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Chavkin - Mind Stealers - Psycho Surgery and Mind Control (1978)

Chavkin - Mind Stealers - Psycho Surgery and Mind Control (1978)

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Published by Miley

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Published by: Miley on Apr 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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"An important, shocking book thatwill provoke controversy and outrage."*
''All over the nation neurosurgeons are now at work modifying or'curing' drug addicts, alcoholics, homosexuals, neurotics and other'deviants.' The hundreds of thousands of children diagnosed ashyperactive are drugged into passivity. Juvenile offenders are subjectedto imprisonment, behavior mod, drug injections. Adult prisoners, mostlyfrom lower economic rungs, serve as guinea pigs for 'aversive therapy'programs. Patients in mental hospitals forcibly undergo ultrasound treat-ment ('laundered lobotomy']. Finding predictive techniques for weedingout the 'potentially violence-prone' among us is a burgeoning science.Legal protections against psychotechnology are constantly eroded. BigBrother telemetry for the surveillance of every citizen is on the drawingboards. Chavkin's prediction that mind control techniques could becomestandard equipment of government, prisons and police departments isbacked by force-ful documentation in which he names names of agencies, labs and professionals participating in such programs. Animportant, shocking book that will provoke controversy and outrage."—Publishers Weekly*
Who are the mind stealers?They are the researchers who are developing new ways to control our minds with drugs,conditioning, electric shock, ultrasound, and surgery.They are the "social scientists" who would use these new discoveries not for medicalpurposes but for social and political ends.It is one thing when a doctor prescribes drugs or surgery to treat diseases, whetherphysical or mental. It is another when political dissent or criminal behavior or just an oddlife style is conveniently labeled a disease—and then treated by force. This is happeninghere and now to powerless groups of people-children, mental hospital patients, old people,prisoners. And it happens to political dissenters, even in our own country.We are concerned when foreign psychiatrists lock up political dissenters. Have welooked at the new forms of torture by "aversive treatment" in our own prisons andchildren's centers? We were shocked because the CIA tried out mind-bending drugs. Dowe know our public schools tell some parents to drug their children or remove them fromschool?Agencies of our government have a part in these developments, even the U.S. PublicHealth Service and the National Institutes of Health. The National Commission for theProtection of Human Subjects of Biomedical and Behavioral Research was supposed toprotect us, instead it has given an ambiguous blessing to experiments on prisoners, mentalpatients, and children.Behind the enforcers stand those scientists who would have us believe that crime andviolence are directly related to a physical brain dysfunction or genetic deformity—whichthey will treat even though they cannot prove there is any physical malfunction or diseaseto start with.A real shocker, Chavkin's The Mind Stealers is a hard-hitting expose of the cominguses of psychosurgery and technological control over our minds.SAMUEL CHAVKIN was co-founder and for eighteen years editorial director of Scienceand Medicine Publishing Company, which published newspapers in different medical dis-ciplines for the practicing physician. Knowing what is best about American medicine, healso was early aware of some dangerous trends. He is a member of the NationalAssociation of Science Writers. Brought up in New York and a graduate of BrooklynCollege, Mr. Chavkin has done postgraduate work at the University of Mexico, the NewSchool for Social Research, and the Asia Institute.

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