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KshEthram ISO 9000 Kalakaumudi Article by Sukumar

KshEthram ISO 9000 Kalakaumudi Article by Sukumar

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Published by sukumarcanada
Article on Secularism within Hinduism and outside of it. How temples are constituted with certain customs and 'quality assurances' akin to ISO registrations
Article on Secularism within Hinduism and outside of it. How temples are constituted with certain customs and 'quality assurances' akin to ISO registrations

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Published by: sukumarcanada on Apr 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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©V¡. F.d¢. o¤J¤h¡t, J¡cV
©È-±Y« ¨F. Fo®.
±Y-¹-q¢v ©d¡- J¤-¼-Y¢-c®  
dkt-´¤« dk J¡-j-X-¹-q¤« DÙ¡- l¤«.- l¢-l¢b ©È-±Y-¹-q¤« o®Z¡-d¢-
µ¢-j¢-´¤-¼Y® dkdk oÆ--¹-q¢-k¤«
B-X¤-Y¡-c¤«.- oÆ-kç-¹-q-c¤-o-j¢-µ® 
B-O¡-j¡-c¤-n®  U¡-c-¹w-´¤« l¬-Y¬¡-o- h¤-Ù¡-l¤«.-¨¨l-l¢-b¬« Y¨¼-i¡-X-©¿¡ ©È-±Y-¹¨q C±Y-©hv B- Jt-n-X£-i- h¡-´¤-¼-Y®. hY-l¤« l¢-±L- p-d¥-Q-i¢v
A-b¢-n®U¢-Y-h¡i ©È-±Y¡-j¡-b-c-i¤«
Y½¢v F-É¡-X¤- f-c® b« F¼-Y¡-X¢- l¢-T¤-¨· Ot-µ¡-l¢-n-i«. -- o-c¡-Y-c-bt-½« C©¸¡w p¢-z¤- hY« F¼¡-X-©¿¡ d-j¨´ As¢-i-¨¸- T¤-¼-Y® . Cª bt-½-·¢-¨Ê ±d-©Y¬- JY C-Y¢-¨Ê `O-¶-´¥-T® ’ AY¢-j¤- J-q¢-¿¡-¨Y
F¼¤dsi¡u ©d¡¼lXå« l¢oí ¦Yl¤«¨¨ll¢b¬d¥tXå-l¤h¡iY¡X® F¼©±Y.
 p¢-z¤-l¢v Boí¢-J-c¤« c¡-oí¢-J-c¤«
 DÙ® . Y¢-Jº BO¡-j¡-c¤-n®  U¡-c-¹- q¢v h¤-r¤- J¢ f¢«-f¡-j¡-b-c-i® ´® AY£-
l±d¡b¡c¬« ¨J¡T¤´¤¼lj¤«, GJl¤«
Aa§-i-l¤-h¡i ¨¨O-Y-c¬-l¢-©m-n-h¡- Cª-m§-j¨c at-m¢-´¤-¼-l-j¤«,-h¡-T-c¤« hs¤-Y-i¤« O¡-·-c¤« ©d¡-k¤¾ Y¡-h-o- L¤-X-±d-b¡-c-h¡i ©a-l-Y¡-o-Æ--¹¨q
d¥-Q¢-´¤-¼-l-j¤« Cª-m§-j-l¢-m§¡-o«
C¿¡-·-l-c¤-¨h-¿¡« p¢-z¤-Y-¨¼. p¢- z¤-bt-½-·¢v-Y¨¼ F±Y-©i¡ h-Y-¹- q¤-Ù® ! ¨¨a§-Y¢-i¤«,-A¨¨a§-Y¢-i¤«,-l¢- m¢-n® T¡-¨¨a§-Y¢-i¤«,-Ot-á¡J o¢-Ú¡-É- ´¡-j-c¤«,-F¿¡« p¢-z¤ bt-½-·¢-¨Ê
nV®atmcdj¢b¢i¢v Y¨¼i¡X©¿¡.
A©¸¡w h-Y-c¢-j-©d-È-Y-¨i-¼¤-d-s-
i¤-©Ø¡w jÙ¤-Yj« h-Y-c¢-j-©dÈY
ch¤-´® dj¢-©m¡-b¢-©´-Ù¢-l-j¤-¼¤.
 H¼® p¢-z¤-bt-½-·¢-c¤-¾¢-¨k hY-c¢-
j-©d-ÈY. h©×Y® p¢-z¤-bt-½-¹-q¤« ¨¨p-z-©lYj hY-¹-q¤« Y½¢-k¤¾A-¨¿-Æ¢v DÙ¡-©lÙ hY-c¢-j-©d-
ÈY. Cl-i¢v G-¨Y-¿¡« Yk-¹-q¢-
k¡-X® Hj¤ dj¢-n®  J¦-Y-o-h¥- p-·¢v
h-Y-c¢-j-©dÈY ±d¡-©i¡-L¢- J-h¡-l¤-¼Y®  
F¼¤ ©c¡-´¤- J.
h-Y-c¢-j-©dÈY  p¢-z¤-bt-½-·¢v
--p¢-z¤-bt-½-·¢-c¤-¾¢-k¤¾ h-Y-c¢-j-©d-È-Y-i®´® Y¡-j-Y-©h¬c ±d¡-
©i¡-L¢-J-h¡-i¢ f¤-Ú¢-h¤-¶¤-Jw C¿
F¼¤-d-s-i¡«.- c¢t-L®L¤-X-l¤« c¢-j¡-
 J¡-j--h¡i dj-±f-p®h« j£-Y¢-i¢-k¤¾ Cª-m§-j-¨¨O-Y-c¬-·¢v
l¢-m§- o¢-´¤-¼-lt-´¤« ©È-±Y-·¢-¨k
l¢-±L-p-¹-q¢v mÇ¢-l¢-©m-n-h¡-i¢,
¨¨O-Y-c¬-h¡-i¢ Cª-m§-j-o¡-¼¢-Ú¬«
 o©O-Y-c-h¡-i¢ J¤-T¢-¨J¡-¾¤-¼¤ F¼¤ l¢-m§- o¢-µ® Bj¡-b¢-´¤-¼-lt-´¤« d-k- Y-k-¹-q¢v ©i¡-Q¢-´¡u o¡-b¬-YJw
 DÙ® . dj- o® dj« f- p¤-h¡-c-h¤-¨Ù-Æ¢v
Alt Y½¢v Hj¤ dT-k-¸¢-X-´-l¤«
Blm¬h¢¿. ¨¨ml~¨¨ln® Xl o¢Ú¡
ɹw Y-½¢-k¤-Ù¡-i¢-j¤¼ ±d-¹w hs-¼¤-¨J¡-Ù¿ CY¤ d-s-i¤-¼-Y® . O¢k ¨d¡-Y¤ CT¹w J¨Ù-·¡u Alt-
´¤ Jr¢i¤¼¤Ù® F¼¤ o¥O¢¸¢´¤¼¤
F¼¤h¡-±Y«. ¨¨m-l-c¤« ¨¨l-n® X-l-c¤«
l¢-±L- p¡-j¡-b-c-´¡t Y-¨¼-i¡-X-©¿¡. A©¸¡w Hj¤ l¢-±L- p-©·¡-T® ±d-Y¢-d-
·¢-i¢-¿¡-·-lc® B oÆ-kç-·¢-¨k
©È-±Y-·¢v d¥Q cT-·¡-Y¢-j¢-´¡« Y¨Ê Cn® T-©a-l-Y-i¤-¨T ©J¡-l¢-k¢v
d¥QJw ¨Oà¡«. p¢z¤ j£Y¢ic¤oj¢µ®  
©k¡J¨· G×l¤« lk¢i ¨¨pzl©È±Y« J«©f¡V¢ii¢¨k A©Æ¡tl¡×® 
dk p¢-z¤©È-±Y-¹q¤« Hj¤l¢-b-·¢v dsº¡v `oÆ-kç-Jv-¸¢-Y-h¡-i’ jQ¢-o®©±Tnc¢v DÙ¡-´¨¸¶li¡-X®. Bj¡-b-c¡-±J-h«, Bj¡-b- c¡-©i¡-L¬Y-Jw, Ac¤n®U¡-c¹w, DË-l¹w, ©ln±J-h¹w F¼¢l J¡-k-·¢-¨Ê Blm¬h- oj¢-µ® A-b¢-J¡-j¨¸¶lj¤¨T A«-L£J¡-j©·¡-¨T h¡-±Y©h h¡-סu o¡-b¢-´¤J-i¤¾¥
CTi®´® Hj¡±Lpc¢l¦·¢´¡i¢ A¨¿
Æ¢v Y¨Ê B- J¡«-È Y£t-´¡-c¡- ¨¨m-lc® ¨¨l-n® Xl ©È-±Y-·¢-k¤«
Y¢-j¢-µ¤« Ji-s¡«.- AYY® ©È-±Y-h-j¬¡-aJw d¡-k¢-´X« F¼¤-h¡-±Y«.
AY¡-iY® B-O¡-j-¹¨q fp¤-h¡-c¢-µ®    oh¡-b¡-c-h¡-i¢ at-mc« c-T-·¢-l-j¤-¼- Y¢-c® YT- oæ¹w H¼¤-h¢-¿.
 Hj¤ -i-h-l¤« ¨¨m-l-¨c-i¤«
¨¨l-n®X-l-¨c-i¤« AYY® l¢-±L-p-
¹-q¢v ¨J-¶¢-i¢-T¤-¼¢¿ F¼¤ o¡-j«.
AY¤©d¡¨k c¢tL® L¤X c¢-j¡J¡jh¡i
dj-±f- p®h-·¢v AT¢-i¤-sµ A¨¨a§Y ©l-a¡-É¢-´¤« ©È-±Y-at-mc« cT-·¡u
i¡¨Y¡j¤ YToæ¹q¤h¢¿. l¢±Lp« F¼
l¡´¤ l¢-±L- p¢-µ® l¢-©m-n¡v ±L-p¢- ´¡-l¤-¼~ ±L- p¢-©´-Ù¤¼ `H-¼¢-¨c’ d-k-Y¡-i¢ JÙ® Ai¡-q¤« c¢t-l¦-Y¢-i- T-i¤-¼¤.
 D¾ h¤-¸-·¢-h¤-©´¡-T¢ ¨¨a-l-¹w-´¤«
l¢-l¢-b-¹-q¡i Bj¡-b-c¡-j£-Y¢-J-q¤«d¥-Q¡-l¢-b¢-J-q¤« DÙ®. AY¤-¨J¡-Ù®  
F¿¡ ©È-±Y-¹-©q-i¤« H©j c¢-i-h¡-l- k¢-¨J¡-Ù® fc® b¢-´¡u o¡-b¬-h-¿.
--Cc¢ ©È-±Y-o-Æ-kç-¹-¨q-¸×¢
B©k¡-O¢-µ¡v A-¨¨a§Y ©l-a¡-É¢-´®  
Yc¢-´® Ac¤-g-l-©l-a¬-h¡i F-¿¡« ©È-±Y-
Y¤-k¬-h-©±Y. Fɤ« GY¤« Alc® B d-j-±f-p®h-·¢-¨Ê ±d- J-T¢-Y-j¥-d-h¡-X® .
 f¢«- f-·¡v d-j¢-h¢-Y-¨¸-¶-Y¢-©c¡-T¤«
dj¢-b¢-i¢-¿¡-·-Y¢-©c¡-T¤« Alc® B-
j¡-b-c-i¡-X®. fp¤-h¡-c-h¡-X®. Cª
A¨¨a§-Y¢ c¢t-½¢-´¤¼ ©È-±Y-·¢v i¡-¨Y¡-j¤ l¢-b-·¢-k¤¾ B-O¡-j-c¢-i-
±É-X-¹-q¤« Bl-m¬-h¢-¿. F¿¡-lt-´¤«
A-l¢-¨T ±d-©l-m-c-h¡-J¡«.- p¢-z¤-bt-½-
·¢-¨k n- V® at-m-c-´¡t-´¤-h¡-±Yh¿
hפ bt-½-¹-q¢-¨k l¢-m§¡- o¢- Jw-´¤« Al¢-m§¡- o¢- Jw-´¤« Al¢-¨T ±d-©l-m-
c-·¢-c® YT- oæ¹w C¿. C¹-¨c-i¤¾
CT-¹w-´® o¡-h¡-c¬-h-j¬¡-aJw d¡-
k¢-©´-Ù¤¼ ¨d¡-Y¤-o®Z-k-¹-q¤-¨T
±d¡-b¡-c¬-h¡-X¤-¾-Y® . hפ bt-½-¹-q¢- ¨k Bq¤- Jw-´® l¢-±L- p¡-j¡-b-c-i¢v
l¢-m§¡-o-h¢-¨¿-Æ¢v J¥T¢ C·j«
©È-±Y-¹-q¢v ±d-©l-m-c-h¡- J¡«.-mf-
j¢-h-k-i¢-k¤« hפh¤¾ ©È-±Y- o-Æ-¹w
C±d-J¡-j-h¤-¾-Y¡-X® . -- p¢-z¤-´-q¢v ©È-±Y-at-mc« cT- ·¤¼ F-¿¡-l-j¤« l¢-±L-p¡-j¡-b-c-i¢v
l¢-m§¡-o-h¤-¾-l-j¡-l-X-¨h-¼¢-¿. c¢-j£- m§-j-l¡-a¢-i¡i p¢-z¤-l¢-c¤« ©È-±Y-h-j¬¡-aJw d¡-k¢-µ¤-¨J¡-Ù® at-mc«
c-T-·¡u YT- oæ-¹-q¢-¿. Al-c¤« p¢-
z¤-bt-½-·¢-¨Ê n-V®at-m-c-¹-q¤-¨T
 D¾¢v-·¨¼ c¢v-´¤-¼lu B-i¢- j¢-´¤-h-©¿¡. `S¡u A¹-¨c-©d¡-k¤«  p¢-z¤-l¿’ F-¼¤-d-sº¤ h¡-s¢-c¢v-´¤- ¼lt g¡-j-Y£-i-c¡-¨X-Æ¢-k¤« A- p¢- Y¨¼. Alt-´® ©È-±Y-¹-q¤-©T-©i¡ l¢-±L- p¡-j¡-b-c-i¤-©T-©i¡ J¡-j¬-¹-q¢v
Y¡-Y®d-j¬-©h¡ A-g¢-±d¡-i-©h¡ DÙ¡-©l-Ù- J¡-j¬« c¬¡-i-h¡-i¤-h¢-¿. l¢-l¢b ¨±d¡-e-n-c¢-k¤-¾lt H·¤-©Ot-¼®  
Al-j¤-¨T c-T-d-T¢-±J-h¹w Y£-j¤-h¡-c¢- ´¤-©Ø¡-¨k-i¡-X-Y®.
©V¡-J®Tt-h¡-j¤-¨T o«-M-T-c-i¢vFu-Q¢-c£-it-´® ±d¡-Y¢-c¢-b¬« ©l-X-
¨h¼¤ mU¢-´¤-¼Y® f¡-k¢-m-h¡-X-©¿¡. A-¹¨c CYj ¨±d¡-e-n-c¢-k¤« ±d¡-
Y¢-c¢-b¬« ©l-X-¨h-¼¤-¾lt AY¢-c¤¾
©i¡-L¬-YJw ©c-T¢-i¢-j¢-´X« F¼Y¤ c¬¡-i« h¡-±Y«. A·j« ©i¡-L¬-YJw
¨Yq¢-i¢-©´ÙY® Alj¤¨T JT-h-i¡-
©È±YoÆkç « l¢±Lp¹q¤¨T `L¤X’hc¤oj¢µ® 
--©È±Yo® Z¡dcohi·® AY¢¨Ê
c¢t-½¡-Y¡-´-q¤-¨T oÆkç « Ac¤- o-j¢-
µ¡X® AY¢¨Ê cT·¢¸¢c¡i¤¾ cTd
T¢±Jh¹q¤« Y£tµ¨¸T¤·¢li® ´¤¼Y® .
 Hj¤ Qc¡-b¢-d-Y¬-·¢v c¢-i-h- o-g-i¢v
F¿¡-lt-´¤« ozt-m- J-j¡-i¢ ±d-©l-
m-c-h¤-¨Ù-Æ¢-k¤« Hj¤ o¡-h¡-Q¢-J-c¡-l- X-¨h-Æ¢v A-i¡-¨q¡-j¤ Qc¡-b¢-dY¬ l¢-m§¡- o¢-i¡-i¢-j¢-´-X-h-©¿¡.
Y¢-j-¨º-T¤-¸¢v c¢v-´-X«, Qi¢-
´¡-c¤¾ ©l¡-¶¤-©c-T¤-J-i¤« ©l-X«.
Qc¡-b¢-d-Y¬-·¢-k¤« Y¢-j-¨º-T¤-¸¢-k¤« l¢-m§¡- o-h¢-¿¡· Hj¤-lc® o¡-h¡-Q¢- J- c¡-l¡u c¬¡-i-h¡i h¡t-L® L-¨h¡-¼¤-h¢-¿. -- f¢- o¢-co® o® Z¡-d-c¹w ¨F.
Fo®. H 9000 ©d¡-k¤¾ jQ¢- o®©±T-n-c¤-Jw FT¤-´¡-s¤-Ù®. `S-¹-q¤-¨T
 o® Z¡-dc« C¼-i¢¼ f¢- o¢-c- oæ ¤- Jw C-¼-i¢-¼-j£-Y¢-i¢v cT-·¡u c¢-m® O- i¢-µ® C±d- J¡-j« A-Y¢-¨Ê L¤-X-c¢-k-
l¡-j« Ds-¸¤-l-j¤-·¤-¼-Y¡-X® F-¨¼¡-
 DT-Ø-T¢-i¢v Gt-¨¸-T¤-¼-Y¡-X® Cª
j-Q¢- o®©±T-n¨Ê o¡-j«. Hj¢-´v jQ¢-
 o® ×t ¨Oií¤Jr¢º¡v AY¢cc¤oj¢µ®  
 o® Z¡dc« cT·¢¨´¡Ù¤©d¡©lÙY®  
h¡-©c-Q®¨h-Ê¢-¨Ê O¤-h-Y-k-i¡-X® .
G¨×-T¤· L¤-X-c¢-k-l¡-j-·¢v
c¢¼¤ h¡-s¢-i¡v o®Z¡-d-c-·¢-¨Ê
jQ¢- o® ©±Tnu cn® T-¨¸-T¡«.- dk p¢-
z¤-©È-±Y-¹-q¤« Hj¤-l¢-b-·¢v ds-
º¡v C·j« `- o-Æ-- Jv¸¢-Y-h¡-i’
jQ¢- o® ©±T-n-c¢v D-Ù¡-´-¨¸-¶-l-i¡-X® .
Bj¡-b-c¡-±J-h«, B-j¡-b-c¡-©i¡-L¬-Y-
 Jw, Ac¤-n®  U¡-c-¹w, DË-l-¹w, ©l-n-±J-h¹w F¼¢l J¡-k-·¢-¨Ê Bl-m¬-h-c¤-o-j¢-µ® A-b¢-J¡-j-¨¸-¶-l-j¤- ¨T A«-L£- J¡-j-©·¡-¨T h¡-±Y©h h¡-סu
 o¡-b¢-´¤- J-i¤-¾¥. C±d- J¡-j« oÆ- ¢-µ®  
 o®Z¡-d¢µ ©È-±Y-¹-q¤-¨T c¢-i-h¡-l-k¢-i¢v DÙ¡-´¤¼ l¬-Y¢-i¡-c¹w
©È-±Y-¹-q¤-¨T Yc¢-h-¨i-i¤« o¡«-L-Y¬- ©·-i¤« cn®T-¨¸-T¤-·¤-¼¤.
B-j¡-X® Ap¢-z¤-´w?
--C-¹¨c ±d-©Y¬J oÆ-kç-¹-q¢v
 o® Z¡-d¢-µ¢-¶¤¾ O¢k ©È-±Y-¹-q¢v
Ap¢-z¤-´w-´® ±d-©l-mc« c¢-©n-b¢- µ¢-j¢-´¤-¼¤. O¢-kt-¨´-Æ¢-k¤« CY¢v
±d-J-T-h¡i Ag¢-±d¡-i-l¬-Y¬¡-o-h¤-Ù®.
F¼¡v h¢-´-l¡-s¤« AØ-k¹w
 p¢-z¤-h-Y-·¢v -m§-o¢-´¡lt
F¼ At-Y® Z-h¡-X® ` Ap¢-z¤-´w’
F¼-Y¢-c¤ cv-J¢-i¢-¶¤-¾-Y®. S¡u p¢-z¤-h-Y-l¢-m§¡-o¢-i¡-X® F-¨¼-r¤-Y¢-
¨´¡-T¤-·¡v Alt-´® ©È-±Y-at-mc« cv- J¡u h¢-´-l¡-s¤« ©È-±Y¹w Yà¡- s¡-X¤-Y¡-c¤«.-F-ɤ-¨J¡-Ù¡-X¢-Y¤ O¢k
©È-±Y-¹¨q o«-f-c®b¢-µ¢-T-©·¡-q«±d¡-b¡-c¬-h¤¾ J¡-j¬-h¡-l¤-¼-Y®? ot-á-l¬¡-d¢-i¡i Cª-m§-jc® hY-h¤-©Ù¡
F¼¤ Y¤-T-¹¢i ©O¡-a¬-¹w-´® Cl¢-¨T
±d- o-Ç¢-i¢-¿¡-·Y® F-ɤ-¨J¡-¨Ù¼®   ch¤-´® dj¢-©m¡-b¢-´¡«.
--O¢k ©È-±Y¹w Y¡-±É¢J j£-Y¢-i¢-k¡-X® o-Æ-kç¢-µ¤ o®Z¡-d¢-µ¢-¶¤-
¾-Y® . AY¢-¨k l¢-±L- p-·¢-c® Q£-l-c¤«
¨k A-O® P-c¤« A½-i¤« H¨´ DÙ®  
F¼¡X¤ oÆkç «. h¡c¤n¢Jh¡i F¿¡
dj¢-L-X-c-J-q¤« Al¢-¨T-i¤¾ l¢-±L-
 p-¹w-´® cv- J¢-i¡-X® d¥-Q- J-q¤-¨T
±J-h£-J-j-X-¹w. oh-i-·¢-c¤ J¤-q¢,
©Y-l¡-j«, gÈX« F-¼¤-©lÙ F¿¡
h¡c¤n¢J Blm¬¹q¤« c¢táp¢´¤¼
j¡-Q-j¡-Q-c¡-X® O¢k ©È-±Y-¹-q¢-¨k
©a-lu. ©a-l£-©È-±Y-¹-q¢v O¢-k-Y¢v
©al¢´¤ h¡oh¤s©d¡k¤« oÆkç ¢´¤¼¤.
A±Yi® ´® oÆkç¡b¢-n®U¢-Yh¡i ©È±Y
·¢v l¢-±L- p¡-j¡-b-c-i¢v l¢-m§¡-o-
h¢-¿¡-·-l¨j ±d-©l-m¢-¸¢-´¤-¼-Y¢v
Fɤ J¡-j¬-h¡-X¤-¾-Y® ? CY¢v ¨Y-פ« mj¢-i¤« C¿. D¾Y® Hª-O¢-Y¬-l¤« hY- c¢-j-©d-È-h¡i fp¤-h¡-c-l¤« h¡-±Y«. B-a¬« ds-º-©d¡-¨k ©V¡- J® Tt-h¡t
Y¹q¤¨T oh¡Q·¢v FuQ¢-c£-ith¡
¨j ©Ot-´¡-·-Y¢-c¤- J¡-jX« A-lt-´®  
¨±d¡-e-n¨Ê J¡-j¬-·¢v Hj¤ ¨d¡-
C-T-h¢¿ F¼-Y¤-¨J¡-Ù¡-X® . ¨d¡-Y¤
CT-h¤¾ dk-Y¢-k¤« A-lt-´® H¼¢-µ¤
±d-lt-·¢-´¡u YT- oæ-¹-q¢-¿-Y¡-c¤«.- 
©o-l-c-±d-lt-·-c-¹w, Jk¡-d-j¢-
d¡-T¢-Jw F¼¢-l-i® ´® F¿¡-lt-´¤«
 H¼¤-©O-j¡«.- È, Hj¤ J¥-¶-j¤-¨T`©È-±Y-’-·¢-c-J-·¡-lX« A¨Y¼®  
c¢t- f-c® b-f¤-Ú¢ FÉ¢-c¡-X® ? (©È-
±Y«: ±d-l¦-·¢ ¨O- à¤¼ o® Zk« F¼¤«
At-Y® Z-h¤-Ù® .-)
--d¤-Y¤-Y¡-i¢ dX-h¤-Ù¡-´¢i
 Hj¡w lk¢-¨i¡-j¤ ©È-±Y« dX¢-º®  
F¿¡-lt´¤« ±d-©l-mc« cv- J¤©Ø¡w
AY® ±d-m«- o¡t- p-h¡-X® . F¼¡v J¡-
k¡- J¡-k-¹-q¡-i¢ c-T-¼¤-l-j¤¼ ©È-±Y¡-
O¡-j-±J-h-¹-q¢v c¢¼¤ l¬-Y¢-O-k¢-µ®  L¤-j¤-l¡-i¥t ©d¡-k¤¾ ©È-±Y¹w¨d¡-Y¤-o® Z-k-¹-q¡-´¤-¼Y® Hj¤ hY- c¢-j-©dÈ o«-o®J¡-j-·¢-¨c-Y¢-j¡i
c£-´-h¡-©i JX-´¡-´¡u d×¥. J¦-Y¬- h¡i BO¡-j-±J-h-¹-q¤¾ Hj¤ ©È-±Y-
·¢v j¡n®±T£ih¡i CT¨dTv h¥k©h¡
h©×¡ l¢-±L- p¡-j¡-b-c¡-l¢-©j¡-b¢- J-q-T´«
F¿¡-lt-´¤« ±d-©l-mc« cv- J¢-i¡v FÉ¡-X® o«-g-l¢-´¤-¼-Y® ? mj¢-i¡-X®   g-L-l¡u J¦-n® X-c¤« j¡-b-i® ´¤« h×®  
©a-l-Á¡t-´¤« H-¼¤« o«-g-l¢-´¡u ©d¡-
 J¤¼¢¿. d©È, B Hj¤ ©È±YoÆ «Y¨¼ AY¤h¥k« h¤µ¥T¤« C¿¡Y¡l¤¼¤F¼¤h¡±Y«. d¡Ê®  o¤« nt¶¤« n¥o¤h¢¶®  
d¾¢-i¢v ©d¡- J¤-¼-Y¤-©d¡-¨k L¤-j¤- l¡-i¥-j-Ø-k-·¢v ©d¡- J¡-¨h-Æ¢v B ©È-±Y-·¢-¨Ê Bj¡-b- Jt-´® A-¨Y-
¹-¨c-i¡-i¢-j¢-´¤« Ac¤-g-l-¨¸-T¤-J?
Bt-´¤« F-©¸¡-r¤« l¦-·¢-©i¡ BO¡- j-¹-©q¡ ©c¡-´¡-¨Y ©d¡- J¡-l¤¼ Hj¤
T¥-s¢- o®×¤ ©J-±z-h¡-i¡v L¤-j¤-l¡-i¥-j¢-¨Ê
 o¡«-L-Y¬« FÉ¡-i¢-j¢-´¤« d¡-j-Ø-j¬-
¹w-´® AY¢-©Ê-Y¡i o¡«-L-Y¬-h¤-Ù® . hפ
h-Y-¹¨q l¢-d-j£-Y-h¡-i¢ f¡-b¢-´¡· GY¤ d¡-j-Ø-j¬-l¤« h-Y-c¢-©d-È-h¡i
 Hj¤ oh¥- p-·¢-c® h¡-פ-J¥-¶¤- J-i¡-X¤
¨O- à¤-¼-Y® . F¼¡v O¢k Qc¹w
 ft½i¢¨k f¤Ú±dY¢h
d¡-Ê®o¤« nt-¶¤«
n¥-o¤-h¢-¶® d¾¢-i¢v
©d¡-J¡-¨h-Æ¢v B ©È-±Y-
·¢-¨Ê Bj¡-b-Jt-´®

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