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4.19 The Hillsdale Collegian

4.19 The Hillsdale Collegian

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Published by HillsdaleCollegian

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Published by: HillsdaleCollegian on Apr 19, 2012
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“Good morning! Hillsdale College.”Hillsdale’s Switchboard Operator LindaSolomon’s greeting has warmly welcomedcallers and guests to Central Hall for nearly10 years. Her position has put her on the frontlines in representing the institution she loveswith a kind voice on the phone and a big smileat the door. She will have to pass on that job tosomeone else, though, as she plans to retire atthe end of this year.“I’m excited and sad,” she said. “I’ve had a blast here. I’m really just experiencing a roller-coaster of emotions.”Solomon characterized her years atHillsdale as a time of ease where she could be around students without the extra work of teaching and called it “the best job ever.”“Being employed as the switchboardoperator at Hillsdale College has been a most pleasurable experience,” Solomon said. “It hasafforded me the opportunity to hone my socialThe GOAL Program, Hills-dale’s student-run volunteer or-ganization, is planning changesfor next year, hoping to revital-ize the program and encouragemore students to volunteer.“Getting a campus interestedin volunteerism is somethingwe can push for. There isalready a huge presence, butwe can always do better,” said junior Wesley Steeb, the GOALDirector.GOAL, originally standingfor a “Great Opportunity inAssistance and Leadership,”will no longer be an acronym.Steeb said that the title, given
-gram.“No one knew what it stoodfor,” Steeb said. “Admittedly, Isometimes forgot.”The substitution for the out-dated motto will be “Campusdriven. Community Focused.”Steeb also intends to createa new logo for GOAL. BryanSpringer, instructor in art, ap- proached Steeb with the idea of making a new GOAL logo as asenior graphic design project.Steeb agreed and is now re-viewing submissions.The GOAL administration,consisting of Steeb and GOALCoordinator sophomore TravisCook, also intends to stream-line procedures, includinghour reporting and the hiring process.Steeb is currently writing amanual of her duties that will be passed down to the next di-rector. She is also encouragingeach GOAL leader to write amanual for his or her program.“We are hoping to havemore of a paper trail to increasecontinuity so that the overarch-ing view of the program willget passed from year to year,”she said.
director to act as the GOALadministrator for three consecu-tive years. Cook will followSteeb in GOAL administrationfor three years.“The continuity of us be-ing involved for three years
this year, I know I can do nextyear.”In addition to the changes toadministrative procedures, twonew programs will be added toGOAL’s 20 current programs:A Few Good Men, led by BenHolscher, and King’s Kup- board, led by Martha Ekdahl.“Both Martha and Ben cre-ated them from the bottom up,”Steeb said.Holscher’s program coordi-nates students to help membersof the community do yardwork, move heavy furniture, paint, and anything else peopleneed help with. The programaims to help the elderly, thedisabled, widows, and thosewho do not have enough moneyto adequately care for their own property.Holscher said the name of the program comes from anEdmund Burke quote: “All thatis necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do noth-ing.”Holscher hopes that A Few
College history, Students in Free
-tionals. They will compete at the National Exposition in KansasCity, Mo., May 22 and 23.On April 16 the team of 10 students travelled to Chi-cago, Ill., and competed againstCornerstone University, IllinoisCollege, College of the Ozarks,Canisius College, and the Uni-versity of Toledo.A total of 375 SIFE teamscompeted at 12 separate regionalcompetitions this spring. Theregional competitions name twoto three teams from each of the10 leagues to advance to thenational competition. Hillsdalewill compete against universitiesof different sizes, including theUniversity of Notre Dame.To win the title, Hillsdalestudents gave a presentation of all of the club’s projects this year,including SIFE’s work with TheDawn Theater and the AliagaFoundation.Sophomore Jessi Pope said
 presentation, even though sherealized that other teams wereshowcasing incredible projects.“When I watched the other  presentations, I felt my breathdrop with every hard factfeatured in bold on their slides:30,000 endowments, 1,300 people impacted. It was a great
-tion when the judges read our name and we were given the tro- phy which represents the judgesrecognition of our success andour ticket to nationals,” she said.The judges reviewed theoutreach efforts of each team anddetermined which teams mostimproved the quality of life andstandard of living for membersof their community. The presen-tations were given in a 30-minutetime block, with the bulk of thetime for the teams’ presentations
and-answer sessions.The win at regionals puts theSIFE team on the road to beingnamed the SIFE USA NationalChampions, who will be invitedto represent the United States ina competition against countriesall over the world at the SIFEWorld Cup, which takes place inWashington, D.C., from Sept. 30to Oct. 2.Sophomore Melika Willough- by said she is looking forward tocompeting at SIFE Nationals.“I’m actually from KansasCity, so I’ll be thrilled to bewelcoming our SIFE team tothe city,” she said. “It’ll also bea great experience to meet withother teams from across thecountry and see what kind of animpact they’re making. The SIFEmotto is ‘A head for business anda heart for the world,’ and we tryto live up to that motto.”Hillsdale College’s budgetwill increase by $3 million nextyear, and students will have to pay about $950 more a year intuition and room and board as aresult.That number is only a 3 percent increase in tuition cost,said Vice President for FinancePatrick Flannery. Flannery saidstudents should also expect a4 percent increase in room and board costs for the upcoming2012-2013 academic year.Flannery said a 3 percent in-crease in student tuition was thelowest Hillsdale College could possibly go.“I’m proud of that 3 per-cent,” he said.The college is increasingits budget from $57.6 million(2011-2012 academic budget)to $60.5 million. The college’s
30, and the budget will go intoeffect at that time.“The necessity for the rise isto cover our increased costs,”said Controller in Financial Af-fairs LeAnn Creger.Flannery said the budget in-
Factors such as newly hiredfaculty and the implementationof the new core also require alarger budget. Student tuitionmakes up for a little less thanhalf of overall college revenue — next in line being revenuefrom gifts to the college andrevenue from the endowment.The college begins work-ing on the budget as early asSeptember every year, Flannerysaid, beginning at the individualdepartment levels. Departmen-tal heads review their costsand needs before submitting a preliminary report to Flannery,typically in December. Flanneryreviews the requests made bythe departments and comparesthe costs with the college’s rev-enues. The rough budget is thensent to President Larry Arnn,who sends it to the Board of Trustees. The academic budget
“The budget planning cycle
-ing to a close, and a generallyvolatile economy encouragescaution,” Provost David Whalensaid.Flannery said that althoughthe budget is increasing, it isstill a balanced budget.
since I’ve been here,” Flannerysaid. “The Hillsdale College
-cally.”There have also been mea-sures taken this year to reducecosts campus wide, Flannerysaid. Vice President for Admin-istration Rich Péwé initiated the
 Vol. 135, Issue 24 - 19 April 2012Michigan’s oldest college newspaper www.hillsdalecollegian.com
In the Collision...
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In the Collision...In the Collision...
See A2
Tuition, room and board to increase in 2012-13
Casey Harper
Collegian Freelancer
Beloved switchboard operator to retire
SIFE goes to nationals
Emmaline Epperson
Collegian Reporter
Evan Brune
Collegian Freelancer
Switchboard Operator Linda Solomon is retiring after nearly 10 years atHillsdale College
(Sally Nelson/Collegian)
Roxanne Turnbull
Arts Editor
 Logo and programs to change
(Courtesy of Katherine Yelken)
2011-12 Tuition: $20,7602012-13 Tuition: $21,3822011-12 Room & Board: $8,3102012-13 Room & Board: $8,6422011-12 Budget: $57.6 million2012-13 Budget: $60.5 million
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