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On Being Conservative, by M.D.Duncan

On Being Conservative, by M.D.Duncan

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Published by Michael Duncan

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Published by: Michael Duncan on Apr 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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On being ConservativeTo respond to the first lady’s most recent attempts to define what is Christian leadership,and misusing the Bible to support her husbands’ political agenda, I was tempted to renamethis article “On Being a Christian Political Leader.” But I’ve elected to stick to definingConservatism since her husband likes to self-define himself as Reaganesque as well…Conservatives, Republicans, Independents, Christians, Socially minded preservationistsmust answer these questions for our culture, “what is the benefit of being conservativeanyway? And how do you define a conservative?”The biggest concern for the conservative isn’t necessarily the “trilateral” com-mission, it isthe trilateral O-mission:Trilateral speaks to the fact that one who is a conservative is a conservative in three integralways,*He is one socially and with conservative values and morals, and invites conversation of God in every sector of life.*She is one fiscally and believes in conservative economic principles, lean and mean business, low taxation, incentives for job growth, business expansion policies to generatewealth and revenue for companies and the people.*He is one politically and believes in conservative ideals of small government, and power and freedom to the people (was actually called classical liberalism back in the day!)Liberation from the tyranny of oppressive government!Anyone who calls himself/herself a conservative who is amiss on any or one of these isn’t atrue conservative. Anyone who omits one of these falls short of true conservatism.Anyone who fails on all three is considered a bone fide modern day liberal committing thetrilateral omission:*They believe conservative values and norms have little bearing on public discourse, andwant to shut the conversation of God out of the public discourse.*They believe in liberal spending, monetary expansion, and high taxation economics.*They believe that the bigger government, the better; more regulation, more control over the peoples choices, and more intervention in the private sector and business and corporatesector.Conservatives believe we need to shrink the government to match the revenue, not increasethe taxes to match the government.

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