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Pasadena Energy Efficiency Rebate Application 2008

Pasadena Energy Efficiency Rebate Application 2008



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Published by jenkinspp
Pasadena Energy Efficiency Rebate Application EEP Rebate Application Form Aug31 08
Pasadena Energy Efficiency Rebate Application EEP Rebate Application Form Aug31 08

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Published by: jenkinspp on Dec 16, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Version Date 08/31/08
Pasadena Water & Power is proud to announce the launch of a newenergy savings incentive program for its non-residential customers:
The Energy Efficiency Partnering (EEP) program.
Under the EEP program, any permanently installed energy-saving retrofit project may qualify for arebate incentive. Projects that are the most cost effective and achieve more energy (kWh) savingsand demand (kW) reduction may receive higher rebates.
Energy Efficiency Partnering Program Overview
Standard Rebate
*For Energy Efficiency Savings (kWh):
For each kWh that the new project saves in comparison to the existing equipment's kWh usage, youwill receive $0.11 (for a minimum of six months, and up to 36 months).
For Energy Demand Reduction (kW):
If your project also reduces your coincidental summer peak load by 10 kW or more, you will receivean additional $100 for each peak kW that has been reduced (for up to three years)
Bonus Rebate (for a limited time only!)* 
Your project may be eligible for a bonus of 
up to 25% of your standard rebate amount.
Please seestep 3 under "EEP Rebate Process" below for details.
Apply for the EEP Program
These incentives are effective as of March 7, 2008. All rebates are subject to change without notice.Please contact your Account Manager for further information. Once you have completed steps 1, 2and 3 in the EEP Rebate Process list below, your rebate will be reserved per the terms stated. Allrebates are subject to third party engineering analysis at the department's discretion to determine theexact rebate amount.
It's easy to get started! Just follow the steps in the EEP Rebate Process below! 
* The total rebate cannot be higher than 65% of the installation cost with the bonus rebate, and not to exceed50% without the bonus. Projects that qualify for rebates exceeding $100,000 may be paid in installments basedupon funding levels.
Next Step
lick on the link
"Start Rebate Calculation Process
" below and fill in the "Customer, Vendor Project Type" form. Then select next link depending on your Project Type.Save your completed Excel file, and send it as an attachment to
Please put
"EEP Rebate"
in the subject line.Also attach an electronic copy of the signed project proposal from the vendor.PWP will review the project after we receive the Excel file and the copy of the signed projectproposal. Upon approval, PWP will send you a Rebate Reservation Application form. Sign thisform and send it back to PWP. The standard rebate funds will be reserved for your project oncePWP receives the signed Rebate Reservation Application form. To qualify for the
"Bonus Rebate",
A) all paperwork must be received, B) installation must be completed, and C)installation must be verified by PWP by December 31, 2008.A pre-installation inspection will be scheduled. When applicable, data loggers or other energymeasurement equipment will be used at your site for energy savings validation.
Upon project completion, at PWP's discretion, third party engineering verification will beconducted before final rebate amount is determined.
Once the final rebate amount is determined, you will receive your rebate within 4 - 6 weeks.
EEP Rebate ProcessInstructions
Lighting projects:
• LED Exit Signs will be rebated with $50 per fixture. For LED lighting projects to qualify,• For all other lighting installations fill out the "Lighting Installation Entry" sheet and then go to
Non-lighting project types:
 • The link will lead you to the "Rebate Estimate" sheet, where you will select Project Type,
If you require any assistance with the steps in the rebate process,please contact Robert Thompson (rthompson@cityofpasadena.net) at (626) 744-6970.including cooling towers, fans, etc.○ Select "Package HVAC Units" if the project has to do with anything involving package○ The category "Motors/Compressors” includes VFD’s, retrofits, etc.○ The category "Central Plants" includes anything involved in the central plantHelp for selecting "Project Type":manufacturer's warranty must guarantee light degradation not to exceed 15% during thewarranty period, which can not be less than 5 years = 43,800 hours (submit with requiredforms). Fill out the “LED Exit Signs Install Entry" sheet and then go to "LED Exit Signs Totals &Rebate" to review a summary of savings and your estimated rebate.to “Lighting Totals & Rebates” to get a summary of savings and the estimated rebate.○ "Chilled Water Conversion" refers to package units for chilled water conversion.units except chilled water conversion (see below).
(Tip: Use the Tab key to move between fields)
Business Name:Business License #:Federal Tax ID #:CA State Contractor's License #:AddressStreet #:Direction:Street Name:Suffix:Unit/Suite:City:State:Zip:Phone (with Area Code):Email AddressInstaller/Sales Rep Name:Proposal #:Date of Bid:
Expiration Date:
Business Name:Responsible Party/Contact:Title:Business Type:PWP Electric Account #:Service AddressStreet #:Direction:Street Name:Suffix:Unit/Suite:City:State:Zip:Street #:Direction:Street Name:Suffix:Unit/Suite:City:State:Zip:Phone (w Area Code):Alt Phone:Fax: Email:PWP Account Manager:Date Pre-Installation Inspection:
Date Post Installation Inspection:
Building Square Ft:
(Numbers only)
Energy Star Rating (if Building square ft is 100,000 or more):
Motors & CompressorsChilled Water ConversionPackage HVAC UnitsCentral PlantOther LED Exit SignsNext StepNext Step
Mailing Address
(if different from Service Address)
Other LightingProjects
þÿþÿ*SelectType* þÿþÿ

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