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isine part motor gl pro neo tech
isine part motor gl pro neo tech

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: haryanto abu khonsaa' on Apr 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Daftar Harga Suku CadangHonda GL PRO NEO TECHHonda Genuine Part (HGP)
Nomor Suku Cadang Nama Suku Cadang Harga (Rp)06535041010 RACE STEERING KIT 90,0001109-162NS SPOKE ,162NSMIN 25,2001109-162S SPOKE SET 31,0001110-196NS SPOKE ,196NSMIN 28,0001110-196S SPOKE SET,27519 33,00011100KCJ711 CRANKCASE COMP,R 473,30011108KCN000 PLATE,BEARING SET 35,60011191KCJ710 GASKET,CRANKCASE 16,00011200KCJ710 CRANKCASE,L 498,00011361KEH900 COVER,L RR CRANK 58,00011363437620 RUBBER,RR MOUNT 20,40011393KCJ710 GASKET,R COVER 15,00011395KCJ710 GASKET,L COVER 6,00012000KCN000 HEAD,CYLINDER 2,696,00012100KEH900 CYLINDER COMP 2,150,00012191437020 GASKET,CYLINDER 5,00012204439305 GUIDE,IN VALVE 93,00012206KCN305 GUIDE,EX VALVE 93,00012208413003 SEAL,VALVE STEM 32,90012251331772 GASKET,CYL HEAD 73,50012271383000 RUBBER OIL SEAL 16,50012331KCJ710 COVER,L CYL HEAD 62,00012361383000 CAP,HOLE 5,00012431KG2000 GEAR,TACHOMETER 144,00013000KEH900 CRANKSHAFT COMP 2,673,70013011KCJ305 RING SET (STD) 200,00013011KCJ306 RING SET (STD) 80,00013012KCJ306 RING SET (0,25) 80,00013013KCJ306 RING SET (0,50) 80,00013014KCJ306 RING SET (0,75) 80,00013015KCJ306 RING SET (1,00) 80,00013021KCJ305 RING SET (0.25) 200,00013031KCJ305 RING SET (0.50) 200,00013101KEH900 PISTON (STD) 390,00013103KBB315 13103KBB902 370,00013111440000 PIN,PISTON 82,10013111440001 PIN,PISTON 12,50013201KCN300 ROD,CONNECTING 360,00013311KEH900 CRANKSHAFT,R 859,30013321KEH900 CRANKSHAFT,L 859,30013380KCN300 PIN,CRANK 236,90014311KN6931 SPROCKET,TIMING 121,80014321KEH900 SPROCKET,CAM 138,300
Nomor Suku Cadang Nama Suku Cadang Harga (Rp)14321KN6930 SPROCKET,CAM 121,80014401KEH910 CHAIN CAM 92RH-100 70,00014401KEH911 CHAIN,CAM 82RH-100 70,00014401KN6932 CHAIN,CAM 286,90014431KEH900 ARM,VALVE ROCKER 160,20014451437001 SHAFT,ROCKER ARM 19,00014500KW1900 TENSIONER,CHAIN 221,20014500KW1901 TENSIONER,CHAIN 195,00014500KW1902 TENSIONER,CHAIN 52,50014520KCT692 LIFTER ASSY,TENS 309,70014523KBB901 GASKET,TENS LIFT 32,90014535437000 BOLT,TENSIONER 23,50014550KCT690 GUIDE,CAM CHAIN 121,80014550KCT691 GUIDE,CAM CHAIN 17,50014711KBB900 VALVE,INLET 185,00014721KBB900 VALVE,EXHAUST 270,00014751383005 SPRING,VALVE OUT 50,50014761383005 SPRING,VALVE IN 31,00014771107020 RETAINER 25,00014775107000 SEAT,VALVE OUT 15,00014776107010 SEAT,VALVE IN 11,50014781MB4000 COTTER,VALVE 13,80015100KEH901 OIL PUMP ASSY 203,90015131KEH900 GEAR,OIL PUMP DRV 169,90015331399000 ROTOR,OIL PUMP IN 77,00015332399000 ROTOR,OIL PUMPOUT 101,00015421107000 SCREEN,OIL FILTER 34,20015426107000 SPRING,SCREEN 17,10015430440030 ROTOR,OIL FILTER 144,00015430440031 ROTOR,OIL FILTER 30,00015436107000 CAP,ROTOR FILTER 93,10015441KCS650 OIL,THROUGH 28,00015446107001 SPRING,OIL THROUGH 1,00015451107001 WASHER LOCK OIL FILTER 2,20015459107000 GASKET,CAP ROTOR 3,60015650KEH900 GAUGE,OIL LEVEL 4,40015761KEH900 TUBE,BREATHER 12,30015772292010 CLIP,TUBE 1,50016010440911 PACKING SET 120,00016010KEH900 GASKET SET 126,50016012KEH900 NEEDLE SET,JET 110,60016013439921 FLOAT SET /K6K7 260,00016014440912 TOP SET 193,500

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