transcript2Vocabulary3Grammar Points3
Learn Korean withFREEPodcasts
Korean Hangul
(1)! ! !(2)엄마머, 엄마! 1년만이지? 우는 어? 군대에서 나와?(3). 3. ? ?(4)수 엄... 우리 민? 는 미로 유학 갔, 3돌아왔어. 에휴... 못 살아 내가...(5), !!
(1)hyeongueommaeomeo! minsu eomma! oraenmaniya!(2)minsu eommaeomeo, hyeongu eomma! ilnyeonman-iji? minsu-neun jal isseo?gundae-eseo jaju nawa?(3)hyeongueommaani. eoje sedalman-e nawasseo. minsu-neun? jal jinae?(4)minsu eommaaigo...uri minsu? minsu-neun miguk-euro yuhak gatneunde,sedalman-e dorawasseo. ehyu... mot sara, nae-ga...(5)hyengueommaminsu eomma, himnae!
(1)Hyeongu'smotherHuh? Minsu's mother! Long time no see!(2)Minsu'smotherHuh? Hyeongu's mother! It's been a year, right? How isHyeongu? Is he home from the army often?(3)Hyeongu'smotherNo, he came out yesterday after three months. How aboutMinsu? How is he?(4)Minsu'smotherWhew... Minsu? Minsu went to America to study, but he cameback in three months. Whew... it's so frustrating.(5)Hyeongu'smotherMinsu's mother, cheer up!
Alternative Transcript
(1)! ! !(2)수 엄머, 우 엄! 1년만이죠? 수는 잘 있어요? 대에서 자나와요?
LC: 290_B_S3L10_110708 © www.KoreanClass101.com - All Rights Reserved 2008-11-07
Learn Korean withFREEPodcasts
(3). 3. ? ?(4)엄마이고... 우리 수요? 수는 국으갔는데, 3달만돌아왔어요. 에휴... 못 살아요 내가...(5), !!
Hangul Romanization English Synonyms
eomeooh my, oh deargundaearmy, troopsjajufrequently, oftennaodato come outyuhakstudying abroaddoraodato return, to come backehyuphewhimnaedato cheer up
Vocabulary Sample Sentences
어머! 나 어떡해?
Oh my! What am I going to do?
한국에서 남자들은 군대에 가야 해요.
In Korea, men have to go to the army.
유라는 거짓말을 자주 해.
Yura lies a lot.
주머니에서 이것이 나왔어요.
This came out of my pocket.
내 여동생은 영국으로 유학갔어.
My younger sister went to England to studyabroad.
이제 돌아가자.
Let's go back now.
에휴... 힘들다.
Phew... I'm tired.
힘내요. 잘 될 거예요.
Cheer up. It's going to be alright.
Grammar Points
Grammar Point #1 -It Has Been + Time / In + Time
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------만 (man) is a particle used to indicate how much time has passed since a previous actionhappened or a state began until the present moment, when another action is happening orthe state is changing. There isn't a direct translation for this particle that always works, but itis usually translated as it has been + timeor “after/in + time.The form time + 만 is a noun,so -can be attached to it to modify an action.
LC: 290_B_S3L10_110708 © www.KoreanClass101.com - All Rights Reserved 2008-11-07

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