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Backup of Voices of One:Intro

Backup of Voices of One:Intro

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Published by Carolyn Dawn Good
This is a play performed at FACES festival in Abbotsford BC, Canada in 2007. The actors all wrote their own script based on the experiences they had during a creative visualization.
This is a play performed at FACES festival in Abbotsford BC, Canada in 2007. The actors all wrote their own script based on the experiences they had during a creative visualization.

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Published by: Carolyn Dawn Good on Apr 19, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This 40 minute stage presentation is meant take the stage from utterchaos to a deep peace and spiritual awareness. If all actors are aware thatthey are receivers and transmitters of thought as Energy, then this perform-ance can be a transformational tool for both audience and performers.Eight voices Eight perspectives One Hub. One Unifying Force.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=Song: Nine inch nails…( Zero’s and Ones) Sounds of screaming andrage.... modern world, crying.
earthy drumming
Narrator: It was a long, long time ago, not far from this moment. Theworld was in its darkest phase, pain and sorrow seemed like it wouldnever end. Our earth was toxic and polluted. The doomsday clockclicked closer to midnight.Our story begins in an open field. Under a starry sky, one star glim-mered brightly but it was not noticed. Eight figures stand immobileand tied in the heavy binds of their own pain. They form circle aroundan ancient fire just far enough away NOT to feel its warmth. There is afigure dressed in white cotton sitting near the fire. She is motionless ina trance, the light flickers on her face. Let us listen closely to thevoices in the circle.
Iron Age:
Voice One; MarciaI am the east,the element of Air and symbol of the Mind. i representthe Power to Withdraw. I remember when I was one with my true self.
But I have been ill for some time, my form is healing being re-sturctured, .I was attachedto Doing rather than Being. I have just had to STOP and re-orient myself. What NOW?
Its like I have run out of gas. I say, “ I can’t, but God, you can”... and I know dawn is com-ing as dark as it is right now
Voice Two; LizI am the Power to Let Go. I am the Southeast, the bridge between themind and sprit of this drama. I remember when I trusted and waswhole and light but now....
I see a cartoon world, black and white. On each hand Ihave heavy square weights. I'm dragged down, stomping around, feeling sluggish. Uselessstuff surrounds me, my feet are made of lead, all this dense stuff and all the burdensaround need to be taken out of this circle. I look like a bionicle man. I'm taking theHeavy stuff to the cliff and throwing it off 
Voice Three; CarolynI am the Power to Tolerate. I am the South. I am the element of Fire,the symbol of spirit. I am also the Power to Tolerate. I remember atime when nothing could break me or burden me but now...
.. Unrelentlessfears are creeping up on me in all directions. I am overwelmed by all I have to do. It islike everyone is turned from me, smiling fake patronizing smiles. Tolerating my attemptsat inspiration in stony silence. It feels all up to me, all on my shoulders... the flame is solow, I can barely hold the spark.
Voice Four; SusanI am the Power to Merge. I am the South West. I am the Bridge be-tween Spirit and emotion of this drama. I once knew who I am and hadno doubts but now...
all I know is that I am worth more than 13 dollars and hour.the BS is not worth the money working in unbearable conditions in Unreasonable ex-pectations --like slavery---I have merged in an unbearable situation...
Voice Five; DeniseI am the Power to Discern I am the West, the element of Fire. I amalso the Emotions in this drama. I remember a time when I felt laser sharp and stable but now...
"I feel like its all too much - there are way too many thingsthat you want me to do and be. I am supposed to be spiritual, perfect, loving, good, this way thatway, my way, your way...now which way do you want me to go?
What do you want me to do-deny myself --- accept. your reality?
Voice Six; AnnieI am the Power to Decide. I am the North West, the Bridge betweenEmotions and Form. I remember a time when I was aware of more thanI am but now....
I accept that I am rooted and grounded in this physical state of being. Iam crisp and in present time.. I am in the right place, the right time. My heart is full. I see thingsas right and wrong, there and here, Open and closed. I cross the river of forgetfulness and cre-ate my intentions in a holy instant.
Voice Seven; LaurieI am the Power to Face. I am the North. I am the element of Earth andthe form of the drama. I remember a time when I was pure and confi-dent, but now....
I deny my fear. I see I am repeating the same script over and over. but things are coming to ahead, change is coming It feels like its destiny, its time. So many things I have to deal with keepcoming as issues to deal with. My health, job, relationships. I have to deal with it myself. I see whyI made the decisions i did but now have to go on another path. The Old ways just are old andworn out,
i am
old and worn out. its like being on drugs, I over think and over do... then noth-ing gets done. Can I actually do this??
Voice Eight; Power to Co-operate NEI am the Power to Face. I am the Bridge between between Form andMind. Once I was laughing and strong but now...
My Broken Heart lies bleeding and pulsing on the pavement.
I’m in a Giant black pit andmy head feels like an ice pick is struck through it.
A Big empty place where my heart is sup-posed to be- really hurts and I cry all the time.
Narrator: So it was in the land of sorrows, just when tree of life hadreached its oldest age, its many branches rotted, mossy, dry and brit-tle. A tiny Shiny seed in the nurturing soil below, called out to thevoices. “Its time to become who you really are! Leave this old worldbehind and grow! “.All the binds were loosened and the iron layer was removed to reveala new shiny layer beneath.

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