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Published by: mcchronicle on Apr 19, 2012
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As Low as 59
wth pad subscrpton
Estabshed 1884THURSDAY, ApRil 19, 2012
Greater Mercer CountyCommunity Calendar
May 5th -911 north 7th street.
alot of new stuff,from ea markets.10 am to 6pm alot of parkingspace,items will go fast with theseprices
• Coldwater Garage SalesSaturday May 5,
for questions and concerns e-mailcoldwatergaragesales@hotmail.com
** If you would like to have your event posted in the Greater Mer 
cer County Community Calendar,e-mail your infor 
mation, at least4 weeks prior toevent, tomercercountychronicle@bright.
Inside Today
Insure your boat! A boatowners policycan insure you against most risks of owning and operating your boat, its
motor and its trailer. From sinking or capsizing to fire and collision, boat
insurance is an island of comfort during stormy times.
Furniture & Video
Old Walmart Bldg. - Portland
Alice Ahrens
Ph: 419-733-0787
Girod’s ConstructionAmish Crew
All Types of ConstructionConcrete & Remodeling Needs
Call 260-849-1581
Free Estimates Leave a message
Celina HighSchool -JustinHoffman
Teachernomnatedby studentas a pos-tve nflu-ence: Mr.Dave Scott,ChemstryParents’ Names: Bll and ShrleyHoffmanGPA: 4.04ACT Score: 34Class Rank: 1College Choce/Major:Unversty of Notre Dame/Major nChemstryActvtes and AwardsScholastc Club (Freshman,
Sophomore, Junor, and Senor years)Mock Tral (Freshman,
Sophomore, Junor, and Senor years)Teenage Republcans
(Freshman, Sophomore, Junor, andSenor years)Spansh Club Member
(Freshman, Sophomore, and Junoryears)Natonal Honor Socety (Junor
introducton of the Frankn B. Water Award Wnners for 2012
CodwaterHghSchoo -Aaron Hess
Teachernomnatedby studentas a postve
Chuck Alg,ScenceParents’ Names: Gary andMarjore HessGPA: 4.3ACT Score: 34Class Rank: 3 out of 107College Choce/Major:Maran UnverstyMajor: Catholc StudesActvtes and AwardsBand - (Freshman,
Sophomore, Junor, and Senoryears)Jazz Band - (Sophomore
and Senor years)Pep Band - (Freshman,
Sophomore, Junor, and Senoryears)Symphonc Chor -
(Sophomore, Junor and Senoryears)Show Chor - (Sophomore,
Junor, and Senor years)
FortRecoveryHghSchoo -AbgaBacks
Teachernom-nated bystudent asa postve
- PhyscsParents’ Names: Ray andKrsten BacksGPA: 4.0ACT Score: 34Class Rank: 1 out of 76College Choce/Major:Wrght State UnverstyMajor: BologcalScencesActvtes and AwardsStudent Government
 – (Freshman, Sophomore,Junor, and Senor years)Famly, Career, and
Communty Leaders of Amerca – (Freshman,Sophomore, Junor, and Senoryears)
MaronlocaHghSchoo -MndyHartngs
Teachernomnatedby studentas a pos-
-ence: Ashley Mnnch - SpanshParents’ Names: Kevn andSandy HartngsGPA: 4.02ACT Score: 29Class Rank: 1College Choce/Major:Wrght State UnverstyMajor: CommuncatonsActvtes and AwardsCYO Member – (Freshman,
Sophomore, Junor, and Senoryears)
( Mddle School, Freshman,Sophomore, Junor, and Senoryears)Maron Youth Mnstry –
(Freshman, Sophomore, Junor,and Senor years)Partcpated n “Chrstmas
parkwayHghSchoo- HaeyRoehm
Teachernomnatedby studentas a postve
Leah Etgen,EnglshParents’ Names: Rolandand Teresa RoehmGPA: 4.0ACT Score: 32Class Rank: 2College Choce/Major:Unversty of St. FrancsMajor: EnglshActvtes and AwardsVolleyball – (Freshman,
Sophomore, Junor, andSenor years)Basketball – (Junor and
St. Henry HighSchool- JennaWatercutter
Teachernomnated bystudent as a pos-
Randall Hoyng,Chemstry/PhyscsParents’ Names:Steve and Mary WatercutterGPA: 4.0ACT Score: 34Class Rank: 1 out of 71College Choce/Major:Wrght State Unversty - DaytonMajor: Busness/OrganzatonalLeadershpActvtes and AwardsCantor at St. Francs
of Asss Catholc Church –(Freshman, Sophomore, Junor,and Senor years)Sng at Brarwood Vllage
See HOFFMAN, age 16See HESS, age 16See BACKS, age 16See HARTiNGS, age 16See WATERCUTTER, age 14See ROEHM, age 14
Page 2
Aprl 19, 2012
area obituaries
223 W. Main 561 S. Eastern Ave. 101 MainColdwater St. Henry Rockford419-678-3950 419-763-1212 419-363-2336
Free Sandwich of equalor lesser price. Pricesand participation mayvary. Plus tax, whereapplicable. Additionalcharge for extras. Notgood with any othercoupon offers, discountcards, or value meals.
Dorothy A. Barga,
age 78, of NorthStar Oho, ded on Sunday, Aprl 15,2012 at her home. She was born May04, 1933 n Osgood, Oho to the lateFrank H. and Hedwg (Schulze) Huber.Mass of Chrstan Bural wll be held10:30 AM on Thursday, Aprl 19, 2012at St. Lous Catholc Church, NorthStar wth Fr. Davd Znk, offcatng.Bural wll follow n St. Lous Cemetery,North Star Oho. Frends may call at theHogenkamp Funeral Home-St. Henry onThursday from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM.Memoral may be drected to State of theHeart Hospce. Condolences may be leftat hognkampfh.com
Mary E. Sheets
, age 84, formerly of Celna, Oho passed away at 12:05p.m.on Aprl 13, 2012 at the Mller House nCelna. She was born on October 8, 1927to the late George O. & Alma B. (Church)Wedman n Loudonvlle, Oho. Funeralservces were held on Wednesday Aprl18, 2012 at the Lehman-Hogenkamp-Dzendzel Funeral Home n Celna, wthPastor Matt Reynolds offcatng. Buralfollowed n North Grove Cemetery nCelna. Condolences may be madeat LHDfuneralhome.com. Memoralcontrbutons may be made to State of the Heart Home Health & Hospce
area births
Baby gr Jutte
Adam and Sarah (Schwendeman)Jutte, Broadvew Heghts, Oho, an-nounce the brth of ther daughter,Charlotte Elane. She was born at3:43 am on February 29, 2012 andweghed 8 lbs. 3 oz. and was 20.75nches long. She was born at Hll-
Oho. She has an older sster, Ev-elyn, who s 1 year old. Her maternalgrandparents are Tony and ElaneSchwendeman of Coldwater and pa-ternal grandparents are the late LosBaker and the late Robert Jutte. Ma-ternal great-grandparents are Mary
Schwendeman of Dayton, Oho. Pa-ternal great-grandparent s Paul Jutteof Coldwater.
Baby gr Stenbrunner
Mchelle Evers and AdamStenbruner of Fort Recoveryannounced the brth of ther baby grl,Zaharah Mare Stenbrunner, on Aprl3 at 4:47 a.m. at the Mercer HealthHosptal n Coldwater, Oho. Sheweghed 6 pounds and 14 ounces, andwas 19 nches long.Zaharah was welcomed home byher half sster Kyle Stenbrunner.Maternal grandparents are Maryand Mchael Evers of Fort Recovery.Paternal grandparents are Karen andWalter Stenbrunner of West Unon,Oho. Maternal great-grandparentsare Hazel Wycuff of Macedon, Ohoand Mary Evers of Fort Recovery.
The March 8, 2012 meetng of the GalaxyLeaders 4-H club was called to order byPresdent Branna Wennng. Twelve membersanswered roll call by namng ther favortesport. Fve advsors and one guest were alsopresent.Sarah Brunswck led the Pledge of Allegance and Rachel Schmackers led the4-H Pledge.The secretary and treasurers reportswere read and approved. Hannah Fox madethe moton to accept and Sarah Brunswckseconded t. Moton passed.Under old busness, the project bookswere handed out to those stll needng them.The club Consttuton was read for the secondtme. We wll vote at the Aprl meetng.Advsor Carol Westgerdes collected far tcketsponsorshp money. Any member wantng toadd or drop a project has untl Aprl 1st to doso.Under new busness, those havng Marchbrthdays were Cody Freeman, Samantha Frtz,and Amanda Melhouse. They each receved acandy bar. 4-H camp regstraton forms werehanded out to those of the correct age. The pesales fundraser money and order forms werecollected. We sold 167 pes. You can pckthem up on Saturday March 31st at 1PM at theColdwater Lbrary meetng room. Trash pckup vest, gloves, bags and maps were handedout to each famly, please do your mles assoon as possble.Madson Fox gave a health and safetyreport on walkng, and a demonstraton onhow to make coote catchers. Kaleb Huserand Rachel Schmackers wll do reports at alater date.The meetng was adjourned by AmandaMelhouse and seconded by Wyatt Frtz.The Frtz and Brkmeyer famles servedrefreshments. The members made Thank Younote cards for the County Contest.The Cloverbud actvty was makng aleprechaun craft, and played Old Mad.Followng the meetng a group of members and Advsor Vcke Wennng wentto Communty Hosptal to present the polarfleece baby blanket we made to gve to thefrst baby born at Communty Hosptal durng4-H Week. (March 4-10). The lucky parentswere Jllan and Jared Kng and ther daughterAnsley.important dates to remember are Jr. FarBoard meetng on March 13; Food, Fashon& Desgn on March 15; QA on March 15 and26, Volunteer Conference on March 10, 4-HCommttee on March 19, and pe sales pckupon March 31.The next meetng wll be on Aprl 12,2012 at 7PM at the Coldwater Lbrary meetngroom. Sarah Brunswck, Meg Brkmeyer,Rachel Schmackers and Kaleb Huser wllhave reports. Corey Moorman and BraydenQunn wll have refreshments.
Galaxy Leaders4-H Club
Jane Bruggeman and GeorgaRndler, staff members at the ColdwaterLbrary, gave a demonstraton on the useof E-Books to the Coldwater KwansClub on Aprl 10. The Coldwater Lbrary joned the Oho E-Book Consortum.Beng part of the consortum of 80lbrares allows Coldwater Lbrarypatrons to use e-books from any of those80 lbrares. Georga showed a collectonof devces, such as the Nook, Kndle,Kndle-Fre, and i-Pad, whch can beused to read e-books. Jane showed howto access the stes where the e-books arelocated, make the proper choces for one’spartcular devce, and download the ttle.The lbrary staff has noted a huge ncreasen the use of e-books. Checkout numberswere small at frst, but have recently beenaveragng 400 per month. Jane sad thelbrary s schedulng help sessons eachThursday from noon untl 5 p.m. durngwhch patrons can brng ther devce tothe lbrary and get assstance wth thedownloadng procedures. Some of theadvantages of e-books are portablty,24/7 access, no fees, and no fnes for latereturns.
Kwans Cub getsdemonstraton of E-books
immaculate Concepton School sec-ond graders Megan Rodrguez (2ndplace), Brek Henry (1st place), andAubrey Brnkman (3rd place) earnedspecal recognton for the imagneEngneerng Colorng Contest spon-sored by the Allen County Engneers.The kds desgned and colored therpcture after a presentaton aboutwhat knd of work an engneer does.The frst and second place wnnerswll now be competng at the statelevel.
Students earn recognton for colorng contest
A Look Back 
Vol. 115 No. 16USPS 339-15560
The Mercer County Chroncle s publshed Thursdays at 124 W.Man St., Coldwater, Oho by Mercer County Publcatons, inc.Entered n the post offce n Coldwater, Oho 45828 as Perodcals,postage pad at Coldwater, Oho.Avalable by mal n Mercer, Auglaze, Darke, Jay or Van WertCounty, $36 per year. Outsde these countes, $45 per year.
Send address changes to:Mercer County Chroncle, P.O. Box 105, Coldwater, OH 45828
Earth Day Lessons Can Apply to Investors, Too
106 S. Second St., Coldwater, OH Bus. 419-678-3252 TF. 866-678-3252 John.yoder@edwardjones.comwww.edwardjones.com
This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.Edward Jones, its employees and financial advisors are not estate planners and cannot provide tax or legal advice. Consult a qualified tax specialist or attorney for professional advice about your situation.Financial Focus is a weekly column courtesy of...
John M. Yoder, Financial Advisor 
 April 22 is Earth Day. Started in 1970 by Senator Gaylord Nelson, Earth Day is designed to createawareness of the Earth’s environment and to encourage conservation efforts. If you and your familyparticipate in Earth Day events, such as helping clean up a local park or taking materials to a recyclingcenter, you know the benefits of doing your part to improve your surroundings. But are you doingeverything you can to upgrade your environment for investing? Actually, as an investor, you can learn a lot from the lessons of Earth Day. Here are just a fewideas:* Diversify. If you’re familiar with Earth Day, you know that it involves multiple activities, includingeducational programs and do-it-now action steps. This variety is necessary because protecting our environment is a complex challenge. Meeting your short- and long-term investment goals can bechallenging, too, but you’ll have a better chance of success by diversifying your investment dollarsacross a range of vehicles, such as stocks, bonds, government securities and certificates of deposit(CDs). Diversification can help reduce the impact of volatility on your portfolio — and high volatility canbe an obstacle for some people trying to follow an investment strategy. (Keep in mind, though, thatdiversification, by itself, cannot guarantee a profit or protect against loss.)* Seek growth opportunities. Some people plant trees on Earth Day, hoping to watch them growover the years. As an investor, you, too, need to plant “seeds” today in the hopes of growth in the future.That means, among other things, that when you purchase growth-oriented investments for the longterm, you need to try to stick with them and not “uproot” them after short-term declines in price.* Develop good habits. If you attend an Earth Day program, you will learn about many eco-friendlyhabits you can develop, from using energy-efficient light bulbs to recycling old computers and other electronic devices. To invest successfully, it’s important to develop good habits, such as staying investedin all types of markets, seeking tax-advantaged investments and reviewing your portfolio regularly tomake sure it’s still appropriate for your risk tolerance, time horizon and long-term objectives.* Avoid “toxins.” At some Earth Day events, you can learn about “green” substitutes for toxicchemicals in common household cleaners. When you invest, you may also want to avoid “toxins” — or at least “toxic” behaviors, such as chasing after “hot” stocks that are inappropriate for your needs or trading so frequently that you run up big fees, commissions and taxes.* Think long term. Above all else, Earth Day is a reminder to us that we all want to leave ahealthy planet to future generations — which means we need to make moves that are beneficial for theenvironment over the long term. When you invest, you also need to focus on the future. That meansfollowing a long-term investment strategy and not getting sidetracked by short-term events, such aspolitical crises and economic downturns.
Listen to us daily at noon on WCSM 96.7 FM 
Sure s nce to have some warmweather. SPRiNG has fnally arrved.And the farmers are really takngadvantage of t. Some of the corn sn all ready and some of the beans arealso. Now we just need some ran.i guess we wll just have to wat andsee what the Good Lord gves us.You have to wonder just how thesummer s gong to be after such awarm wnter. Lets hope t sn’t toowarm.i dd manage to get n some fshngths past week. Stll just a lttle bt toearly as the water s stll qute coldn the ponds. But managed to catcha few blueglls. Several nce slabblueglls about the sze of my hand.That s a nce sze for around here.Put them all back to grow some more.One of these days i am gong to keepsome and see just how good theycan taste. it has been a whle snce ihave had some blueglls to eat. in myopnon they are the best tastng fshyou can catch. i’ll probably get somearguments on that remark.i just need to fnd that one greatpond that s loaded wth some nceblueglls.So far i haven’t come close.i hope all of you out there aredong your homework regardng theelecton comng up n November. Tobe a good voter you need to be annformed voter.And the only way that can happens f you start askng questons of thecanddates. They all have web stesand i am sure you can “Google”them on your computer. You wll besurprsed what you come up wth. Justremember-don’t beleve everythngyou read and only half what you hear.Untl next week you all be safe outthere and stay well!!That’s My Opnon........What’sYours??From the Archves of TheMercer County Chroncle
10 YEARS AGO (2002)
The Mercer County FarBoard agreed to partcpate n thepublshng of a Far hstory bookletto be wrtten by Fran Gulbaultand compled by Joyce Alg of theMercer County Hstorcal Socety.The Maron Local Board of Educaton was notfed that phase4 classroom constructon at thehgh school should be completedn two weeks.
25 YEARS AGO (1987)
The Oho Bureau of Employment Servces Celnaoffce wll close ts doors at theend of busness on May 8, 1987,wth all local servces transferredto the St. Marys offce.Effectve mmedately, theDayton and area post offces wllnot delver mal to properteswhch have posted “Beware of Dog” sgns because they wll notsubject ther carrers to a vcousdog.
50 YEARS AGO (1962)
Ronald Muhlenkamp, whoranks frst n the 1962 Classof Coldwater Hgh School hasaccepted a scholarshp fromthe Massachusetts insttute of Technology (MiT) along wth a$3500 scholarshp from UntedSteelworkers Dstrct 25.
1002 N. Meridian, Portland, IN • (260) 726-4919
For thoseover age 55
It’s The Best DealFor Seniors!
Includes FREE Drink
Of advertisingis to get theirattention
Is sustainedrepeatedadvertising
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